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We Don’t Think It’s Sad If You Play This Card Game By Yourself But It’s Great For Groups Too

* Enjoy this fun, question-centered card game by yourself or with friends
* Each round will examine your viewpoint on a certain topic
* Bring it to your next game night for a fresh take on card games

While board games and card games can be fun, few of them get you to question the way you see the world. That is the precise idea — and name — of this card game, that includes more than 500 cards filled with hard-hitting questions that explore five categories: Reflections, Relationships, Aspirations, Life’s Purpose, and Beliefs.

When it is your turn, you roll the dice, draw a card, and match the symbol with its respective category. Each player must then answer the question, with one minute allotted for reflection and thought. It’s not only a game that challenges you to think deeply on topics you may have previously overlooked, but it also gives you a great opportunity to get unique insight into your friends and loved ones’ opinions and viewpoints on critical topics.

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While the game is a great conversation starter, it is also unique as it is one of the few games that can be played solo. You can use the cards as a jumping off point to stimulate your mind, and stave off boredom by encouraging your thoughts down an interesting path. Consider bringing it to your next game night or dinner party, as a creative alternative to the Hasbro classics. It makes a great icebreaker and “get to know you” game too.

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