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How Much (Poodle, Bulldog, Collie) Is That Doggy in the Window? The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit Will Tell You

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I had this great dog once. The shelter said she was a chocolate lab puppy, but when she only grew to be 30 pounds and looked more like Bart Simpson’s beloved Santa’s Little Helper than any chocolate lab I’ve ever seen, it was pretty clear the shelter was just guessing. As was everyone else who saw her and asked, “What kind of dog is she?” All I could say was, “She’s a Chloe. That’s all I know.”

Of course, it didn’t really matter what kind of dog Chloe was. She was just a good rescue doggo. But the curiosity was, and is, tremendous. If only the Embark Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit was around then, I could have done a simple cheek swab and found it within mere weeks.

The Embark Breed Identification Kit uses a research-grade genotyping platform that was created with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. It screens more than 250 dog breeds, helping you find your buddy’s genetic makeup.

And those genes could be really surprising. As more and more animal lovers follow the “adopt not shop” mantra and open their hearts and homes to rescue dogs, those little fur babies could have DNA from dozens of different breeds. Those short little legs (dachshund), the porky body (bulldog), floppy ears (cocker spaniel) and gorgeous brown eyes (German shepherd) will all suddenly make sense, and become even more endearing.

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But it’s not all about figuring out where those adorable traits came from. The Embark Dog DNA Test Kit also gives you important insight into your dog’s health. It screens for over 170 genetic health conditions like glaucoma, MDR1 drug sensitivity, degenerative myelopathy and common adult-onset diseases. This kind of unique information provided to your vet could help your dog live a longer, better life.

And, like the human version of these DNA kits, you can dig into your doggo’s genealogy. It maps your pup’s family tree back to great grandparents and pairs your dog with similar breed mixes. Check out the profiles and photos of closely related breeds on the dashboard to see just where those funky ears came from. It also helps you find and connect with other canine companions that share your dog’s DNA, including close and distance relatives. Remember that goofy fluffball your pal can’t get enough of at the dog park? Oh, hey cuz!

It couldn’t be easier. Activate your pet DNA kit online. Get one easy and painless cheek swab from your little buddy (no eating for 30 minutes before the swab, but don’t forget to give the good boy or girl a treat afterward), drop the swab into the bio-bag, seal it up, put it in the postage-paid box, and send it to the lab. In two to four weeks you’ll have a personalized online dashboard that you can share with your vet, friends, and family.

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