These Funny Christmas Ornaments Will Bring a Smile to Your Face All Season Long

funny christmas ornaments
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When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, a lot of the process comes down to personal preference. Some people love tradition. Traditional colors, traditional styles and a traditional approach all leave very little wiggle room. Others aren’t so bound to the classics. If it looks nice, makes you smile or maybe even just came free with your cereal, cram the ornament on the tree. If you fall into the latter category, this list is for you.

In general, most trees are green and host some kind of Christmas lights. However, one of the easiest ways to put your own spin on your tree or to try something a little zany is your choice of ornaments. Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that no matter what you’re into, there’s probably an ornament to match.

Ornaments are also a great way to generate Christmas cheer. Whether it’s through sentiment, nostalgia or even humor, picking the right ones can turn your tree from a run-of-the-mill bore fest to an unforgettable visual experience people are sure to remember.

To get you on the right path in creating a popular and memorable tree, we’ve put together a selection of our favorite funny ornaments. The list includes both topical ornaments and ornaments to last through the years. You’ll also find visually funny ornaments as well as options that get your brain thinking.

Plus, as many of these ornaments are on the budget friendly side of things, they also make great options for a Secret Santa exchange.

1. Tree Buddees Donald Trump Christmas Ornament


Whether you love or hate him, hanging this Tree Buddees Donald Trump Christmas Ornament from your tree is definitely going to guarantee laughs (and probably a few small disagreements along the way, too). The resin figure is a life-like representation of “The Donald” and includes his famous red tie and unique mop. And, if the ornament isn’t going to make it onto your tree, why not gift it during your Secret Santa exchange and let your friend or coworker have all the fun.

funny christmas ornaments donald trump Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Fairly Odd Novelties Poop Ornaments


If you want to give your Christmas visitors a surprise and then a laugh, hang these Fairly Odd Novelties Poop Ornaments from your tree this Christmas. Whenever friends or family visit and inspect the beautiful ornaments hanging from your tree, the last thing they’ll expect is to come across a beautifully-crafted poop ornament. The set includes four different types of poop which have eyes and happy smiles to complete the weirdness.

funny christmas ornaments poop Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Costume Agent Jesus Selfie Ornament


It turns out it’s not just Millennials who are obsessed with selfies. This Costume Agent Jesus Selfie Ornament features the son of God sporting shades and a smartphone as he throws out the peace sign, surely getting ready for his next Insta post. The fun ornament even shows you the photo he’s taking on the phone’s screen for a truly complete and high quality finish.

funny christmas ornaments jesus selfie Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Bite Me Worm Bait Fishing Christmas Ornament


This Bite Me Worm Bait Fishing Christmas Ornament is definitely the “punniest” ornament on our list. As the cheeky little worm hangs down from the float and hook, we’re left wondering whether he’s rude or just inviting his own demise with the “Bite Me!” sign mounted above. Whatever the case, we’re sure your fishing fanatic friends are going to love this hilarious choice of ornament.

funny christmas ornaments fishing bite me Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Hallmark A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament


Whether you’ve seen A Christmas Story or not, there’s something quite funny about the leg lamp. For those who have seen the film, this Hallmark A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament provides an additional layer of fun as it brings back memories of the hilarious scene from the film. This is an eye-catching tree addition that also makes a great gift thanks to the included gift box.

funny christmas ornaments leg lamp Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Hip Flask Plus Jolliest Bunch Ornament


For a bit of Christmas Vacation fun, hang this shocking ornament from your tree. Not only will it put a smile on your face every year when you unbox it, this ornament is also sure the get a few chuckles from guests who appreciate the Clark Griswold quote. However, we originally thought that there’s nothing weirder than hanging a swear word from a traditional Christmas tree, but the Hip Flask Plus engraving company also makes ornaments showcasing Pennywise the Clown and Darth Vader, so you could probably do a lot worse.

funny christmas ornaments christmas vacation Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Fun Express The Ugly Sweater Ornaments


We’ve got a new competitor in this year’s ugly Christmas sweater competition. It’s 6-foot tall and covered in pine needles. By investing in this Fun Express The Legend of the Ugly Sweater Ornaments Set, you’ll receive 12 ugly sweater ornaments which can be added to your tree, gifted to others or used as prizes in a Christmas-themed competition. The ugly design sports Rudolph’s head on the front with bright red, blue and green in a variety of stripes and dots. The fun ornaments even come with an attached card which explains the origins of the ugly Christmas sweater competition.

funny christmas ornaments ugly christmas sweater Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Yoga Cat Christmas Ornament


Love yoga? Love cats? We’ve found the funniest ornament for you! These figures are cats performing all your favorite yoga poses. There’s six different catty designs in the set, and when you order, you’ll receive a randomly chosen one, too. The cute ornaments are made from felt and can be spot cleaned to keep them looking like new. These would make a great gift idea for your yoga teacher or the yoga enthusiast in your life.

funny christmas ornaments yoga cats Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


9. Tequila Christmas Ornament


Show your Christmas spirit(s) with one of these Tequila Christmas Ornaments. With bottles sporting ‘Agave’, ‘Blanco’ and ‘Mezcal’, there’s five different designs in the set, and you’ll receive a randomly chosen one as well when you order. These ornaments are made from felt and would make a funny Secret Santa gift or a witty gift for the guy or gal at work who’s always lacking their ‘Christmas spirit.’

funny christmas ornaments tequila bottles Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


10. Kurt Adler Bob Ross Ornament


The inimitable Bob Ross once said, “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” Thanks to the Kurt Adler Bob Ross “Happy Little Christmas” Figural Ornament, Bob can now rely on your Christmas tree to keep him company throughout the holiday season. This five-inch ornament is great for painting enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates Mr. Ross’s sunny take on life.

funny christmas ornaments bob ross Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Pool Ball Christmas Ornament Set


Have you ever had to do a double take when looking at someone’s Christmas tree because your eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing? With the Pool Ball Christmas Ornament Set hanging from your tree, you can be sure you’re going to have to answer questions about whether or not you forwent buying ornaments and simply used pool balls instead. “It’s called upcycling.” Luckily, the set looks beautiful as each ball has also been accented with a golden loop for easy hanging. 

funny christmas ornaments billiards pool balls Image courtesy of Amazon


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