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Brooklinen’s First-Ever Holiday Collection Features Weighted Blankets and Robes for ‘Indoorsy’ People

It’s no secret that Brooklinen is highly favored by the SPY team. From products such as the cozy weighted comforter to their Artist Series Beach Towels, we’ve covered many of the brand’s recent releases. And during this holiday season, we expect the Brooklyn-based bedding company to be a top seller in our guide to the Best Christmas Gifts of 2022. That’s proven true in year’s past, but this year Brooklinen is going all-in on the holiday season.

For the first time ever, Brooklinen has launched a dedicated holiday collection with the most snug giftables of the season. Just in time for sweater weather, the Brooklinen holiday collection has arrived with new weighted blankets, cozy throws and other items of “extreme coziness.”

The inaugural collection is their biggest drop of the year with items starting as low as $15 and spanning every inch of the house. Also, you will find some of Brooklinen’s staples in limited-edition colorways you don’t want to miss out on. Every year, the Brooklinen Super Plush Robe is one of the most popular gift in our guide to the best Christmas gifts for women, and this year it comes in new colorways and styles. The Brooklinen holiday collection also features the debut of lounge socks, which are designed for “indoorsy folks only.”

Brooklinen isn’t the only bedroom company expanding its wares. Recently, we’ve seen Casper launch new weighted blankets and loungewear, part of the Casper “Snoozewear” collection.

brooklinen weighted throw blanket

Brooklinen Kaleidoscopic Classic Set

From plush robes and fuzzy socks to cashmere sheet sets and lambswool throws, Brooklinen is the place to handle all your gift shopping this year. Yes, it’s pretty early to start your holiday gift shopping, but why wait until the last minute? We encourage you not to be that person and take full advantage of the year’s top gifts while it’s available and in stock.

In this collection, there’s bound to be something for every type of giftee. Keep scrolling to see which items you can pick out for your loved ones.


Weighted Throw Blanket

Produced from 100% ultrasoft Turkish cotton that’s been OEKO-TEX-certified for safety, this weighted throw blanket is designed to apply pressure. It will make for a relaxing gift and surely “feel like a hug every time you put it on”. The breathable item comprises of textured cotton, with a quilted interior layer of tiny glass beads. Lastly, the limited edition versions come in four patterns: two hexagonal and two striped.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen

Super-Plush Robe

The super-plush robe is one of Brooklinen’s best sellers, and with good reason. You can simply feel luxurious in this spa-like comfort piece. It features wide sleeve adjustable cuffs, sizable pockets and an adjustable tie waist. To add a new twist on the widely-popular product, Brooklinen is offering limited edition robes with stripe and hexagon-shaped patterns.

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe


Brooklinen Lounge Socks

Every holiday season, socks are probably the most common stocking stuffer idea. Whether you’re gifting the family member you forgot about or the person who’s always complaining about having cold feet, they would be appreciative to receive this basic essential. Designed to keep you from freezing, these socks come in a host of cool, exciting shades.

Brooklinen Socks


Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set

Gifting soft sheets is always welcomed, but cashmere sheets? Now we’re talking. This bed set has a diagonal weave for a heathered look, offered in two seasonal colorways: Rust and Ink Blue. And to be precise, this lightweight luxury is made from 95% cotton and 5% Himalayan Cashmere.

Heathered Cashmere Core Sheet Set


 Classic Core Sheet Set

From musical spheres to kaleidoscopic designs, Brooklinen’s limited edition of the classic core sheets will make you feel cool and stylish in bed. Designed to embody a luxury hotel style, the Classic Percale Sheets are made from 100% staple cotton and feature a breathable 270 thread count weave. Perfect for whoever wants to feel like a real king or queen at night.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on silk pillowcases has been said to have a positive impact on both your hair and skin. Especially, if you’re a person who often fells into deep sleeps. This pillowcase is made from 100% pure mulberry silk and will protect you from friction damage.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen

Cashmere-Lambswool Throw Blanket

Who said you needed someone to keep you warm in the evening? Crafted in a 100-year-old family mill from 80% lambswool and 20% cashmere, this throw blanket will provide all the warmth this winter season and beyond. After all, there’s nothing quite as comfortable and cozy than cashmere itself. It comes in five color variations including camel, ivory and merlot red.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen