Deck Your Car Out With These Fun and Festive Christmas Decorations

Christmas Car Decorations
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Some people spend days (or weeks) decorating their homes for the holidays, but how many of us actually take the time to decorate our cars? Considering the fact that the average American spends around an hour behind the wheel each day (or way more if you live in high-density cities like LA), giving your car a little holiday TLC could go a long way in helping get you — and the people around you — into the festive spirit.

That’s why we’ve rounded up our six favorite Christmas car decorations. From antlers to windshield covers and even USB Christmas trees, a little holiday lovin’ can go a long way. Best of all, you can literally snag all six products and turn your car into a mobile winter wonderland. You’re welcome.

1. OxGord Car Reindeer Antlers & Nose

What better way to spread some holiday cheer than by dressing your car up as everyone’s all-time favorite reindeer. That’s right, this adorable antlers and nose set is designed for cars of all sizes and easily clips onto your side door windows for accessibility. It doesn’t affect your field of vision, so you can spread the holiday cheer whether you’re zooming down the highway or *gulp* stuck in traffic.

Car Reindeer Antlers Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Christmas Santa and Reindeer Waving Wiper Decal

So now that we’ve got the front of your car covered, what about the back? That’s where this hilarious rear windshield wiper comes in. Made from PVC material, this Santa-shaped windshield wiper cover fits snuggly onto your wiper and lets Old Saint Knick wave his hand whenever you turn your rear wipers on. And if Santa’s not your first choice, you can pick between a range of other holiday favorites, including Frosty, Rudolph and more.

Santa Windshield Cover Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Reflective Automotive Christmas Lights

Sure, you could deck your car with actual festive lights, but why risk it? These reflective automotive light stickers look just like the real thing and are super easy to apply. Each pack comes with 12 different colored light magnets, which you can then stick on your car, mailbox, door and basically any other flat surface. Best of all, they’re so reflective that at night it looks like they’re actually illuminated.

Reflective Holiday Car Lights Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Christmas Mini interior Decor Air Vent Accessories

Now that your eyes have had a sensory overload, why not add some cheer to the inside of your car. These cute Christmas vent accessories are small, vibrant and full of holiday cheer. Each set comes with four different styles (a snowman, candy cane, a Christmas tree and mistletoe), and they’re topped with a glittered look that really makes them stand out.

Christmas Mini Air Vents Image courtesy of Amazon

5. USB Powered Miniature Christmas Tree w/Multicolor LEDs

And what better way to top your car’s holiday getup off than with this awesome USB-powered Christmas tree? Sure, it may have been designed as a desk ornament, but if your car has a USB outlet, you can totally plug it in and set it on your dash. With a series of built-in colors, you’re sure to feel the festive cheer.

USB Christmas Tree Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Santa Claus Legs Sticking Out of Trunk

You’ve probably seen those Halloween decorations of zombies and such sticking out of the trunk of a car, but whoever said you can’t take the same design and apply it to Christmas? This hilarious Santa legs set may be a little macabre, but it’s sure to garner a few laughs. Cute, funny and instantly noticeable, the best part is that it works with every make and model vehicle.

Santa Legs Image courtesy of Amazon