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The Best Bluey Toys for Bluey-Obsessed Kids (and Adults)

When it comes to kids’ shows, many parents know there are different classifications. There are the shows that you put on so that your kids will zone out and you can get tasks done around the house. These shows aren’t deep, they don’t have much value, and they seem to air in an endless loop. We’re talking about you, Cocomelon. Then there are the shows that you actually enjoy watching with your kids. These shows have emotional and educational value, beautiful and funny stories, and great music.

And in the pantheon of not just tolerable but truly enjoyable kids’ shows, it doesn’t get better than Bluey. Not only has the show become a hit with younger audiences, but teens and adults have also started tuning in to the funny and heartfelt. It’s a show that can get the whole family to laugh and the whole family to cry. IYKYK. Bluey adults, we see you, we hear you, we are you and you deserve cute things.

If you’re a Bluey fan, you’ve likely already fallen in love with 6-year-old Bluey and her 4-year-old sister Bingo, as well as their parents, Bandit and Chilli Heller. The Australian dogs form a loving and supportive family that is actually… realistic. Yes, we are talking about animated dogs. But the parents get tired, the kids get whiny, and accidents happen.

There’s no shortage of kids’ toys available for every age and skill level, but for toys that pack extra warm fuzzies, we love Bluey-themed toys, which are typically geared towards kids ages 3, up to toys for 7-year-olds and beyond.

If you’re wondering where to buy Bluey toys and who sells Bluey toys, thankfully, they are available at most major toy retailers. You can find the best Bluey toys at Walmart, at Target, and Amazon, and we’ve gathered all of our favorite options for you below.

A scene from the “Magic Asparagus” episode of Bluey. Courtesy of Youtube

How We Chose the Best Bluey Toys

There are a lot of Bluey toys for sale in 2023, so how did we narrow down our list? Recently, SPY has been hard at work selecting the best toys for toddlers and every age group, and you better believe Bluey and Bingo toys have made frequent appearances. In addition, Bluey toys featured prominently in our guide to the Top Toys of 2021, and the Bluey mini figures below can be found in our guide to the Best Christmas Gifts of 2022.

We also chatted with Ali Mierzejewski, Editor in Chief at The Toy Insider, to get her top Bluey toy picks, as well as with real parents who love Bluey just as much as their kids. Cheese and biscuits, get out your dollarbucks, because these are the best Bluey toys for real life.

1. Bluey Dance and Play 14″ Animated Plush


If you want a cuddly plush for the bedroom and an interactive toy for daytime play, get both with the Bluey Dance and Play 14″ Animated Plush. Standing 14” tall, this soft and playful Bluey can dance and sing with kids while also playing three of Bluey’s favorite games, including Statue. The plush toy comes with over 55 phrases and this Bluey can even hop on one leg.


2. Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playset


Help kids recreate their favorite Bluey episode or make up their own with the Bluey Ultimate Lights & Sounds Playset. The large playhouse, which measures 17” tall and 30” wide when opened, features every room in the Heller house, including the girls’ bedroom, the kitchen, the living room and the dunny. Or as polite families say, the toilet. The set includes all four members of the Heller family, as well as several of the girl’s toys and even a moving dance floor.


3. Bluey “The Show” Figures


Kids will have fun playing with the Heller family figurines, which fit into most Bluey toys. This set features the foursome in their ‘show’ costumes, including a removable tutu for mom Chilli. The figurines are 2.5” to 3” tall, making them great for playing with at home or while on the go.


4. Bluey 3D Toddler Scooter


Kids can show off their love for Bluey while on the go thanks to the Bluey 3D Toddler Scooter. Designed for riders ages 3 to 5, the three-wheeled scooter features a wide platform and easy turn and tilt steering. Little ones will also love the light-up wheels, which provide added safety.

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5. VTech Bluey Bluey’s Book of Games


An excellent screen-free toy that encourages participation, the VTech Bluey Bluey’s Book of Games helps kids play pretend using their favorite Bluey episodes as inspiration. Using the brightly colored buttons on the book, kids can play games, enjoy story time, and listen to music. The large carrying handle and interactive design make this a great gift for Bluey fans ages 3 to 6.


6. Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game


A great first board game for kids, the Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game encourages players to work together to find all 12 tokens that have gone missing. Designed for two to four players and great for kids ages 3 and up, the board game includes beloved characters from the show, including Bluey, Bingo and their friends.


7. Bluey – Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle


Kids can ‘drive’ to school, to visit their grannies, and to check out a giant peanut in their own Heeler 4WD Family Vehicle. The vehicle, which comes with two surfboards and a Bandit figure, has enough space for all four members of the Heeler family (figurines sold separately will fit inside). Kids will love playing with their new car and decorating it using the included sticker sheet.


8. Bluey Cloud Bag Doctor’s Set


Bluey and Bingo love playing doctor with their dad and your kids will as well with the Bluey Cloud Bag Doctor’s Set. The colorful set includes a stethoscope, a syringe, a doctor’s badge, bandages, stickers and even a pair of Bluey’s ‘doctor’ glasses. Help kids enjoy pretend play with this fun set, which can be stored in a kid-friendly doctor bag.


9. Bluey Garbage Truck


Bluey and Bingo love garbage day, especially when their dad Bandit joins them with his ‘talking’ garbage cans. Help your kids have fun with their own ‘bin night’ any day with the Bluey Garbage Truck set, which includes a garbage truck that can lift up the two included garbage bins. A Bluey and Bin Man figure are also included in the set, as are several stickers and ‘food’ accessories for the garbage bins.


10. Bluey School Friends Calypso’s School Playset


Calypso’s school is a magical place of learning and imagination, so it should be no surprise that your kids will love creating their own fun with the Bluey School Friends Calypso’s School Playset. The set, which includes the Cozy Cove and Story Stage, also comes with Chloe and Bluey, who is wearing a backpack. When playtime is over, kids can close the school for easy storage. There’s also a set of stickers included for decoration because little ones can never get enough stickers.


11. Bluey SlimyGloop Slimy Sand Mold & Play Creations


A great gift for older Bluey fans or when you need an item that can be used by younger and older siblings together (a Bingo and Bluey situation), we like the Bluey SlimyGloop Slimy Sand Mold & Play Creations. The play sand is made from non-toxic ingredients that won’t stain or leave marks. Kids can use the included molds to create their favorite Bluey character and reseal the sand in its own bag when done. The scented sand is a fun sensory experience that is safe for kids ages 3 and up.


12. Bluey Friendship Jewelry Case


Kids can create their own friendship bracelets and personalized jewelry using the pieces included in the Bluey Friendship Jewelry Case. The set includes enough rubber cording and beads to make multiple necklaces and bracelets, including six rubber Bluey charms. Make and remake new jewelry pieces and use the travel-friendly storage case for small items when done.


13. Bluey Pop ‘N’ Fun Play Tent


Forts continue to be a favorite place for kids to play, so gift them an affordable and Bluey-themed pop-up tent that they can turn into their own fort, house, school, or whatever else they can imagine. The tent has a roll-up window for kids to peek out of during playtime. The tent can also be used for storing toys after playtime is done.      


14. Bluey 4-Pack of Wooden Puzzles with Bingo, Mum, and Dad


Introduce young kids to the fun world of puzzles with these four packs of wooden puzzles featuring the Heeler family. Each puzzle includes 24 large pieces that little hands can hold. A great gift for kids ages 3 and up, each puzzle features interchangeable Bluey characters, including four standing and four dancing characters.


15. Bluey Bath Squirters 3-Pack


This three-pack of toys makes bath time even more fun for Bluey fans. The set includes a floating Bluey, Bingo, and a beach ball, which can all be filled with water that will be squirted when the toy is squeezed.


16. Bluey Bus + Mates


When your child is enjoying playtime with their own mates, the group can enjoy this Bluey set that features Bluey, Bingo, Lila, Coco, Winton and Calypso. Each figurine fits on the public bus and the set also comes with a bus card for kids. The posable figures are fun to play with on their own or as part of other Bluey sets.


17. Bluey Spirograph Cyclex Studio

The Toy Insider Recommended

Bluey and Bingo learn that their drawings don’t have to be perfect to earn a spot on the family fridge. Your kid’s drawings don’t have to be perfect either, but you can help them enjoy a new form of art with the Bluey Spirograph Cyclex Studio set. Rotating stencil wheels, markers, stickers and more will encourage Bluey fans to create their own unique designs.


18. Me2U Cartoon Croc Charms


Croc wearers who are also Bluey fans, get ready to have your mind blown for real life. This set of 29 charms includes a huge variety of characters and scenes from Bluey, including the Grannies, Fluffy, Calypso, and most of the girl’s classmates. A dancing Bandit and Chilli are also included, making it easy to change up your design daily.


19. Bluey 18″ Stuffed Animal


We are loving this massive 18” stuffed Bluey as much as Bandit loves a prompt breakfast in bed on his birthday. A great plushie for kids or kids at heart, the oversized Bluey is cuddly, and cute, and doubles as a pillow.


20. Coco & Snickers 8″ Mini Plush Bundle


Keep your plush collection going with the 8” Coco and Snickers duo. Avoid shadows and make your way to the plate of cupcakes with two of our fave Bluey characters.


21. Bluey Paint Your Own Figurines


These Bluey Paint Your Own Figurines are a great toy for older kids or adults who want to show off their creative side and create a keepsake for themselves or a fellow Bluey fan. The set includes all four members of the Heller family, as well as 10 paint colors.


22. Bluey Bath Time 13″ Quick Drying Plush Toy


Once Bluey’s in the bath, she doesn’t want to get out. Adding this quick-drying plush toy to tub time will make you or your little Bluey fan feel the same, with bath time suddenly becoming a lot more fun.


23. Bluey Bingo Shaped Decorative Pillow


For a pillow that will look great on any Bluey fan’s bed or couch, we love these decorative pillows. Available in a Bingo and Bluey design, the soft plushies are 17” tall and are great for enjoying at home, on road trips, or anywhere that needs a little more comfort.


24. Hope You Like Bluey Doormat


Let guests know as soon as they arrive that they are entering a home that respects the rules of Shadowland, Statue, Keepy Uppy, and Magic Asparagus. It’s also a good idea to remind guests they aren’t ‘special’ like Muffin and need to wipe their feet before coming inside.


25. Stumpfest T-Shirt


Hanging out with your mates is fun regardless of your age, which is a valuable lesson that Bluey learned during Stumpfest in Season 2. Adult Bluey fans can show their love for the kid’s show with a Stumpfest t-shirt that looks cool whether or not you’re sweaty and have painted nails.