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These Funny Christmas Ornaments Will Bring a Smile to Your Face All Season Long

When it comes to choosing ornaments for the best artificial Christmas trees, or any kind of tree for that matter, personal preference makes a big difference. For some, traditional colors, traditional styles and a traditional approach are the answer, with little wiggle room for individual creativity. Others aren’t so bound by what has come before, exercising a more “if it looks nice, makes you smile or maybe even just came free with your high-fiber cereal, then cram it on the tree” approach.  If you fall into this latter category, our list of funny Christmas ornaments is definitely for you. 

How to Make a Unique Christmas Tree

Unless you’ve chosen an alternative Christmas tree, it’s fair to assume that your tree is green and likely adorned with some of the best Christmas lights — not exactly unique to you. For this reason, we love funny and ridiculous Christmas ornaments as they give you a quick and easy way to put your own spin on your tree. And as ornaments are available in almost every shape and size, we’re confident there’s one to please every kind of personality. Examples of the best funny Christmas ornaments include:

  • Santa drinking wine
  • Pickle Rick
  • The Wordle grid
  • A chicken nugget
  • Selfie Jesus

In addition to adding a dose of unique wackiness, Christmas ornaments can be a great way to generate Christmas cheer. Whether it’s through sentiment, nostalgia or even humor, the best funny Christmas tree ornaments can turn your tree from a run-of-the-mill borefest into an unforgettable visual experience everyone is sure to remember.

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Where to Buy Funny Christmas Ornaments

Happily, the best Christmas ornaments are available at a wide variety of online stores. Retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond all offer a variety of funny Christmas ornaments to choose from. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more obscure, personalized or just something you’re unlikely to find in any other place, checkout Etsy.

We believe that no Christmas tree is complete without at least a couple of hilarious Christmas ornaments, and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for more to add to our holiday collection. And it’s also worth remembering that many of the best funny Christmas ornaments are on the budget-friendly side, making them some of the best stocking stuffers and Christmas gifts you can buy all year.

To help you create a popular and memorable tree, you’ll find a selection of our favorite funny ornaments below. The list includes both topical ornaments and timeless classics, with options inspired by your favorite TV shows, books and even smartphone games. You’ll also find visually funny ornaments as well as some options that get your brain thinking. 

Scroll down to find just the right ornament for your tree this Christmas.

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All kinds of traditions are shared at Christmas, especially wine drinking, as proclaimed by Santa on this Kurt Adler San on Wine Barrel Ornament. With a bottle in one hand and a glass in the other, this grape-crowned Santa is ready for a whole festive season of wine ‘tasting.’ Although this funny Christmas ornament is designed for a barrel of laughs, you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail of the molded resin and the intricate coloring.

Courtesy of Etsy

Yikes! Didn’t mean to scare you like that. It’s just St. Nick, folks! There really isn’t anything to be afraid of. This year, place the beautifully jarring face of Nicholas Cage front and center on your Christmas tree. Jump scares will be included.


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I’m Pickle Rick! Our love for Pickle Rick will never decline. And, with all those funny Rick & Morty-esque TikToks that went around all year long, the love for this cartoon is stronger than ever. So, why wouldn’t you cover your tree in Pickle Rick? Maybe even only Pickle Rick. Both Pickle Rick only and a Christmas hat-adorned Pickle Rick options are available.


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So is it or isn’t it? If you’re interested in starting a slightly heated conversation over the dinner table at Christmas, why not hang this Running Press Die Hard Christmas Ornament on the tree and ask everyone if Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Chances are everyone will have an opinion on the matter. The ornament portrays one of the most memorable scenes from the movie, with John McClane in the air ducts of the Nakatomi building cursing his current situation. Oh, and if you’re wondering which way the American public fall on this matter, check out this YouGove American poll.


Want a Christmas ornament on your tree which beautifully serves as a reminder of the year 2022? Then we suggest this Wordle-inspired Merry Words Glass Blown Ornament. Even if you aren’t obsessed with the online game, we bet someone in your family is. Complete with a Santa hat on top and a covering of glitter, the word grid is filled with four incorrect, Christmas-related guesses before the correct answer is guessed in the final line. Phew!



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While it may be a little bit more cute than it is funny, that doesn’t make this Pikachu Pokémon Holiday & Home Ornament any less worthy of a place on your tree. The beautifully crafted Pokemon piece features a range of intricate details including cookies, Moomoo Milk and a scarf. It’s a great option for homes with kids who love Pokemon or anything particularly cutesy. Additionally, the ornament, which is part of a larger Pokémon Holiday & Home collection, sports a red ribbon loop for easy hanging.


This Hallmark Keepsake Caroling Gremlin Christmas Ornament is inspired by the ’80s pop-culture hit film Gremlins and is sure to bring a smile to the face of any classic film fan. The piece depicts the memorable scene when the gremlins decided to do a bit of caroling. If you do decide to hang this ornament from your tree, just remember the rules: No exposing it to bright lights, no getting it wet and no feeding it after midnight.

Courtesy of Etsy

Where are all our nuggie babies at? If you have a shrine dedicated to chicken nuggets in your closet like the rest of us, this real chicken nugget ornament is for you. And, yes, you read that right. Real. It’s actually a real-life preserved chicken nugget that will hang on your tree for years to come. Plus, it’s wearing a little Santa hat. You can’t lose.


Learn how snowflakes are really made with this educational Tree Buddees Funny Snowman Farting Bulb Ornament. The three-inch glass ball features everyone’s favorite snowman showing you exactly how the snowflake production process works — they’re blown out of his butt. Aside from the humorous visual, the ball’s white finish, golden top and hard-to-break construction actually make it a stylish and durable addition to any Christmas tree.

Courtesy of Amazon

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Is there anything millennials love more than avocados? We genuinely don’t think so. Though you won’t be able to add this bad boy to your toast or salads, it still makes for an awesomely funny tree hanger that represents your true devotion to the creamy fruit.

Courtesy of Amazon

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The inimitable Bob Ross once said, “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” Thanks to the Kurt Adler Bob Ross “Happy Little Christmas” Figural Ornament, Bob can now rely on your Christmas tree to keep him company throughout the holiday season. This five-inch ornament is great for painting enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates Mr. Ross’s sunny take on life.

Courtesy of Amazon

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You already know damn well that llamas are, like, the coolest mammals of all time. Why? Nobody really knows. Maybe it’s just because they’re so goofy looking. Pay tribute to our second favorite furry friend (behind dogs, of course) with this funky-looking Loot Llama ornament from the video game Fortnite. The ornament comes presented in a red Hallmark window box, making it the ideal Christmas gift for any Fortnite fan.

Courtesy of Amazon

It turns out it’s not just Millennials who are obsessed with selfies. This Costume Agent Jesus Selfie Ornament features the son of God sporting shades and a smartphone as he throws out the peace sign, surely getting ready for his next Insta post. The fun ornament even shows you the photo he’s taking on the phone’s screen for a truly complete and high-quality finish.

Courtesy of Etsy

If you’ve made it this far in our technologically-driven society, there’s no way you haven’t yet received a fake, newsworthy text from a buddy expressing concern over the recent election, quarantine or maybe even a storm that included a link to a photo of this man. Pictured is the iconic Barry Wood who was just a regular dude that became a meme for, well, what’s dangling between his legs. Wood has since sadly passed in 2016, but since fans of the meme began to take an interest in his existence, he has amassed a cult following. His fans even took it upon themselves to help raise money for his family during the pandemic and even to give him a proper headstone atop his grave, proving that memes can really do a lot for people.

Courtesy of Etsy

Got a buddy that doubles as your go-to beer pong partner? Gift him this drinking game-inspired ornament for his tree this year. This funny tree decoration depicts a sight as beautiful as it gets: a ping pong ball splashing inside of a red solo cup to get you that well-deserved winning point. The ornament is made of resin instead of glass for durability’s sake, so no matter how many times your buddy drunkenly stumbles into the tree this year, his ornament will stay safe.


Hah, gottem’! If you don’t know how to play The Circle Game, you will after purchasing this Circle Game Ornament. Here’s how it works: you form a circle with your pointer finger and your thumb and sneakily try to get another person to look at it. When they do, you get to punch them. If you really want to exercise pro-level tactics, try hiding this ornament all the way in the back of the tree and strike when necessary.


Maybe it’s a little bit more fun than it is funny, but that doesn’t mean we love this Hallmark Keepsake Nintendo Super NES Ornament any less. Inspired by the 1990 console, this intricate ornament includes all the key features you would want, such as plugged in controllers, accurately placed buttons and an inserted game cartridge. In addition, the popular ornament lights up and plays sounds from the SNES’s Super Mario World game.

Courtesy of Amazon

Santa is on the naughty list this year. Why? See below. He’s been pulling crazy antics all year long and him mooning everyone that views your tree is the final straw. Coal for you, Mr. Claus!

Courtesy of Amazon

It’s said that the average American sees a 100% increase in alcohol consumption during the holiday season. You know, just to add a little bit more to that holiday cheer. If your recycling bin has been filled with empty wine bottles since Thanksgiving, we’ve got the perfect ornament for you.

Courtesy of Amazon

Love tacos? Who doesn’t? Pay tribute to your favorite shelled food this Christmas with this scrumptious meat and cheese-filled tree hanger. This deliciously depicted ornament is covered in sparkles to shine brightly next to your tree’s lights. Maybe run to Taco Bell after clicking the buy button. You could use a savory snack.

Courtesy of Etsy

We don’t even have to tell you what we mean when it comes to these two emojis. If you have a dirty brain, you’re well aware of what they mean. Add them to your tree for a bit of dirty humor this holiday season. Some will get it, some won’t — and that’s what makes it so hysterical.

Courtesy of Etsy

We’ve got a new competitor in this year’s ugly Christmas sweater competition. It is stationary, six-foot-tall and covered in pine needles. This particular ugly design your tree will be wearing features a Christmas pup in bright red and green. However, there’s a whole bunch of other funny Christmas sweater designs to choose from, including a llama, a poodle and a flamingo design.

Courtesy of Amazon

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Got a wine mom on your hands? We’re not surprised. Gift her this appropriate as hell tree hanger this year so she can show her love to her perfect glass. Options come in both red and white, so if she’s a rosé lover, you might want to check elsewhere. Nonetheless, we’re sure this glass of white will be quite the hit. Maybe gift it alongside her favorite bottle, too.

Courtesy of Etsy

We all have a much-loved stoner in our life. If you need to find a great gift for stoners this year, consider this toking gingerbread man ornament from Etsy. Like, come on, he’s kind of adorable. We’re sure it’ll spruce up someone’s tree somewhere.


If you want to give your Christmas visitors a surprise and then a laugh, hang this Streamline Crooked Holy Shit Ornament from your tree this Christmas. Whenever friends or family visit and inspect the beautiful ornaments hanging from your tree, the last thing they’ll expect is to come across a beautifully crafted poop ornament. But don’t worry too much as its halo, wings and smiley face make it one of the most beautiful, festive and punniest additions to any tree, right?