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Shop the Best Brands That Give Back, Because Who Said Retail Therapy Has To Be Selfish?

It’s 2022, and we have so many options and choices and brands vying for our attention; it can be overwhelming. So if you’re going to shop, why not shop with intent and social good in mind. What does it mean to shop with social good in mind?

  • It means you’re sourcing products from companies that care about helping others.
  • It means you’re buying items made, procured and delivered sustainably and responsibly.
  • It means you understand what the world needs and make thoughtful decisions about the brands and companies you support.
  • It means you want to be a part of changing the world for the better. 

To help you navigate, we rounded up our favorite brands who give — and give in a big way at that. Not only do these companies offer excellent goods and services, but they also donate time and money to some very important causes that help humanity. 

Thankfully there are enough brands out there trying hard to make the world a better place, and it would be next to impossible to name them all. We selected brands we like and that support important causes worldwide.

But before you buy, just one more thing to note: becoming a savvy charitable shopper means you can give even more. Consider organizations such as Giving Assistant, which offers ways to boost those donations through your purchases. Check with your company’s human resources department to see if they match these shopping contributions.

1. Allbirds

Allbirds, maker of insanely comfortable footwear using sustainability-sourced merino wool, donates lightly-used Allbirds to communities in need through the organization Soles4Souls. During the pandemic, Allbirds also launched a one-to-one program where they gave sneakers to frontline workers. The brand has supplied over 50,000 pairs of their Wool Runners to healthcare professionals in need to date.

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Courtesy of Allbirds


TOMS, makers of footwear and accessories for women, men and children, commits a third of its profits to support various grassroots campaigns. TOMS also targets initiatives that foster sustainability and equity by providing cash grants and impactful partnerships.

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Courtesy of TOMS

3. Everlane

Everlane, a clothing company that makes stylish staples that last, not only produces products with thoughtful partners who care about our ecosystems but also donates 10% from every purchase of its 100% Human Collection to the ACLU. To date, the brand has raised over $1 million.

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Courtesy of Everlane

4. Michael Kors

Household name Michael Kors isn’t just a luxury apparel and accessories designer; he has been an amazing giver to various causes throughout his career. Most recently, Michael Kors’ brand has donated $2 million to support COVID-19 relief efforts in New York City. The company also gives to God’s Love We Deliver, an organization that makes and delivers meals to sick people in New York City, and works with United Nations World Food Programme, which has provided over 19 million meals to hungry children. For the latter, the brand raises money every October by selling Michael Kors special items for the cause.

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Courtesy of Michael Kors

5. Bombas 

Bombas, best known for their comfortable socks (though they also sell casual basics like undies, T-shirts and slippers), donates a specially-designed pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair of socks purchased. Yet another reason for us here at SPY to love Bombas. To date, Bombas has donated over 50 million essential clothing items to homeless shelters across the United States. The brand is known for costing more than competing brands, but we think it’s worth every penny once you realize socks are the No. 1 item requested in homeless shelters. 

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Courtesy of Bombas 

6. Steve Madden

Shoe brand Steve Madden launched the collection Cool Planet with sustainability and eco-consciousness in mind. Products in the collection range from casual sneakers and sandals to dressier heels for men and women — and all are made from recycled and renewable materials. Even better, with every pair sold, a tree will be planted through their partnership with One Tree Planted.

Aside from Steve Madden’s green initiatives, the company also gave $200,000 in medical supplies (including masks) to hospitals in Queens, NY, which were hit particularly hard early during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Courtesy of Steve Madden



Maker of high-quality scrubs and other fashionable casual wear, FIGS has donated over 500,000 pairs of scrubs to healthcare workers in resource-lacking countries across the globe, plus over 30,000 scrubs to hospitals in the United States during the pandemic. 

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Courtesy of FIGS


As a long-time do-gooder company, FEED has been providing school meals to children in Kenya since 2007 in an effort to put an end to childhood hunger. With every FEED bag sold, 370 school meals get donated to kids in need. To date, FEED has given 120 million school meals.

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Courtesy of FEED

9. Warby Parker

Eyewear company Warby Parker distributes a pair of glasses to someone in need with every pair sold through their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program. To date, Warby Parker has distributed more than 10 million pairs of glasses across the globe.

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Courtesy of Warby Parker


Every #TOGETHERBAND purchase supports one of United Nations’ 17 Global Goals. With ropes made from 100% Parley Ocean Plastic and clasps from Humanium Metal, the bracelets — starting at $27 — are both stylish and inspiring. The #TOGETHERBAND Edition x Little Sun, for instance, is for affordable and clean energy. The green #TOGETHERBAND stands for climate action. The Dignity Band supports dignified storytelling grounded in deep respect, full transparency and social responsibility. And the best part is, for every #TOGETHERBAND sold they will plant a treed.

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11. DeMellier

DeMellier, a luxury handbag brand, donates 100% of its profits from the sale of each bag in its 7 Women, 7 Causes collection. Each bag represents an inspiring woman and their cause of choice, including War Child, No More Plastic, PEERS, The Black Curriculum, #HashtagLunchbag, Malala Fund and SOS Children’s Villages.

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Courtesy of DeMellier

12. Airbnb

Home-sharing marketplace Airbnb has recently landed in the news for helping refugees who have been displaced from Ukraine, but that’s not the only way the company has given back. Through their OpenHomes program, Airbnb provides temporary housing to people displaced by illness, natural disasters and, like in the case of Ukraine, conflict. You, as a homeowner, can offer up your place to people in crisis by hosting a stay on

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Courtesy of Airbnb

13. Patagonia 

Patagonia continues to incorporate conservation and giving back into their business. With making an effort to consume less energy, waste less water, and create less trash, they produce their clothes with environmental and social responsibility in mind. The company also continues to pledge 1% of sales to preserve and restore our natural environment—and have awarded over $140 million to grassroots groups.

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Courtesy of Patagonia 

14. LifeStraw

Drink gear company LifeStraw has made it their mission to make access to safe drinking water a reality. The brand, who is also producing sustainable products, has a give-back program that gives one child in need safe water for an entire year with just one purchase at LifeStraw. 

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Courtesy of LifeStraw

15. Leesa 

Leesa knows how one bed and a good night’s sleep for a child can be life-changing, so the mattress company donates one mattress to a nonprofit for every 10 that they sell. The initiative provides a child with a high-quality foam mattress that also fits perfectly on a bunkbed.

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Courtesy of Leesa 

16. Bed Bath & Beyond

Home retailer Bed, Bath & Beyond partnered with Good360 for the Bringing Home Everywhere program, which provided $10 million worth of essential home, baby and wellness items to COVID-19 victims across the United States and Canada. Through this initiative, they helped frontline healthcare workers, at-risk communities, and other people who were economically impacted by the pandemic. 

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Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

17. The Home Depot

Home improvement retailer, The Home Depot, helps various organizations through The Home Depot Foundation. Through the initiative, they help U.S. veterans improve their homes, support victims after natural disasters and provide disadvantaged people the skills and education opportunities needed to improve their lives.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot

18. Ben & Jerry’s

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has long been known to give back to communities and initiatives. Through the Ben & Jerry Foundation, they give away 7.5% of profits to grassroots efforts in the form of grants. Some initiatives have included: ending systemic mass incarceration, protecting the rights of homeless people, and helping street vendors avoid discrimination.

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Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

19. BLQK Coffee

Founded by former NFL player Justin Watson, BLQK Coffee donates 25% of its profits to Black communities, plus gives back to organizations that aim to improve access to education. With its important social justice mission, the delicious brew that BLQK Coffee purveys are sourced from 100% Arabica beans that are then hand-roasted to order, so there’s a taste mission to boot.

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Courtesy of BLQK Coffee

20. Chewy

Online pet store Chewy partnered with the Humane Society of the United States to donate $4 million in pet food and supplies to pet owners in underserved and impoverished rural areas during the pandemic where vet care proved to be a big challenge and, in some cases, when pet owners lost their jobs and couldn’t afford to care for their animals.

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21. Juniper Ridge

Fragrance company Juniper Ridge donates at least 10% of its annual profits (1% of sales) to various wilderness preservation organizations. Never using synthetic perfumes, their products are also cruelty-free and sustainably packaged.

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Courtesy of Juniper Ridge

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