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Does Your Old Man Love Whiskey? Give Him One of These 13 Boozy Father’s Day Gifts

While a nice bottle of whiskey is always a great Father’s Day gift idea, there are also many different gift sets and booze-related items to choose from. Distilleries collaborate with craftspeople, chocolate makers and bakeries, and offer special edition bottles around Father’s Day, opening up a whole world of gifting options that are unique and appealing to the spirits-loving fathers out there.

So if you want to make your old man’s day, then here are 13 of the best boozy gift ideas to consider for your dad this year — and we included some that fall into other categories as well, like tequila and beer. So if your dad loves whiskey as much as we do, there’s sure to be something he loves in our boozy Father’s Day gift guide below.


1. Bar Starter Kit

Perhaps your dad is just starting his journey into the spirits world and is looking to build up his home bar. If that’s the case, look no further than this bar starter kit from It includes the following, representing the major spirits categories: Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Tito’s Vodka, Aviation Gin, Johnnie Walker Black Label, and Zaya Gran Rum.

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Courtesy of Caskers


2. Heaven’s Door Trilogy Collection

There’s a good chance your dad is a Bob Dylan fan, so this collection of whiskey should be an intriguing gift for him. Heaven’s Door is the brand started by Dylan, and this gift set includes the three main expressions: Tennessee bourbon, rye whiskey, and double-barreled whiskey. Each 200 ml bottle is emblazoned with artwork inspired by the iron gates Dylan himself created at his studio.

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Courtesy of Heaven's Door


3. The Japanese Art of the Cocktail

If your dad is interested in mixing up some fancy drinks at home, this book by NYC bar Katana Kitten’s Masahiro Urushido and writer Michael Anstendig would make a great gift. The Japanese Art of the Cocktail provides insight into Urushido’s biography and admirable skills behind the bar and features 90 recipes from him and other top bartenders utilizing ingredients like Japanese whisky, sake and shochu.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. The Sexton Ghost Tumbler Set

These glasses were created by Maximilian Eicke specifically with the bottle design of Irish whiskey brand The Sexton in mind. The dark amber glass and eye-catching shape match the whiskey, which doesn’t actually come with the glasses but is an affordable sherry cask-matured single malt that you can easily find online. Use these for any cocktail you can think of, or just pour a dram of whiskey neat or with some ice, and enjoy. They are dishwasher-safe and stackable, so cleaning and storing is easy.

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Courtesy of Max ID NY


5. Whisky – The Final Edition

Reading about whiskey is almost as fun as drinking whiskey … a debatable point. However, fans of rare whiskey will enjoy reading Ulf Buxrud’s account of the Playing Card series of Japanese whisky, a rare collection of bottles that sold for about 1.5 million at auction in 2020. The book includes technical data, tasting notes and beautiful photography.

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Courtesy of Ulf Buxrud


6. Highland Park Whisky Kringle

If you are unfamiliar with a kringle, it’s a ring-shaped pastry with Danish origins. Scotch whisky distillery Highland Park is located in the Orkney Islands, so it shares a Viking heritage with the Danes, which lead to this collaboration with Wisconsin bakery O&H. The pastry has whisky-infused caramel and honey-whisky glaze, bringing together the malt and smoke notes of Highland Park and the sweetness of this traditional pastry.

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Courtesy of O&H Bakery


7. Andrés Confiserie Suisse J. Rieger & Co. Collection

Two Kansas City institutions meet here, one a fine chocolate maker, the other a whiskey distillery. André’s Confiserie Suisse incorporated the whiskey from J. Rieger & Co. into this gift set of chocolates and sweets, including Chocolate Shots, Kansas City Whiskey Caramel Bar, and KC Whiskey Caramel Sauce. The shots and gift box are only available for pickup, but you can order the bar and caramel sauce online if you don’t live in Kansas City.

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Courtesy of Andre's


8. Nelson’s Mini Barrel

Nelson’s Green Brier is a distillery making delicious small-batch Tennessee whiskey in Nashville. In addition to the whiskey, there are some gifts you can order online like this mini two-liter barrel. It’s made from the same wood used to mature the whiskey and can be used to either further age your own whiskey at home, or barrel age a cocktail of your choice. Try mixing up a bunch of Manhattans, pour it in the hole at the top, and let it sit for a few weeks to see how the flavors develop.

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Courtesy of Nelson's


9. Nose Your Bourbon

If your dad is new to bourbon and wants to get a good idea of how to nose (or smell) whiskey, an integral part of the tasting experience, consider this Nose Your Bourbon kit for a boozy Father’s Day gift idea. It comes with small samples of real things that represent the aromas found in bourbon, like vanilla bean, leather, oak, and corn, which you can nose and train yourself to recognize the signature notes of this all-American whiskey category.

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Courtesy of Credit Nose Your Bourbon


10. Codigo 1530 x Lucky Brand Spring Collection

Okay, this isn’t a whiskey collaboration, but Codigo 1530 is a tequila brand that whiskey drinkers are sure to enjoy. This marks the second collaboration between the tequila and Lucky Brand, and this spring collection has lots of items your dad might like, from sweatshirts to t-shirts to hats. The graphic tees are of note because they are made using recycled fiber, Eco Yarn by FAXEL, adding some sustainability to your gift-giving this year.

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Courtesy of Codigo 1530


11. Beehive Cheese’s Pour Me a Slice

Lots of things pair well with whiskey, including cheese. Particularly cheese that’s been infused with bourbon, as is the case with this cheese called Pour Me a Slice from Beehive. It’s an aged cheddar that’s been infused with Basil Hayden, a bourbon that’s part of the Jim Beam Small Batch Collection. It won’t get dad drunk, but it will be a tasty treat, making it one of the best boozy Father’s Day gift ideas.

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Courtesy of Beehive Cheese


12. The Morning Dram Starter Kit

If your dad loves coffee as much as he does whiskey, this gift pack from The Morning Dram is worth checking out for a boozy Father’s Day gift idea. It was created by Tommy Tardie, who owns two of the best whiskey spots in NYC, The Flatiron Room and Fine and Rare. The beans in this kit were aged in bourbon and rye barrels, giving them a depth of flavor that can only come from spending time in a whiskey cask. The kit also comes with a mug, steel dripper and handheld burr grinder.

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Courtesy of The Morning Dram


13. Spiceology x Maker’s Mark Spice Blend Flight

Esteemed bourbon distillery Maker’s Mark has teamed up with Spiceology to create this set of specially blended spices, perfect for the dad who loves whiskey and grilling. The Maker’s Mark 46 Family Recipes, Reimagined Spice Blend Flight has four different spices to try: No. 46 Bourbon Inspired Blend, Everything Potato Herbaceous Blend, Mom’s Meatballs Sweet and Sour Blend, and Fried & True Umami Chicken Blend.

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Courtesy of Maker's Mark


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