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For a Truly Timeless Gift, Give Your Loved One an Engraved Pocket Watch

Giving a loved one a gift that is personal, thoughtful and won’t break the bank can feel impossible. But we may have found such a gift. An engraved pocket watch is a classic accessory that never goes out of style, is always useful, and allows gift-givers to include a custom message that makes the gift one of a kind. And yes, it’s timeless. How could we not make a watch joke?

Pocket watches have been around for centuries and while many people now use wristwatches or their phones to tell time, a pocket watch continues to act as a reliable timepiece that is both fun and functional. By adding a custom engraving, a plain pocket watch instantly becomes a cherished item that can be passed down through generations.

The pocket watches we’ve included on our list are battery-powered, which means no losing track of time on days you forget to wind your watch. Time can easily be set using the crown on the watch and batteries on the watches can be replaced, extending their lifespan.

If it’s time (another pun!) for a classic, custom gift, check out our four favorite engraved pocket watches.

1. My Personal Memories Personalized Gunmetal Quartz Pocket Watch

Whether you’re buying a birthday gift or want to surprise your groomsman, the Personalized Gunmetal Quartz Pocket Watch from My Personal Memories makes a thoughtful and beautiful present. The round watch has a black finish and black dial color that is set off beautifully against Roman Numerals on a quartz face. Customers can choose from three fonts, including Old English, Script and Times New Roman. The watch comes with a 14-inch chain and a battery already installed.

Pros: Customers can engrave up to three lines with 20 characters each.

Cons: The Gunmetal Quartz watch has a 1.5-inch face and is smaller than most traditional pocket watches.

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2. Personalized Engraved Pocket Watch

Customize your next watch with a Personalized Engraved Pocket Watch. The watch is available in black or red bronze and customers can choose from up to 14 font options. The battery-operated quartz watch can be engraved on both the front and back, giving customers ample space for their personal message. Made of high quality, rust-resistant alloy, the affordable watch is 1.8-inches in diameter and includes a removable 17-inch chain.

Pros: The watch comes with a black box and blue fabric lining for a beautiful gift presentation.

Cons: Because the watch is made with alloy and not stainless steel, it may not look as high end as the other watches on our list.

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3. A & L Engraving Personalized Stainless High Polished Silver Stainless Steel Pocket Watch

For a high-end time piece that will last for years, we recommend the Personalized Stainless High Polished Silver Stainless Steel Pocket Watch from A & L Engraving. The stainless steel watch includes a 14-inch matching chain. The battery-operated quartz movement watch comes with an attractive pouch and gift box that makes it a great present and provides a clean and safe place to store the watch. Customers have ample space to engrave their message and can customize both the front and the back of the watch.

Pros: At 1.9 inches, the High Polished watch is the largest on our list. Customers can choose from 15 fonts and have a total of 62 characters, the most of any watch on our list.

Cons: The watch from A & L Engraving has a high price point.

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4. Personalized Engraved to My Son Pocket Watch with Dog Chain by Yisuya

Get two gifts in one with the Personalized Engraved to My Son Pocket Watch with Dog Chain from Yisuya. Each item has a matching message for a son and can be given by a mother, father, or both as a joint gift. Parents can give the gift together or break the set up and gift it, for example, as a birthday and later a graduation gift. The dog chain can also be used as a keychain for those who don’t wear necklaces.

Pros: The battery-powered watch has an easy to read white face and quartz-movement, which means it doesn’t have to be wound.

Cons: Customers can not add their own custom messages to the watch and chain.

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