The 10 Best Christmas Stocking Holders for Decking Out Your Mantel This Holiday

best christmas stocking holder
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Just because you have a Christmas to-do list as long as your arm, doesn’t mean there aren’t small jobs that will get forgotten during the run up to the big holiday. Whether it’s defrosting the ham, baking cookies for your Christmas Eve visitors or hanging Christmas lights from the gutter, sometimes the holidays are full of instances where things simply don’t get done. Another job which seems simple but can often end up being more complicated than you want is hanging your Christmas stockings.

You may have your stockings all lined up and ready to hang, but if your mantel doesn’t have built-in hooks, you’ll find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Save yourself from banging nails into your mantelpiece or attempting to precariously anchor your stockings in place in a potentially dangerous and slap-dash manor by being prepared for the job with a purpose-made Christmas stocking holder.

These functional decor pieces are a simple yet effective way to hang your stockings. They come in a range of styles and even includes options for households who don’t have fireplaces and mantels. Many even sport a Christmas-y look to add to your festive decor while also featuring protective covers and fabrics to prevent any damage from occurring to your mantel.

We’ve put together a list of 10 different stocking hanging options. There are choices for hanging your stockings from the mantelpiece as well as free-standing options for anyone who prefers hanging their stockings elsewhere.

1. Candy Cane Stocking Holder


They may just be for hanging your stockings off the mantel, but somehow these Haute Decor Candy Cane Stocking Holders manage to add an extra spark of Christmas while accomplishing their task. The steel canes are decorated in polyester to give your holder a candy cane-like appearance that kids (and adults) are sure to love. Each holder is lightweight and can manage up to 10 pounds of stuffed stockings. The universal design also fits almost every shape and size of mantel, too.

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2. Village Lighting Company Garland and Stocking Mantle Hanger 3-Pack


These fireplace mantle stocking hangers can fit mantles up to 8 inches thick and come with two hooks on each, so you can hang your stocking and hang garland, lights or something else across your fireplace easily. They’ve got a cantilever design that makes them sturdy even with heavy stockings attached, in fact each has an 11 pound capacity. They’ve made of durable, heavy iron with a brown protective coating on the outside, and they come with rubber pads underneath to protect the surface of your mantle.

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3. Snowflake Stocking Holders


These snowflake stocking holders are simple, sophisticated and will offer a special twinkle to your mantlepiece during the holiday season. They come in a 4-pack and are made of Chrome silver with a nice sparkly finish. Each one has a two pound capacity, max, so you can’t load up your stockings and then hang them back up, but they’ll look nice above the fireplace regardless. The silver is also a neutral enough color to match a variety of decor.

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4. FINMOR Christmas Stocking Holder Set of 4


If you’ve got extra special stockings, and don’t want your stocking holders to overshadow the design of your stockings, this set of 4 is perfect. They’ve got a simple curved design and are made of thicker metal that’s built to last. They’re a unique and sophisticated way to display your stockings without distracting from the rest of the decor on your mantel. They easily clip on and can be adjusted to fit most fireplaces. They also require no tools to install and are designed to be damage-free.

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5. Holiday Time Stocking Holder


This adorable stocking holder duo is perfect for two-person households who want some holiday cheer on their mantle. Santa Claus and Snowman team up and each weigh 1.55 pounds to keep your stockings in place for when the big night comes, each in their own Christmas-y outfits. Each holder is made of clay dough with sturdy iron inside and the base is painted red to compliment the surrounding decorations.

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6. Personalized Metal Christmas Stocking Holder


This personalized stocking tree is perfect for households that don’t have a chimney or mantle, but still want something special to display their stockings on Christmas Eve. It can hold up to six stockings and is made of heavy-duty metal that’s durable enough to last for years. It comes in two styles — a green stand with a yellow star or a brushed silver stand with a green tree on top, and both are easy to assemble and disassemble for storage. The stand measures five feet tall and weighs about five pounds.

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7. Cypress Home Christmas Mantel Sign


The Cypress Home Christmas Mantel Sign is a handy decor option made from painted wood which provides hanging space for up to six different stockings. The sign’s design features one of the most famous lines from everyone’s favorite Christmas poem The Night Before Christmas. You’ll also find that the Cypress Home used bright red paint to give the sign an eye-catching appearance. In addition, for easy mounting, there are two hangers on the back. Alternatively, this piece can easily be propped up without a problem.

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8. Holiday Joy Christmas Safety Grip Stocking Holders


The Holiday Joy Christmas Safety Grip Stocking Holders are a cheap and cheerful answer to hanging your stockings without causing any damage to your mantle. Unlike many competing metal options, these holders feature a soft grip at the end to prevent the potentially damaging metal from contacting with the mantel’s surface. Each pack includes four individual holders, which are also designed to increase their grip when weight is added.

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9. Reindeer Team Cut-Out Poses Stocking Holder


Sporting a beautiful silhouette-style design, these Reindeer Team Cut-Out Poses Stocking Holders are undoubtedly the most stylish offering we have on our list. The set includes four different holders featuring reindeer in different poses. Each one is made from a tough, black metal. The pedestal bases are weighted, so it’s easy to hang your stockings without worrying that they will be tipped over by the weight. The versatile design also means you can also use the holders on items other than the mantelpiece, like bookshelves, table tops and shelves.

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10. ‘Believe’ Christmas Stocking Holder Stand


At just under three and a half feet high, the DermaPAD Believe Christmas Stocking Holder Stand is a fun addition to any home at Christmas, whether you have a mantel or not. Sitting closer to the ground, this stand is ideal for letting kids hang and discover their own stockings on Christmas morning. In addition, the stand has five hangers and includes a built-in banner which reads: “Believe.”

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