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The Best Customizable Whiskey Glasses for Groomsmen

Whiskey drinkers take their drinkware as seriously, if not more so, than wine drinkers. And even if you’re not a connoisseur, everyone can appreciate having a sophisticated and sturdy glass to drink whiskey out of, whether your drink of choice is Glenlivet 18 or Jim Beam. One way to make your drinkware even more special is to personalize it. You can get your glassware etched with your initial, or you can even get a name or date custom-printed on the glassware.

You may not have expected it, but Amazon is actually a great resource for customized products. There are plenty of sellers on Amazon that offer engravings and etchings with a quick turnaround.

Customized whiskey glasses are a great gift for a special occasion. We especially like the idea of an engraved whiskey glass as a thank you gift for a groomsman. It’s the kind of thing that’s a little more thoughtful than a keychain but less extravagant than a watch. After all, you’ve still got to pay for the wedding. We’ve picked out some of the best custom whiskey glasses for groomsmen right now.

1. Swanky Badger Personalized Whiskey Glasses

This set of whiskey glasses from Swanky Badger gives you the option to add up to 12 characters for a name or commemorative message. The glasses have a sophisticated square shape and a thick base. You can also choose between several different lettering styles to suit your taste. Each order comes with two glasses.

Pros: Multiple lettering and font options available.

Cons: There is no option to customize the glasses individually — both will have the same message.

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2. The Wedding Party Store Whiskey Rocks Glasses

These glasses are a good option largely for the versatility offered by the seller. You can choose any amount of glasses between one and eight. Best of all, each glass can have a different name, making it an especially good option for a wedding party. The glasses feature a monogrammed letter of the initial and the name below the letter.

Pros: More customizable than some other options, because you can have each glass in the set have a different name. Also, you can choose between one and eight glasses.

Cons: Only one font style available.

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3. On The Rox Engraved Rocks Glasses

If you just need a set of monogrammed glasses and don’t need a custom message, then this set from On The Rox is a good option. Four glasses are included, and you can choose any letter on the alphabet from the listing. The round glasses have a weighted base, giving them a simple, classy look, and they come in a giftable box. The glasses are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Pros: Set of four glasses with a large monogrammed letter. Pre-made glasses saves time on customization. Top-rack dishwasher safe.

Cons: All four glasses will have the same letter.

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