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Price Drop: You Can Save 41% on The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Box Set Today

If you feel like you could spend hours browsing the limitless wisdom of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strips, then we’ve got very, very good news. Right now, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Box Set is on sale from Amazon in both hardcover and paperback for 40% off. The three-volume set can retail for $195 in hardcover and $125 in paperback, but right now, it’s $117.45 for hardcover and $74.21 for paperback.

Both the hardcover and paperback sets come in a handsome box for storing the volumes. The hardcover edition combines all the comics into three books, while the paperback splits them into four.

No matter which one you choose, you can enjoy every single glorious panel of the beloved comic by Bill Watterson.

calvin and hobbes


About The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection Box Set

While there are other ways to collect all of the Calvin and Hobbes comics, this is the definitive set to buy if you want the entire series neatly arranged in one comprehensive box set. The set includes both color and black and white prints of the strip’s entire run. Plus, the included box makes this a great set for collectors or people looking for great Christmas gift ideas. The books are sewn for premium binding quality.

Calvin and Hobbes had an outsized influence on generations of readers in the 10 short years it was in print. A decade may seem like a long time, but when you compare it to other beloved newspaper serials like Cathy (34 years) Peanuts (50 years) and Doonesbury (51 years and counting), it’s pretty remarkable what Bill Watterson was able to accomplish with a decade of Calvin and Hobbes. The series frequently touched on serious topics like environmentalism and death without ever losing a sense of mischievous fun and joy. That’s why this box set makes a great gift for people across ages. And if you’re just a fan of Calvin and Hobbes, pick up a copy for yourself.

The beloved comic strip originally debuted in the mid-80s and ended on January 1, 1996 when Watterson officially retired. Since then, fans of the series have only come to appreciate it more. So much about the world has changed in the years since we said goodbye to these comics, but Calvin and Hobbes is still just as awesome as you remember.


calvin and hobbes


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