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Parents, This Isn’t a Drill: Cutetitos Plush Collectibles Are Half Off for Black Friday Weekend

If you’re looking for deals on some of the best toys of 2022, you’ve come to the right place. All week long, we have been searching far and wide for the best Black Friday deals you can purchase today. From the best Black Friday deals on tech to the best Black Friday deals on fashion, we have put our eyes and ears everywhere to make sure we have missed nothing.

That all being said, we didn’t forget about the kiddos. How could we?

Black Friday deals on toys are important. Heck, if you have any kids in the family, the best gifts for kids are likely high up on your radar. And here’s one gift we’re sure they’ll love.

Courtesy of Amazon

The ultra collectible Cutetitos plushies are currently available for half off at just over $6 today during Black Friday. Yes, $6.

This is a two-pack featuring two adorable Cutetitos fully inspired by buttered popcorn. In this pack, your kiddo will snag both Butterito and Cobbito, a lion and zebra best friend duo that influences emotional intelligence by teaching children about friendship. Each Cutetito comes with its own heart-shaped wrap blanket for lovin’ and cuddlin’ 24/7 if need be.

Courtesy of Amazon

Of course, Cutetitos are collectibles, so if your kid already has some of these adorable animals, these will make for an excellent addition to their collection. If not, better late than never to start one!

Because Cutetitos are highly sought-after, we’re thinking that they won’t be in stock for long. Pick up your pair today and brighten the look on your child’s face this Christmas.