Relieve Stress and Have Fun — All From Your Work Station

Glantop Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy
Image courtesy Amazon
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* Great for stress relief and flexing your brain
* Challenges the mind
* #1 Amazon Bestseller

The attraction is obvious. Glantop’s Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy delivers endless fun and stress relief whenever you need it. It features 160 stainless steel balls of different sizes, all perched atop a magnetic base that holds them in place. Build, sculpt, stack and create whatever configuration you envision. It’s fidgeting fun for everyone. That’s why it’s a #1 Amazon bestseller.

This creative desk toy is a great way to boost your brain because it courts your curiosity. Solve problems, design and discover. The combinations are endless. It could be just the kind of relaxed play you need to open your mind to reveal that big breakthrough you’ve been seeking. And because it’s so captivating and fun, it helps you forget all the problems and worries that have been causing you stress.

The Glantop isn’t always easy, but it’s never boring. The compact, portable design is perfect for travel. And it’s great fun with friends. Challenge each other to see who sculpts the most impressive structure. Plus, this is one of those fantastic evergreen gift ideas you can give to anyone, male or female, young or old. Have fun!

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