Give Your Boring Ol’ House Keys the Lift They Need With These Super Cool Keychains

cool keychains
Courtesy of Etsy

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It’s all about the little things in life. That one cutting board you love to use in your kitchen, that car accessory that lights up your drive every time you get behind the wheel, or that keychain that sets your keys apart from the rest. Keychains have been around for a while now, and there are some that we’re used to seeing. Your keys may be attached to that graphic palm tree from your trip to the Big Island, your initials made out of metal that glisten in the sunlight or a compass that always points due north. These are great options, but there are some cooler keychains out there that are worth exploring for yourself or for a friend as a thoughtful and practical gift.

Choosing a keychain is important business — there is not unlimited space for them and the one you choose is going to be an item you look at quite frequently. Some keychains serve a purpose, some are purely decoration, and some are both at once. Sure, you could carry around your house and car key with nothing else attached and they would do their job. You’d be able to unlock what needs opening, but what about unlocking a sense of play, fun and curiosity? That’s where these cool keychains come in. If you really want to take things to the next level, invest in a cool keychain. It’s worthwhile to spice up such a rudimentary item and make it interesting. In a world of dull jangles of metal, make your keys the ones that break the pattern and stand out in the crowd.

1. Cat Sushi Keychain

I mean, come on. We had to put this one first. If you’re not a fan of this cat sushi keychain we don’t know what to say to you. These adorable pieces will compliment your keys perfectly and make you smile each time you glance at them. Daily guaranteed joy? Priceless.

cat sushi keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of Amazon


2. Peel Brass Keychain Touch Tool

This one has a more defined purpose and that is keeping your hands off of gross, bacteria-ridden high-touch surfaces. The hook can grab door handles while the pointer can press buttons at the ATM, elevator, etc. It’s very convenient in the pandemic age and beyond, and is easy to use once you get in the habit.

peel touch tool, cool keychains Courtesy of Peel


3. Bronze Custom Map Key Ring

You’ll never forget where you come from (or are headed to) with this beautiful, high-quality map ring. You can customize which detailed location is on it with coordinates of your choosing, preserved in resin and mounted on bronze.

bronze custom map key ring, cool keychains Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


4. Saguaro Bottle Opener Keychain

We’ve seen your classic bottle opener keychain, and this one’s much more sleek in our opinion. Embrace the southwest aesthetic with this cleverly camouflaged cactus bottle opener that’ll have you covered whenever you’re thirsty.

saguaro bottle opener keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


5. Funko Groot POP Keychain

This Groot keychain has 5/5 stars on Amazon and over 1,000 reviews — we can see why. Take this little guy everywhere you go with this fun POP Keychain from Funko.

groot keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of Amazon


6. RepliCade Insert Coin Keychain

I love this concept — an arcade replica at your fingertips. This keychain is LED illuminated and has an auto-shutoff feature so the battery won’t die. It has the authentic plastic and metal construction and a changeable battery.

arcade coin keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of Amazon


7. Mini Emergency Survival Kit Keychain

If you’re in a pinch, pinch this tiny emergency kit and you’ll have your basics covered. We’re not sure how effective the knife would be, but the lighter could definitely come in handy.

mini emergency kit keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of Amazon


8. ThinOptics Keychain Case + Reading Glasses

If you need cheaters at a moment’s notice, this keychain is a pretty great way to ensure you’ll always have them. These glasses are feather-light and designed to grip your face despite being extremely compact and portable.

thinoptics reading glasses, cool keychains Courtesy of Amazon


9. Spinning Top Keychain

Beat the boredom anywhere you are with this stainless steel spinning top. Inception, anyone?

spinning top keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of Amazon


10. Star Wars Lightsaber Keychain

These mini light sabers are the cutest, and have long-lasting battery life built in so the force will be strong with you. The button access is easy and the hook and loop closure makes them easy to attach to any keys.

star wars lightsaber keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of Amazon


11. World’s Coolest Polaroid Camera

Is it the world’s coolest polaroid camera because it’s a tiny keychain? Probably. This camera does not actually take pictures but it’s pretty photogenic in and of itself. It does include the flash sound of a camera, red shutter button and simulated film.

world's coolest polaroid camera keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of Amazon


12. hoo(key) Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool

This is a no-touch tool I currently have attached to my keys that’s proven to be quite useful in the age of COVID-19. It doesn’t scratch or damage surfaces and is strong enough to open heavy doors, press buttons, lift bags and touch all the surfaces I’d rather avoid. It’s only available for pre-order at the moment but I highly recommend it.

hoo(key) touch tool keychain, cool keychains Courtesy of hoo(key)


14. Ramen Keychain Set

Anything miniature really works for a keychain in my opinion, including this adorable ramen. You get to choose which ramen variety you want to sport on your keys and serve as a reminder of your favorite decadent noodle dish.

ramen keychain set, cool keychains Courtesy of Etsy