Why Celebrity Prayer Candles Exist & 25 You Need In Your Home Now

celebrity prayer candles
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Who’s your favorite celebrity?

Is it a musician like Harry Styles or Billie Eilish? Maybe an actor such as Danny DeVito or Timothée Chalamet? Or maybe your favorite celebrity is a modern-day marvel like Snooki or Tiffany “New York” Pollard?

No matter who you’re obsessed with, we’re almost certain there’s a celebrity prayer candle somewhere featuring your favorite icon’s face. Perfect for your shrine.

If you’ve never seen a celebrity prayer candle before, consider us shocked. These popular wax decorations have been making rounds all over the internet in the past couple of years as some of the best candles you can purchase online. Folks have dedicated entire Etsy shops to celebrity prayer candles, devoting their time and efforts to the craft.

But, why are celebrity prayer candles as popular as they are?

Why Celebrity Prayer Candles Might Exist

As per Public Religion Research Institute, the 2020 United States Census recorded that 23% of Americans categorize themselves as non-religious. This has steadily gone down since 2018 when the high point was up at 26%, but 23% is still a major chunk of the national population.

As for the younger generation of folks ages 18-29, one-third are religiously unaffiliated whatsoever, which is a massive number.

As America becomes more and more religiously unaffiliated, it’s possible that folks are simply taking religion less seriously than ever. And as the younger demographic is heavily doused in meme culture, celebrity prayer candles seem weirdly… correct.

In addition to meme culture having taken over the forefront of the internet, celebrity obsession has maximized. Sure, celebrities in earlier years have been highlighted and gushed over, but now, it seems that some folks will full throttle defend a celebrity until their last breath. Nobody will ever snooze over the life of Pete Davidson, Kim K (in addition to the rest of her family) has become a cultural phenomenon and BTS? Don’t even get us started.

Celebrity prayer candles may act as a sort of placeholder for folks who aren’t practicing religion. At the same time, celebrity prayer candles might just be a funny, over-the-top way to rep and love your favorite celebrity.

All in all, it’s just in good fun.

The Best Celebrity Prayer Candles

The best celebrity prayer candles are traditionally found through smaller mom-and-pop shops on Etsy. Each artist will design something different and there are hundreds upon hundreds of celebrities to choose from. That said, celebrity prayer candles make some of the best gifts to buy best friends, music lovers, coworkers and candle fanatics.

Curious to see which celebrities made the top of our prayer candle list? Check them all out below.

1. Betty White

May our queen truly Rest in Peace. Celebrate Betty White’s life the best way possible with this celebrity prayer candle, perfect for your Betty White shrine.

Betty White Celebrity Prayer Candle Courtesy of Amazon


2. Kim Kardashian

We couldn’t do Kim right without presenting you this iconic moment in American history. Behold: Kim Kardashian crying.

Kim Kardashian Crying Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


3. Drake

Everyone’s favorite Certified Lover Boy (and Degrassi alum) can be yours on a candle forever.

Drake Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


4. Danny DeVito

Everyone’s favorite short, stout, balding, big-eyed glasses man? Danny DeVito. You can’t say we’re wrong.

Danny DeVito Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


5. Rihanna

It’s Rihanna’s world and we’re all just living it. Celebrate the new billionaire, fashion mogul and… music maker? We think? With this candle perfect for your desk.

Rihanna Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


6. Pete Davidson

At this point, Pete Davidson is already the man of the year. Might as well celebrate that with a celebrity prayer candle featuring nothing but Skete’s smug face.

Pete Davidson Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


7. Rupaul

Mama Ru on a celebrity prayer candle? Don’t act like we don’t already own 5.

Rupaul Prayer Candle Courtesy of Amazon


8. Harry Styles

Of course, we worship Harry Styles, especially with his painted nails pictured below and all.

Harry Styles Prayer Candle Courtesy of Amazon


9. BTS

We figured we’d put BTS here because any lower might start a protest. And we don’t want that. We love you BTS.

BTS Prayer Candles Courtesy of Etsy


10. Beyoncé

You simply can’t have a celebrity prayer candle roundup without Beyoncé. That would simply be unjust.

Beyoncé Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


11. Timothée Chalamet

This one you can put right next to your Timothée Chalamet voodoo doll. What? Just me?

Timothée Chalamet Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


12. Lana Del Rey

A Lana Del Rey prayer candle situated amongst a group of crystals? Tumblr 2011 is back, people.

Lana Del Rey Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


13. Frank Ocean

Speaking of Tumblr 2011… Hey, Frank! Where’s the album!

Frank Ocean Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


14. Maddy Perez

Call yourself Euphoria obsessed? Well, so do we. So we can all agree we worship Maddy Perez, played by the iconic Alexa Demie, right?

Maddy Perez Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


15. Barry Wood

While he’s not necessarily a celebrity, he’s probably the biggest meme of all time and we can’t help but love him for it. RIP, king.

Barry Wood Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


16. Nicki Minaj

This one is for the boys with the booming system. You know who you are.

Nicki Manaj Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


17. Paul Rudd

A prayer for Paul Rudd is a prayer well deserved.

Paul Rudd Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


18. Snoop Dogg

The weed-loving rapper is nothing without…

Snoop Dogg Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


19. Martha Stewart

…his best friend.

Martha Stewart Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


20. Snooki

You know we couldn’t leave out this true Jersey icon.

Snooki Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


21. Britney Spears

Britney is FREE you guys! It really is Britney, bitch!

Britney Spears Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


22. Elon Musk

Maybe a prayer to this one will bring a little extra money to your life.

Elon Musk Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


23. Tiffany “New York” Pollard

If you don’t know New York, leave.

Tiffany "New York" Pollard Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


24. Gordon Ramsay

Yes, chef!

Gordon Ramsay Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy


25. Paris Hilton

And, of course, we can’t forget the woman who essentially began meme culture.

Paris Hilton Prayer Candle Courtesy of Etsy