We Found the Perfect Gift for Movie Lovers – Frome Transforms Classic Movies Into Gorgeous Works of Art

frome artwork
Courtesy of Frome

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Movies are one of the only things that nearly all of humanity enjoys. They’re a communal art form both in how they’re created and how they’re enjoyed, and some movies have a universal appeal, or close to it. There are some films whose famous lines will always call to mind a specific scene, or whose main character touched you in a way no one else had before. Some movies garner a cult following more dedicated than most fan bases, and some are true works of art that will be appreciated for ages to come. Now, we’ve discovered the perfect gift for movie lovers who want to enjoy their favorite movies in a whole new way.

Frome artwork takes the act of enjoying a film from the silver screen onto the fabric canvas. The company captures the main color from every single scene of a movie and blends them together to create a striking piece of artwork for your home. Each Frome art print celebrates a different movie, and each of them look slightly different because of it.

In the featured image of this post, you can see Frome’s Fellowship of the Ring print. Fans of the films will recognize the characters’ journey — from the Shire to Rivendell and Moria and beyond — in the rise and fall of various colors.

Check out the piece below, derived from Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back.

Frome artwork Courtesy of Frome

Beautiful, right? Each slip of color is derived from a different frame of the movie. The name “Frome” comes from a portmanteau of the words “from” and “frame” melded together. You can choose Frome artwork for more than 1,200 movies including Jurassic Park, Interstellar, The Princess Bride and The Lion King, and all of them come with the entire DNA of the film mapped out on a canvas.

When you take a step back and view your most beloved film from a distance, stripped down to its essence, you can experience it in a whole new way. The pieces are entirely unique, great conversation starters and celebrate the medium of cinema in an entirely new way. As a piece of home decor or a gift for a movie-loving friend, you’ll love these Frome prints as much as we do.

jaws frome Courtesy of Frome