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The Best Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls That They Won’t Want To Return

It can be very difficult to understand what’s going on in the teenage universe. You can’t be expected to know what they’ll want or like, so it’s okay to seek help in finding the best gifts for teen girls.

While it’s impossible to know exactly what’s going through their heads unless you can figure out how to read the mind of an actual teenage girl, there are some outlets that offer intel on what sorts of gifts they’d be thrilled to receive. TikTok, for example, is a useful tool. Instagram is also helpful. Before you start downloading apps or taking a deep dive down a frightening social media rabbit hole, we’ve generously decided to do the grunt work for you. Just consult this list for ideas before you stress about Christmas gifts for the teen girl in your life.

You may not fully get why, but these gifts for teen girls are sure to be a hit. Read on if you want to surprise the hardest-to-impress recipient on your Christmas list with something they’ll truly be excited about.


1. Amber Square Claw Clip


Accessorizing is very important in the world of teenage girls. These days, scrunchies are out and claw clips are in, as far as the trends go. The light blue and pink marbled color is particularly fun and sure to win over any teen girl. It’s a cute and functional gift that they will be happy to have — perfect to throw in as a stocking stuffer.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

2. We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game


This isn’t like the card games you can play with any old deck — it’s a purpose-driven game aimed to empower meaningful connections. There are different levels of cards to help you explore yourself and the other players, and prompt you to reflect on what you learn. This gift is best for older teen girls, around 15 and up, particularly useful for those going off to college or just looking to deepen their connections with their friends or family. If they haven’t already heard of it, they’ll quickly become obsessed.

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Courtesy of Target

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3. Madison Beer Channel Surfing Artistry Palette


You may not know who Madison Beer is, but any teen girl will, and she’ll be thrilled to get this eyeshadow palette specially curated by the Gen Z celeb. It features soft neutrals and rose gold shades, perfect for the young woman just starting to explore makeup. The colors are lovely and subtle, so you don’t have to worry about them going too crazy too fast.

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Courtesy of Ulta

4. Monogrammed Leather Phone Sticker Card Case


Teenagers aren’t always the most responsible. They may often forget their wallet when they leave the house, but they’ll never forget their phone, so help them kill two birds with one stone by keeping their essential cards attached to it. This cute phone sticker card case can also be monogrammed for a more thoughtful and personalized Christmas gift for teen girls.

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Courtesy of Mark and Graham

5. Hydro Flask Water Bottle


Gen Z is probably the most woke generation, meaning they’re much more socially aware and conscious than most other generations were as teenagers. That being said, they’re not using plastic water bottles, but they still need to stay hydrated. A trendy Hydro Flask will make for a useful and much-appreciated gift for teen girls. It’ll keep their water cold for hours and comes in a variety of fun colors.

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Courtesy of Amazon

6. DIY Lightbox Novelty LED Table Lamp


If you’re looking for a gift for a teen girl who’s living in a dorm room, or just likes to make her bedroom at home a little personal oasis, this novelty LED lightbox is a great option. It’s inspired by old-timey movie theaters and comes with letters, numbers and characters to build whatever message fits their mood at that moment. It’s battery-powered and portable, so they can take it with them wherever they go in the future.

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Courtesy of Target

7. Stoney Clover Lane Bead Kit


Beaded jewelry is very in right now. Instead of buying an overpriced beaded necklace or bracelet for a teen girl, buy them the supplies so that they can make tons themselves. This kit features thousands of beads, a roll of string and comes in a reusable carrying case. The beads are cute and trendy, and the recipient gets to have fun making their own jewelry exactly as they like it.

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Courtesy of Stoney Clover Lane

8. Photo Clip String Lights


String lights and polaroid pictures are two things that most teenage girls love, so why not get them a gift that combines both? These twinkly string lights create a cool vibe in their bedroom, and they can clip on their favorite polaroids or even regular photos and mementos that they’d like to put on display. It’s a Christmas gift for teen girls that’s sure to be a hit.

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