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Unwind and Get Creative Without the Mess With the Buddha Board

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If you’re stuck inside right now (like most of us), you’re probably running out of things to do. Sure, all week you’ve got work, then there’s cooking and working out, but if you’re looking for more relaxing activities? We’ve got a great diversion for you.

The Buddha Board is a zen painting board that changes color from light to dark with a simple brush of water across its surface, eliminating the need for paint. There’s no need for oily paints or other expensive art supplies with this simple tool, since it comes with everything you need. This painting board has been around for years, but during our current national predicament, we decided to give it a fresh look.

We found that this boredom-busting tool is a great way to relax after a long day of staring at our computer screens.

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The Buddha Board holds your design for a few minutes and then wipes the slate clean so you can use it over and over again. After your wet paintbrush touches the canvas your line expands through the fibers, which creates a very satisfying and calming effect. As your design clears, your mind will relax as well — soothed by the bold design and rhythms of slow evaporation. It’s super relaxing to use and doesn’t require a lot of skill to create something beautiful.

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We tested a few different models of the Buddha Board. Here are some details about each one and links if you’re curious to learn more.

Original Buddha Board

The Buddha Board Original comes with a standard 12”x9.5” board and a paintbrush so you can get to work right away. The stand for the board can double as a vessel for your water as you paint, making it convenient to set up.

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Mini Buddha Board

The Mini Buddha Board is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a smaller, more compact version of the original board. The canvas is five square inches, which gives you just enough room to enjoy the Buddha experience without taking up a ton of room on your desk.

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The word Enso comes from the Japanese word for circle and is also a simple and beautiful brushstroke that represents the infinite flow of life. This board is designed with that lofty idea in mind. It comes with a slightly larger paintbrush that’s designed to complete that single brush stroke design more easily.

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All three boards are more environmentally-friendly than other art supplies as they require no toxic chemicals or harsh ingredients to make beautiful artwork. The boards also last for years with proper care so you won’t need to spend more money replacing used supplies. Please note that you can only use water on these boards — don’t try to apply actual paint.

In short, we found that these Buddha Boards were a great way to unwind after a stressful day. And right now the country is having a lot of stressful days. Instead of firing up Netflix, try something that will keep your hands busy and calm your mind during these next couple of weeks trapped indoors.