Trade In Your Boring Old Coffee Mug for One Of These Unique Options

10 Unique Coffee Mugs to Spice
Courtesy of Big Mouth Inc.
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If you’re a caffeine enthusiast you know how important a good coffee mug is in your daily routine. It holds the magic concoction that jumpstarts your day and keeps you moving as you breeze through your to-do list just a bit more energized than before.

What’s almost as important as the correct coffee-to-milk ratio? The sacred vessel that holds it all — your mug.

Here are some of the coolest coffee mugs out there we could find. Pick one, own it and enjoy your morning joe in a cup that does your quirky personality justice.

1. Heat-Changing Constellation Mug

This color-changing mug reminds us of how small and inconsequential we are in the midst of the vast universe. You know, exactly what you want to think about first thing in the morning.

For real though, this 10oz ceramic mug is heat-changing and reveals beautiful constellations once you had a hot beverage to it. Gaze upon constellations like Cassiopea, Perseus and Saggitarius among others as you rev up for your day. There are 11 constellations in total making it the perfect gift for the stargazer in your life.

Constellation Mug Courtesy of Amazon

Heat Changing Constellation Mug



2. Build-On Brick LEGO Coffee Cup

Unleash your creative genius and get those playful juices flowing with this coffee mug/ LEGO activity all wrapped into one.

It’s a fun, hands-on puzzle game and a great receptacle for up to 12 oz of hot beverage at the same time. It’s compatible with most of LEGO’s building bricks and is FDA food grade certified and BPA free so you can enjoy it without concern.

Gift it to a LEGO-enthusiast friend or get it for yourself as a built-in stress reduction activity for the work day.

Build-on Brick LEGO Coffee Cup Courtesy of Amazon

Build-on Brick LEGO Coffee Cup



3. FAB Starpoint Harry Potter Cauldron Mug

Wishing you were drinking your cup of coffee over breakfast at Hogwarts? Or perhaps to psych yourself up right before a big potions test? Same. Instead, we’ve got this mug. At least it’s a pretty cool mug.

It’s highly detailed and has little cauldron feet for added effect. It can hold up to 20 oz of liquid, features an easy grip handle and is hand-wash only.

Harry Potter Cauldron Mug Courtesy of Amazon

Harry Potter Cauldron Mug



4. Game of Thrones House Stark Baratheon Crown Mug

Game of Thrones fan? You should have this highly detailed ceramic beer stein from the House of Stark. It comes with a pewter Baratheon crown on top and can hold up to 22oz of Westeros’ best mead, or whatever it is you prefer to drink.

Head back to the days of the seven kingdoms with this hand painted and embossed mug that includes a dire wolf, the House Stark crest and a “Winter is Coming” banner.

This is an officially licensed HBO Game of Thrones product so you know it’s legit. You can find one for each house in the show, if Stark isn’t your thing.

Game of Thrones Mug Courtesy of Amazon

Game of Thrones House Stark Baratheon Crown Mug



5. Campfire Pottery Charcoal To-Go Mug

This Campfire Pottery mug is handmade in Maine for the environmentally-conscious person who’s on-the-go and in need of a high-quality mug.

This mug is handcrafted on a pottery wheel so each one is a little different and fits in most cup holders for convenience.

It also comes with a silicone lid and sleeve for keeping drinks hot and your fingers comfortable.

Charcoal To-Go Mug Courtesy of Campfire Pottery

Charcoal To-Go Mug



6. Marvel Thor’s Hammer Sculpted Mug

Marvel fan? Hold Thor’s hammer every morning as you scroll through the news and sip on a delicious, revitalizing hot beverage. This is a genuine, original and authentic design straight from the Disney Store. It’s got a silvery matte finish on the outside and a high gloss glaze on the inside.

It’s also got a brown high gloss handle for easy beverage maneuvering. Add a dose of the Marvel universe to your kitchen cabinet and channel that superhero confidence into the rest of your day.

Marvel Thor Hammer Mug Courtesy of Amazon


7. Big Mouth Inc. One Cup XL Coffee Mug

If you or a friend is a big coffee drinker, this mug is pretty hilarious and might be worth the gag purchase just out of pure ridiculousness.

This coffee mug holds a whopping 64 ounces(!) of liquid in it and will definitely help you “cut down” to one cup a day with proper use.

Pull it out when you or your spouse needs a laugh or leave it on your desk to make sure everyone knows what your caffeine habits are. The best part is you may not to fill up your massive mug more than once a day.

This mug is for hand washing only, and it’s not microwave-safe.

giant coffee mug Courtesy of Big Mouth Inc.

Big Mouth Inc. One Cup XL Coffee Mug



8. Creature Cups Octopus Mug

What’s that lurking at the bottom of your cup? These creature mugs are creepy, spooky and a ton of fun. As you drink, slowly but surely, the creature hiding at the bottom emerges. It’s a fun surprise for a friend who doesn’t know what’s coming and a delightful cup to pull out around

There are a couple different creatures you can choose from in this same line including a gargoyle, skull, crow and more. It holds 11 oz of liquid and is dishwasher and microwave safe so taking care of it (and the creature inside) is a breeze.

Creature Cups Octopus Mug Courtesy of Amazon

Creature Cups Octopus Mug



9. Zak Designs Star Wars BB8 Mug

This Star Wars mug is cute and a great collectible for a sci-fi fan/ coffee lover. It’s got a great enduring design that’ll make anyone nostalgic thinking about one of the most beloved characters of the massive franchise.

It’s hand-painted for a personal touch and made of ceramic so it holds up well and can handle the heat. Keep it out of the microwave in order to maintain the finish, and it’s 100% BPA free.

Star Wars BB8 Mug Courtesy of Amazon

Star Wars BB8 Mug



10. The Original Toilet Mug From Big Mouth Inc.

Okay so it might not be the ~coolest~ mug, but it’s a gag gift, and a pretty funny one at that. Watching your friend, loved one or partner drink out of this miniature bathroom is sure to crack a smile from everyone in the room, and at 12 oz. it’ll hold your morning beverage easily.

This high-quality ceramic mug is perfect for the home or office (depending on the general sense of humor) and will at least draw a double take if not a laugh from everyone who passes by your desk.

This mug is hand painted so avoid the microwave and hand wash it after use so its finish stays intact as long as possible.

toilet mug gag gift Courtesy of Big Mouth Inc.

The Original Toilet Mug from Big Mouth Inc.