Need a Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift? 23andMe DNA Kits Are On Sale via Amazon for $79

23andme dna kits
Courtesy of 23andMe

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You’ve probably already heard of 23andMe DNA kits — the convenient at-home DNA testing kits that will tell you everything from where in the world your ancestors are from to whether you’re genetically predisposed to developing certain health conditions. If you’ve shied away from this fantastic opportunity for self-knowledge before due to the price, fear not — 23andMe DNA testing kits are now 25% off via Amazon Prime.

And if you’re a Prime member looking for a thoughtful last-minute gift idea for Valentine’s Day, then this sale is your last chance to buy something online.

We don’t expect this deal to last more than 48 hours, but your window for Valentine’s Day delivery is closing even faster.

23andMe dna kits, 23andme prime day deal Courtesy of Amazon


About the 23andMe DNA Kit Sale

23andMe makes several different popular DNA kits, and a variety of them are included in this sale. The cheapest option still offers plenty of great features, including 80 personalized genetic reports. 23andMe can also tell you what parts of the world your ancestors come from, broken down into more than 2,000 regions from around the globe. All you have to do is send in a simple DNA test sample. For your safety, 23andMe encrypts your personal data to keep it secure at all times.

Every 23andMe DNA kit gives you access to features such as the DNA Relative Finder and Automatic Family Tree Builder, plus trait and ancestry reports. Shoppers who spring for one of the more expensive kits will also get additional reports — 23andMe’s Family Health History Tree, Health Predisposition Reports, Pharmacogenetics Reports and Wellness Reports.

23andme dna reports Courtesy of 23andMe

23andme dna reports Courtesy of 23andMe

Whether you’re curious for yourself or want to gift this to a partner as a gift, this sale is a great opportunity to acquire all this knowledge at a much lower cost. 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service kits start at just $79 this weekend, a 20% discount that lets you save $20 on the full retail price.

Like we said, this deal isn’t going to last forever.