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This $29 Hand-Drawn Poster Features Every Emoji Ever

* Pop Chart Lab is known for its pop culture posters and prints
* Their latest release features every single emoji ever
* Emojis are arranged by color

Here’s something every social media savvy person needs in their life. Pop Chart Lab’s latest release is a limited-edition Emoji Poster.

The 18″ x 24″ print is meticulously hand-illustrated and features every single emoji currently used in Unicode 10.0.0—that’s nearly 2,400 texting totems in total.

Arranged chromatically to look like a rainbow of reactions, this infographic features everything from “Face with Tears of Joy” (the 2015 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year – no seriously), to the Eggplant and Peach (winky face, winky face), to yes, even the Poop emoji.

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Image courtesy of Pop Chart Lab[/caption]

Pop Chart Lab is offering this poster as a stand-alone print, or have it framed or mounted for an additional cost. This Emoji Poster makes a great graduation gift, birthday gift or as a gift for yourself to add some fun to your space. Each piece is printed on environmentally friendly inks and museum-grade paper, and is pressed locally in New York City.

Our suggestion: get a pack of

, and place them over whatever emoji you are feeling that day — either as a subtle warning for the others in your house, or a way to keep yourself motivated through the week.

In addition to posters, Pop Chart Lab also offers limited-edition prints, wall decor, kids accessories and decorative ideas for the office, classroom, dorm and every room in the house.

Each piece tells a story or explains a particular trend or occurrence; the company’s expert researchers spends time—a lot of time—learning all there is to know about a given topic, before converting the facts into an easy-to-digest and fun-to-look-at poster or print.

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