16 Crazy Gifts to Make Your Bachelorette Party Even More Fun

Bachelorette Gifts
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When someone in your life gets engaged, it’s one celebration after the next. The engagement party kicks it all off, then there’s the bridal shower, bachelorette party and finally the wedding. While the wedding is the headlining event, everyone knows the bachelorette party is actually the most fun. Whether you’re the maid of honor or are simply in charge of planning your bestie’s bachelorette party, there are plenty of girls-night-out themed gifts and party favors to amplify the festive spirit at your bash.

Read on to see the 16 craziest bachelorette party gifts you can buy.


1. P.LOTOR 12 Pack Bachelorette Party Favors Can Coolers Sleeves

Keep the party and your drinks totally chill with these fun bachelorette-themed can coolers. They’ll fit perfectly around your White Claws or any other slim can. Made from soft neoprene, they’ll keep libations cool (or warm!) and your hands dry and comfy. The pack includes one cooler with a “Future MRS” and “Drunk In Love” design and 11 “Cheers B….” and “Just Drunk” design.

P.LOTOR 12 Pack Bachelorette Party Favors Can Coolers Sleeves Courtesy of Amazon

2. Ukebobo Bachelorette Party Drinking Games

Anything that keeps the night going is one of the best bachelorette party gifts and this drinking game does the trick. The set includes 25 drink cards, five blank cards to write your own rules and 40 scratch-off stickers. They make the ideal ice breaker to help the crew get to know one another. The cards range from casual to full-on daring, ensuring just the right mix. They’re small enough to fit in a purse to carry around all night.

Ukebobo Bachelorette Party Drinking Games Courtesy of Amazon

3. Konsait Party Beads Necklaces

Practically a mandatory bachelorette party gift, every guest needs an accessory to show she’s with the bridal crew and these are a fun outfit add-on. The set includes 12 bachelorette party bead necklaces and light-up diamond engagement rings with flashing lights to make sure the gang is always the center of attention. The lights last for up to four hours with the press of a switch. Talk about shining bright like a diamond!

Konsait Party Beads Necklaces Courtesy of Amazon

4. Sparkle and Bash Drawstring Bags for Bachelorette Party

A party survival kit, aka a gift bag, is key for the evening. These funny drawstring bags are perfect for presenting all the bachelorette party gifts to the guests. Made from 100% cotton, the set of 12 bags is sturdy and strong, which is necessary for a wild night. Measuring approximately 6 x 8 inches, they can be filled with everything from jewelry to candies, snacks and other trinkets.

Sparkle and Bash Drawstring Bags for Bachelorette Party Courtesy of Amazon

5. Juvale 12-Pack Bachelorette Gift Set Bride Squad Sleep Eye Masks

Looking for the perfect party favors to fill those aforementioned gift bags? These sleeping eye masks are pretty and practical, making them one of the best bachelorette party gifts. Everyone will need some serious shut-eye after an amazing night out. The polyester satin material and pull-on closure with two attached elastic bands mean they have a comfy and secure fit. The set of 12 includes one white sleep mask with “Future Miss” print and 11 pink sleep masks with “Bride Squad” print.

Juvale 12-Pack Bachelorette Gift Set Bride Squad Sleep Eye Masks

6. XONOR Key Bottle Openers

Another great bachelorette party gift for that goody bag, this is one she’ll keep long after the party is over. You could even say it’s the key to a good time. (See what we did there?) Inspired by vintage keys, the rose gold keys are charming bottle openers. The set of 25 includes five unique designs.

XONOR Key Bottle Openers Courtesy of Amazon

7. Kikevite Bachelorette Party Decorations Straws

Sip, sip, hooray! Whatever the crew is drinking will taste even better with these straws that are perfect for bachelorette party fun. The set of 24 assorted confetti male dancer straws has three different designs in gold, white and black to keep the color palette classy, even if nothing else about them is. Cheers!

Kikevite Bachelorette Party Decorations Straws Courtesy of Amazon

8. Bengum 30pc Bachelorette Party Tattoos

We strongly advise against hitting the tattoo parlor after a night of Jell-O shots and male dancers. Instead, treat the bachelorette crew with these needle-free temporary tattoos that ensure you’ll be able to keep the drinking going all night. The set of 30 tattoo stickers is delightfully on theme with tats like “Bride crew” and “Cheers with drinks.”

Bengum 30pc Bachelorette Party Tattoos Courtesy of Amazon

9. A3 Direct Inflatable Banana Ring Toss Bachelorette Party Game

Is it even a bachelorette party if there isn’t at least one naughty game? The objective of the game is simple, yet insanely fun. Try to toss one of the three rings around the large 26-inch inflatable banana. The classic game is a lot harder than it sounds. Just make sure to have the cameras ready.

A3 Direct Inflatable Banana Ring Toss Bachelorette Party Game Courtesy of Amazon

10. Ocean Line Bachelorette Party Glasses

Bring the selfie game up a notch or two with these fun novelty glasses that make for an awesome bachelorette party gift. There are nine different pairs of bachelorette-themed glasses, providing the gang with photo booth-worthy props all night long. From champagne glasses to “I do” to heart-shaped specs, there’s a pair in there for every guest.

Ocean Line Bachelorette Party Glasses Courtesy of Amazon

11. Wedding Ring Shot Glasses

While these party favors resemble an old-fashioned Ring Pop more than an actual wedding ring, we’ll take it. The wedding ring set is designed with an attached diamond shaped shot glass for a festive way to down some jello shots. They may not offer the most practical or mess-free way to drink, but it’s hard to deny their festive charm and Insta-worthy status.

Wedding ring shot glasses Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a more PG-rated gag gift, this Selfie Scavenger Hunt is just as bizarre, but a little less risque. The object of the game is to score points by completing a pretty lengthy round of dares — and documenting it with a selfie for each task — as listed on the cards.

Bachelorette Party Games Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Inflatable Hunk

We’re not sure if we’d call him a hunk per se (did you notice the chest hair?) or what you’re actually supposed to do with this inflatable male toy, but it sure makes for a hilarious addition to your tawdry decor and will be a great prop for post-cocktail photo shoots.

Bachelorette Party Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Hairbrush Flask

Yet another inventive way to ensure your bachelorette party isn’t dampened by lack of alcohol, this sneaky hair brush will not only help keep your locks looking photo-ready — even after you’re above the buzzed level — but it will also allow you to keep the party going.

Bachelorette Party Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Pin The Hose on The Fireman

A slight variation to the classic Pin The Tail on The Donkey game, this adults-only iteration will help turn up the heat at your bash. The object of the game to give the fireman the “equipment” he needs to put out the fire. We’ll let you fill in the blanks and try for yourself.

Pin The Hose on The Fireman Game Image courtesy of Amazon


16. The Wine Rack

More than just a cheeky play on words, this multi-functional “flask” not only lets you smuggle in booze wherever you go, but it also gives your breasts a natural-looking enhancement — until you finish its contents, that is.

The WineRack amazon Image courtesy of Amazon


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