Festive Easter Egg Dye Kits the Whole Family Is Going To Love

easter egg dye kits
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Easter is just around the corner, and while you may be conjuring up images of too much Easter candy, another family dinner or an extra day off work, we think one of the most fun parts about the holiday is decorating Easter eggs. Particularly if you have kids.

Of course, the entire egg-decorating thing can be an ordeal, especially if you’re talking about an Easter egg dye kit and younger kids. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite overall kits, including ones that trade in dye for markers, paints or stickers. Plus there are a few options in there for those with egg allergies, or for those who prefer not to have to light a candle to get rid of that hardboiled egg smell afterward.

However you do Easter eggs, read on for our top DIY dye kits and packs in 2022. And if you’re already covered on all things Easter egg dye kits, be sure to check out our round-up on the best Easter baskets for kids as well.


1. Galaxy Egg Easter Egg Dye Kit


If the idea of dying eggs doesn’t send you running for the hills (or another roll of paper towels), this unique galaxy-inspired kit is great for older kids. Each box has enough dye for about a dozen space-themed eggs, so you may want to grab a couple of packs if you’re going all-out. Take note that some users reported better success with this kit when they used warm hard-boiled eggs versus orbs that had been completely cooled.

Space-themed Easter egg dye kit Courtesy of Amazon


2. Easter Unlimited Penguin Parade Sugar Crystal Egg Decorating Kit


Why just dye Easter eggs when you can add sugary glitter to them? This kit uses sugar crystals to add a sparkly, arctic-snow finish, making it one of the most unique Easter egg dye kits on the market. The kit also comes with coloring tablets, adhesives and 12 egg stands, giving you everything you need and more to create a dozen colorful orbs just in time for the big holiday.

Easter Egg Dye Kit Courtesy of Walmart


3. Klever Kits Easter Egg Dye Kit


Looking for a kit you can open up and inspire the creativity to flow with? This box should do it. It’s full of various stickers, dyes, egg holders, markers and everything else you need to decorate unique and personalized eggs this Easter, and there’s enough included that kids should (hopefully) be too busy to fight over who gets to use what next.

Complete Easter egg dye kit Courtesy of Amazon


4. The EggMazing Easter Egg Mini Decorator Kit Arts and Crafts Set


Sometimes kids just want to go for those colorful striped eggs and that’s okay. That’s where this unique spinner comes in handy. Save messy hands while achieving those perfect lines each and every time. The spinner works with regular old eggs and comes with six non-toxic markers, which means you can ditch the dye and still achieve the prettiest eggs yet with this kit.

Egg spinner Easter egg kit Courtesy of Amazon


5. Earth Paints Egg Dye Kit


Looking for an Easter egg dye kit that’s made from all-natural ingredients? Earth Paints has you covered. These vegetable-based dyes are free from artificial colors, plus they’re vegan and GMO-free. Each package is also made from recycled and biodegradable materials, so you can feel good about your purchase through and through.

Natural Easter Egg dye kit Courtesy of Amazon

6. Easter Egg Squishy Painting Kit


All parents know kids love to squish, throw, bounce and smack anything that looks like a ball. So if you have some concerns about your Easter eggs actually making it until Easter, that’s where this egg-cellent kit comes in handy (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves). It comes with six squishy eggs and a tray of paint that won’t rub off once dry, which is always a helpful bonus when it comes to kids who touch everything.

Squishy eggs Easter decorating kit Courtesy of Amazon


7. JOYIN 24 Sets of Easter Egg Decorating Foam Kids Craft Kits


Whether you’re decorating hard-boiled eggs to eventually eat or you want to throw something on the table for kids to decorate plastic eggs with, this foam kit has you covered. It comes with everything kids (or kids at heart) need to create 26 different animals, sparking creativity, imagination and fun all at once. We particularly love this one for toddlers and preschoolers who are still working out all of those fine-motor skills.

Animal Easter egg decorations Courtesy of Amazon


8. SallyFashion 24 PCS White Wooden Eggs Easter


These wooden eggs aren’t an Easter egg kit, per se, but they’re a great addition to the decorating game for families with egg allergies or who want a more decorative look without an expiry date. We also like that they come in a fake egg crate, making them easy to handle. Paint, dye, color or decorate these gems any way you’d like, and create a memory that could very well physically last a lifetime.

Wooden easter eggs in bulk Courtesy of Amazon


9. Kid Made Modern Egg Painting Party Craft Kit


If you’ve got kids who have reached that “recreate Easter morning” stage, you will probably appreciate the complete package that is this wood egg-decorating kit. Kids can hide and find eggs to their heart’s content without you needing to worry about that bad egg smell surfacing from a hidden compartment three weeks from now. We also love how these decorations work with regular eggs, giving you a two-for-one option.

Wooden Easter egg set Courtesy of Walmart


10. Diximus Heat Shrink Sleeve Decoration Easter Egg Wraps


Why bother with complex dyes, markers and paints when you can use shrink sleeves to create the best-decorated eggs yet? While we wouldn’t recommend this one for kids (it requires the use of boiling water), if you want to gift a child a cool egg in a basket or you just need something to spruce up your own Easter breakfast table, these wraps are handy.

Egg wraps for Easter eggs Courtesy of Amazon


11. SpringFlower White Easter Eggs Painting Kit


If you’re not into eating hard-boiled eggs but you still want Easter eggs to spruce up your space with, this kit offers plenty of decorating potential. Use them as favors or hang them from a chandelier for an extra festive vibe. We love how they’re designed for use with kids aged three and up, and that the kit comes with regular and sparkly paint, which is somewhat designed to hold their attention span for those few extra minutes.

Easter Egg Kit Courtesy of Amazon


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