12 Fun Pairs of Christmas Socks to Gift This Holiday Season

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With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start planning what presents you’re getting for everyone. From your partner and family, to friends and colleagues, choosing the right gifts can sometimes feel like a task with no end. But, with the correct approach, a little bit of thought and some versatile present ideas, there’s no reason for it to become daunting.

One gift choice, which has to rank somewhere close to everyone’s number one when it comes to ‘go to’ options, is socks. While some people may believe a pair of socks is the chicken’s way out, we’re here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The first thing that makes socks a great choice to gift is they’re more practical than romantic. In short, everyone wears socks. Like underwear, for most people socks are an essential piece of clothing, and so at the very least, you know your sock gift is going to be useful to the recipient. 

The second reason socks are a fun gift idea is the variation in styles. No matter what your partner, sister or friend is interested in, there’s more than likely a pair of socks displaying their passion. Combine the different designs with the fact that socks are budget friendly and easy to wrap, and it’s easy to see why socks make such a great gift.

Below, we’ve put together a collection of 12 pairs of socks which make great Christmas gifts (or a great way to get your own feet into the festive spirit). There’s options for everyone, including Star Wars-themed socks, Christmas movie-themed socks and comfortable knitted socks. The list has socks for men, women and kids, too, as these really are the most versatile choice of Christmas gifts.

1. Costume Agent Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater Socks


Is there a better way to wish everyone a merry Christmas than the famous “Merry Christmas ya filthy animals” line from Home Alone? As far as we’re concerned, there’s not! Thanks to these Costume Agent Adult Ugly Christmas Sweater Socks , you’ll have the hilarious quote stitched into your socks. The eye-catching design also incorporates red and green for a truly Christmas-y feel, while the knee high fit provides additional comfort and warmth.

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2. Watching Christmas Movies Socks


If the Hallmark channel is your TV channel of choice during the holiday season, these Watching Hallmark Christmas Movie Socks could be the right Christmas socks for you. The socks sport an important, “If you can read this, I’m watching Hallmark Christmas movies,” message to ensure everyone knows not to disturb you during this important time. The socks are available in either grey and red or black and grey. Furthermore, they look like any normal pair of socks when you can’t see the bottom soles.

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3. Gold Toe Printed Novelty Crew Socks


What’s cuter than a dog? How about a dog in a Christmas hat? These Gold Toe Printed Novelty Crew Socks sport a cute little dog in a Santa hat. The design is sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face, especially if they’re a dog lover. The black background makes the socks acceptable for smarter occasions, and the material blend provides a secure fit as well as comfort and durability. To further add to the durability of the socks, you’ll find they sport a reinforced toe.

christmas socks dog santa hat work Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Good Luck Sock Sweater Dinosaurs Socks


If you’re looking for a pair of Christmas-themed socks which will go down well at the office, give these Good Luck Sock Sweater Dinosaurs Socks a try. The socks sport all your favorite dinos, including a T-rex, triceratops and stegosaurus on a blue and red background. However, these aren’t just your average dinosaurs. To fit the Christmas-y theme, each one has been given its very own Christmas sweater. The design is completed by snowflakes in the background.

christmas socks dinosaurs good luck socks Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Hyp Star Wars Vader/Stormtrooper Christmas Socks


When you hear someone mention Darth Vader or Stormtroopers, what’s the first thing that comes into your head? That’s right… Christmas. For this reason, it only makes sense to put them on these Hyp Star Wars Vader/Stormtrooper Christmas Socks . The colorful design also includes AT-ATs and TIE fighters to add to the Star Wars presence on these officially licensed socks. These would make a great gift for fans of sci-fi.

christmas socks star wars hyp Image courtesy of Amazon


6. BengPro Warm Winter Slipper Socks


If comfort sits at the top of your priority list, then these BengPro Warm Winter Slipper Socks are what you’re looking for. The women’s socks are available in a single US 5-9 size and provide a warm and toasty space to relax your feet thanks to their high-quality knitwear construction. The bright red socks feature a 3D knitted rudolph mounted on the front to complete the Christmas-y feel.

christmas socks beng pro reindeer Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Sock It to Me Crew Holiday Socks


The Sock It to Me Crew Holiday Socks are a great way to give friends and colleagues a laugh over the Christmas period. They’re made from a material blend which is durable and fits securely around your feet. There’s a number of different styles available, including socks featuring a snowman warning about eating yellow snow, injured gingerbread men going to the hospital and aliens beaming Santa and his reindeer up to their spaceship. These socks make a great addition to any Christmas wardrobe or a great gift idea for friends and family.

christmas socks sock it to me Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Treehouse Knit Fuzzy Slipper Socks


These Treehouse Knit Fuzzy Slipper Socks are another comfy way to look after your lady’s feet during the winter. They’re available in a range of designs with a mix of reindeer, snowflakes, Santa, hearts and more. The soles of the socks feature anti-slip pads, and you’ll also find a fleece lining to maximize comfort inside.

christmas socks sock house Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Dr Seuss Grinchmas Crew Socks


You’re a mean one if you don’t buy someone these Dr Seuss Grinchmas Crew Socks . The pack includes two pairs of Grinch-based socks: one featuring the Grinch’s face across the whole sock and the second sporting the Grinch’s face mixed with stars and snowflakes on a colorful background. These socks make a great gift idea for younger adults and teens who simply love the Christmas classic.

christmas socks grinch bio world Image courtesy of Amazon


10. MWMart Christmas Socks


Whether you love Santa, Rudolph or snowflakes, there’s a pair of MWMart Christmas Socks for you. These toe socks come in a unisex style in packs of four, so there’s plenty to go around. The designs make use of a range of colors to give you an eye-catching clothing item on your feet and also include individual toe coverings for a retro style. Because of this, these socks can be worn with sandals and flip flops.

christmas socks toe mv mart Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Gone For a Run Running Socks


The Gone For a Run Running Socks provide plenty of coverage for your lower legs during runs. The comprehensive socks ensure your legs remain warm and comfortable while also letting your lower body embrace the festive period with their elf-inspired red and white striped design. In addition, the large-sized socks are ideal for just lounging around the house as they deliver comfort and warmth whether you’re running outside or simply enjoying Christmas morning at home.

christmas socks runners elves Image courtesy of Amazon


12. TeeHee Christmas Holiday Socks Gift Box


With 12 pairs of socks inside, the TeeHee Christmas Holiday Socks Gift Box will give you enough Christmas-themed socks to last throughout the festive period without wearing each one more than twice. From snowmen and Christmas trees to candy canes and gingerbread men, these socks sport everything Christmas-y you could imagine. This gift set makes an ideal early Christmas gift for partners, co-workers and female friends, too.

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