These 21 Funny Christmas Ornaments Will Bring a Smile to Your Face All Season Long

Funny Christmas Tree Ornaments
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When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, a lot of the process comes down to personal preference. Some people love tradition. Traditional colors, traditional styles and a traditional approach all leave very little wiggle room for creativity in Christmas tree decoration. Others aren’t so bound to the classics. If it looks nice, makes you smile or maybe even just came free with your cereal, then cram that ornament on the tree! If you fall into the latter category, this list is for you. Personally, we believe that no Christmas tree is complete without a couple of funny Christmas ornaments, and we’re always looking for more to add to our holiday collection.

In general, most trees are green and host some kind of Christmas lights. However, one of the easiest ways to put your own spin on your tree or to try something a little zany is your choice of ornaments. Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that no matter what you’re into, there’s probably an ornament to match.

Ornaments are also a great way to generate Christmas cheer. Whether it’s through sentiment, nostalgia or even humor, the best funny Christmas tree ornaments can turn your tree from a run-of-the-mill bore-fest to an unforgettable visual experience people are sure to remember.

To get you on the right path in creating a popular and memorable tree, we’ve put together a selection of our favorite funny ornaments. The list includes both topical ornaments and ornaments to last through the years. You’ll also find visually funny ornaments as well as options that get your brain thinking.

Plus, as many of these ornaments are on the budget-friendly side of things, they also make great options for stocking stuffers or Secret Santa exchanges.


1. Personalized Hand Sanitizer Christmas Ornament


This is easily the most relevant ornament you can buy in 2020, there’s no doubt about that. Grab this personalized hand sanitizer ornament to add to your tree as a true relic of the hellish year we’ve had. No, it doesn’t contain any real hand sanitizer, but it is a great way to provide some laughs from friends and family — especially in later years when 2020 is just a thought from the past.

funny christmas ornaments - Personalized Hand Sanitizer Christmas Ornament Courtesy of


2. Pornaments Sexy Santa Ornaments


This sexy Santa Claus comes courtesy of the Pornaments collection of funny Christmas tree ornaments. Available via Amazon Prime, they’ll arrive in time for Christmas. Our favorite Pornament features a shirtless and sexy Santa bursting out of the chimney, but there are plenty more fun options where that came from. And lest you think these are tacky decorations, Pornaments are lovingly crafted from glass and hand-painted for your yuletide pleasure.

pornaments, funny christmas tree ornaments Courtesy of Amazon


3. The Sweater King Barry Wood Meme Christmas Tree Ornament


If you’ve made it this far in our technologically-driven society, there’s no way you haven’t yet received a fake, newsworthy text from a buddy expressing concern over the recent election, quarantine or maybe even a storm that included a link to a photo of this man. Pictured is the iconic Barry Wood who was just a regular dude that became a meme for, well, what’s dangling between his legs. Wood has since sadly passed in 2016, but since fans of the meme began to take an interest in his existence, he has amassed a cult following. His fans even took it upon themselves to help raise money for his family during the pandemic and even to give him a proper headstone atop his grave, proving that memes can really do a lot for people.

The Sweater King Barry Wood Meme Christmas Tree Ornament Courtesy of Etsy


4. Peach & Eggplant Emoji Ornaments


We don’t even have to tell you what we mean when it comes to these two emojis. If you have a dirty brain, you’re well aware of what they mean. Add them to your tree for a bit of dirty humor this holiday season. Some will get it, some won’t — and that’s what makes it so hysterical.

Peach & Eggplant Emoji Ornaments Courtesy of Etsy


5. Christmas Ornament Santa Wearing a Face Mask


You thought we wouldn’t include a mask-related ornament? In this climate? Think again, bucko. Santa is complying with CDC guidelines this year because he’s a smart man whose footsteps we all need to follow. For real, we checked in at the North Pole just last week and saw the big guy himself making his list and checking it twice decked in a face mask and gloves. He even showed us his negative COVID-19 results from the day prior.

Christmas Ornament Santa Wearing a Face Mask Courtesy of Bellewholesale


6. Personalized Toilet Paper Christmas Tree Christmas Ornament


Although our first pick depicts the year better than we ever could have imagined, so does this one. Remember the toilet paper crisis that occurred in March? How could you not? As an ode to all of the toilet paper that flew off the shelves this year, snag this ornament and never go paperless again. Decorate it with your family’s name to show your toilet paper survival skills and pray that we never have to walk through a toilet paperless supermarket ever again.

Personalized Toilet Paper Christmas Tree Christmas Ornament Courtesy of


7. UO Avocado Ornament


Is there anything millennials love more than avocados? Yes, $1,200 stimulus checks deposited directly into our bank accounts so we don’t have to risk our lives just to go out and earn a paycheck. But since that doesn’t look like it’s possible, we’ll settle for these avocado ornaments.

avocado ornament Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


8. Old World Christmas Mac & Cheese Ornament


Old World Christmas Mac & Cheese Ornament Courtesy of Amazon


9. Crafty Mom by Kaylin Among Us Ornament


Haven’t been able to stop playing Among Us on your iPhone as of recent? Us either. It’s way too addicting. Catch and eject The Imposter with these ornaments ready to dangle on your tree. Kids and adults that play the game will love the ornaments for their colors and meaning. Maybe it will inspire a game or two, but given how fun it is, realistically it’s probably going to inspire about 10.

Crafty Mom by Kaylin Among Us Ornament Courtesy of Etsy


10. Tiger King Joe Exotic Christmas Ornament


If 2020 gave us anything good, it was Joe Exotic from the hit Netflix series Tiger King. If you haven’t yet seen it, you’re missing out, because aside from the ongoing pandemic, Tiger King has been one of the wildest rides we’ve ever been on. Who would have thunk there’d be so much chaos amidst the tiger-owning community within the United States? Not us. Whether you’re team Baskin or Exotic, this is a hilarious ornament to prop up on your tree this year.

Tiger King Joe Exotic Christmas Ornament Courtesy of Etsy


11. Hallmark A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament


Whether you’ve seen A Christmas Story or not, there’s something quite funny about the leg lamp. For those who have seen the film, this Hallmark A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament  provides an additional layer of fun as it brings back memories of the hilarious scene from the film. This is an eye-catching tree addition that also makes a great gift thanks to the included gift box.

Hallmark A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Tree Buddees Beer Pong Christmas Ornament


Got a buddy that doubles as your go-to beer pong partner? Gift him this drinking game-inspired ornament for his tree this year. This funny tree decoration depicts a sight as beautiful as it gets: a ping pong ball splashing inside of a red solo cup to get you that well-deserved winning point. The ornament is made of resin instead of glass for durability’s sake, so no matter how many times your buddy drunkenly stumbles into the tree this year, his ornament will stay safe.

Tree Buddees Beer Pong Christmas Ornament Courtesy of Amazon


13. Fairly Odd Novelties Poop Ornaments


If you want to give your Christmas visitors a surprise and then a laugh, hang these Fairly Odd Novelties Poop Ornaments from your tree this Christmas. Whenever friends or family visit and inspect the beautiful ornaments hanging from your tree, the last thing they’ll expect is to come across a beautifully-crafted poop ornament. The set includes four different types of poop which have eyes and happy smiles to complete the weirdness.

funny christmas ornaments - Poop Ornaments Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Costume Agent Jesus Selfie Ornament


It turns out it’s not just Millennials who are obsessed with selfies. This Costume Agent Jesus Selfie Ornament features the son of God sporting shades and a smartphone as he throws out the peace sign, surely getting ready for his next Insta post. The fun ornament even shows you the photo he’s taking on the phone’s screen for a truly complete and high quality finish.

funny christmas ornaments- Costume Agent Jesus Selfie Ornament Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Fun Express The Ugly Sweater Ornaments


We’ve got a new competitor in this year’s ugly Christmas sweater competition. It’s 6-foot tall and covered in pine needles. By investing in this Fun Express The Legend of the Ugly Sweater Ornaments Set, you’ll receive 12 ugly sweater ornaments which can be added to your tree, gifted to others or used as prizes in a Christmas-themed competition. The ugly design sports Rudolph’s head on the front with bright red, blue and green in a variety of stripes and dots. The fun ornaments even come with an attached card which explains the origins of the ugly Christmas sweater competition.

funny christmas ornaments ugly christmas sweater Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Taco Christmas Ornament


Love tacos? Who doesn’t? Pay tribute to your favorite shelled food this Christmas with this scrumptious meat and cheese-filled tree hanger. This deliciously depicted ornament is covered in sparkles to shine brightly next to your tree’s lights. Maybe run to Taco Bell after clicking the buy button. You can use a savory snack.

Taco Christmas Ornament Courtesy of Amazon


17. Ganz Merry Merlot Wine Glass Ornament


Got a wine mom on your hands? We’re not surprised. Gift her this appropriate as hell tree hanger this year so she can show her love to her perfect glass. Options come in both red and white, so if she’s a rosé lover, you might want to check elsewhere. Nonetheless, we’re sure this glass of red will be quite the hit. Maybe gift it alongside her favorite bottle, too.

Ganz Merry Merlot Wine Glass Ornament Courtesy of Amazon


18. Schitt’s Creek Paper Christmas Tree Ornament Set


Your tree’s just missing one thing this year. Well, maybe four things. Decorate your tree with your favorite fictional family from the iconic Schitt’s Creek. Since the show ended, we’ve been looking for ways to fill our the Rose family hole in our hearts, so this ornament set has come just in time. Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis will look fantastic laid against the rest of your ornaments. Just make sure the lighting is good enough for the four of them.

Schitt's Creek Paper Christmas Tree Ornament Set Courtesy of Etsy


19. Kurt Adler Bob Ross Ornament


The inimitable Bob Ross once said, “There’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” Thanks to the Kurt Adler Bob Ross “Happy Little Christmas” Figural Ornament, Bob can now rely on your Christmas tree to keep him company throughout the holiday season. This five-inch ornament is great for painting enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates Mr. Ross’s sunny take on life.

funny christmas ornaments bob ross Image courtesy of Amazon


20. Llama Christmas Ornament


You already know damn well that llamas are, like, the coolest mammals of all time. Why? Nobody really knows. Maybe it’s just because they’re so goofy looking. Pay tribute to our second favorite furry friend (behind dogs, of course) with this cute llama ornament from Urban Outfitters this Christmas. The ornament comes in three different colors that you can choose from and will look great on your tree.

Llama Christmas Ornament Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


21. Skating Dinosaur Funny Christmas Tree Ornaments


You could deck out your entire Christmas tree with our favorite Urban Outfitters ornaments, which include everything from adorable koalas to cowboy corgis. But in the interest of time, we’re going to limit ourselves to one more option from this collection, which includes so many funny Christmas tree ornaments. Head to UO to order your very own skateboarding Christmas dinosaur. These adorable felt ornaments also make for great stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts.

Skating Dinosaur Funny Christmas Tree Ornaments Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


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