The 13 Best Gifts to Give Your Coworkers This Holiday Season

christmas gifts for coworkers
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The holidays can be an incredibly stressful time. Not only do you have to decorate your house and attend any number of parties, you also have to pick out the perfect gift for your girlfriend, family, friends and coworkers. The last of those can often be the most difficult. After all, you know your partner, friends and family on a personal level, but if you don’t hang out with your coworkers, the office gift exchange can be like stepping into a minefield. 

There are a few things to remember when picking out gifts for your coworkers. First, keep it cheap. Hopefully, there is a price limit you can use as a guide. Either way, spending too much on an office gift can lead to awkward situations if everyone else went with really affordable gifts.

Second, make the gift as personal as possible. If you know your coworker well, you can pick a gift that corresponds to their likes or hobbies. If you don’t, make the gift as useful as possible in the office environment. Think office supplies or desk games.

Below you’ll find 13 of the best gifts for coworkers in 2019. Buy your work friends or even your work spouse one of these gifts, and they won’t have to react nicely to a gift they don’t like.

1. 2020 Planner


The best gifts for coworkers are both functional and fun. That’s why this 2020 Planner ranks best overall on our list. It’s incredibly useful for keeping organized and making plans for the new year. It’s also super sleek, with its minimalist leather cover and handsome-looking construction. Great as a present for all sexes, this won’t be the most thrilling gift given this year, but it will be the most used and (eventually) appreciated. 

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2. Someecards Office Mad Libs


If you have an office holiday party requiring a cheap gift exchange, the Someecards Office Mad Libs is a fun option. Inside this book, you’ll find 21 stories that take place in the office environment, such as “Who keeps stealing food from the communal fridge?” and “What happens at the holiday party stays at the holiday party!” This Mad Libs pack will surely get the party off to a hilarious start.

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3. My Favorite Coworker Gave Me This Book Notebook


If you want everyone to know who your work spouse is, give him or her this notebook. The lined journal is printed with “My Favorite Coworker Gave Me This Book ” on the front, and it includes 108 high-quality pages. As an added bonus, this coworker Christmas gift weighs in at under $10, making it an affordable option.

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4. BELURSUS Stainless Steel Survival Tool


One of the most useful things you can give your coworker is a tool that can do just about anything. And that’s exactly what they’ll get thanks to this BELURSUS Stainless Steel Survival Tool . This credit card size wallet accessory includes 11 different tools, such as a can opener, a four-position wrench, a flat screwdriver and a ruler. The next time your coworker is in a lurch, they’ll be thankful you were their Secret Santa.

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5. Sun-E Owl Pots Set


Give your coworker the gift of greenery with the Sun-E Owl Pots Set . These cute little pots can hold small plants or succulents and are the ideal size for keeping on a small shelf or desk. Combine these six pots with a few succulents for a fun, gardening-themed coworker gift.

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6. Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box


If your coworker is never seen without a mug of warm tea, give them what they love this Christmas. The Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box includes 48 sachets of tea in eight different flavors, such as Earl Grey, Chamomile and English Breakfast. The teas are displayed in an elegant box and could be paired with a new mug or a pack of biscuits for a more impressive coworker gift.

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7. Gypsy’s Cart You’re Awesome Mug


Whether you’re a boss looking for a nice gift for your employees or you simply admire the work ethic of your coworker, this mug is a funny way to put a smile on your office pal’s face. The white mug is printed with an expletive that will make them feel like they’re doing a great job. Plus, this coffee cup has an impressive 283 five-star reviews on Amazon, making it one of the best reviewed products on this gift guide list.

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8. GoSports Coinshot Cornhole Game Set


Keeping games on your desk is an excellent way to keep stress levels down and give your brain a break throughout the day. What’s even better is when your coworker has a fun game on his or her desk that you can play with together while bouncing ideas around. That’s why the GoSports Coinshot Cornhole Game Set is an ideal gift for coworkers at Christmas. The cornhole-inspired desk game is played with small, plastic coins and can be enjoyed by two to four players.

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9. Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Box


Whether you know your coworker has a sweet tooth or you’ve got the new guy as your Secret Santa recipient, giving a box of chocolate goodies is always a good idea. This Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Gift Box looks like you put a lot of effort into your gift, but in reality, it’s as easy as ordering it from Amazon. The box includes five hand-dipped biscotti, each with its own topping and flavor.

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10. Silver Dollar Candle Co. Personalized Candle


Show your coworker that you put a lot of thought and effort into their gift by ordering something personalized, like the Silver Dollar Candle Co. Personalized Candle . This jar can be wrapped in a label with your choice of words. We recommend “Best Coworker Ever” or “Will You Be My Work Wife?” The candle itself is made from 100 percent natural soy wax and has a 40 to 55 hour burn time.

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11. Savvy Infusion Water Bottle


Everyone knows you’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water a day, but how often do you or your coworkers actually achieve this goal? Make it more attainable by gifting your work friends a Savvy Infusion Water Bottle . This bottle boasts an interior canister where fruit can be placed to create a delicious concoction. As an added bonus, this is a great gift idea for both men and women.

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12. Zonhood Portable Charger Power Bank


For the coworker who’s always traveling to conferences or for pleasure, there’s no better gift than a portable power bank. The Zonhood Portable Charger will ensure their phone and other USB-powered devices never run out of battery. This extremely well-reviewed power bank can charge two devices at the same time and has an LCD screen to show remaining power levels.

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13. VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow


Work is stressful. Gift your coworkers a bit of relaxation with the VIKTOR JURGEN Neck Massage Pillow . This massager features 3D-rotating nodes to provide a deep massage to tight muscles. It also has a heating function to make the massage just a little bit more special. While this pillow may be on the top end of your coworker gifting budget, it will surely be appreciated for years to come.

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