Laugh, Sip, and Repeat With These Funny Mugs That Make Great Gifts

Funny Mug
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Buying someone a funny gift isn’t always easy. For coworkers, finding something light and fun that isn’t offensive can feel like side-stepping landmines. For friends and family, a gift that taps into an inside joke or a passion of the gift receiver can be difficult to find. Then there’s the cost. Funny gifts are great, but not many of us want to spend big bucks on an item that may get a few chuckles but has no real use. Enter: the funny mug.

Useful, budget-friendly and available in a wide array of humor styles, the funny mug may be the holy grail of gift giving. It makes a great gift for birthdays and retirements, Secret Santa and Valentine’s Day. Plus, with the need to stop the spread of germs at an all-time high, giving someone a mug they can clearly identify as theirs is an easy way to cut down on drinkware sharing.

From memes to pop culture references, gifts for dads and gifts for teachers, we’ve rounded up the best funny mugs that will have anyone cheers’ing their coffee.


1. Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug


It’s no mistake that we’ve put the Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug at the top of our list of funny mugs. If there’s anything more hilariously soothing than watching Bob Ross paint happy trees, we don’t know it. Celebrate the artistic genius and accidental inventor of ASRM (we could be soothed for hours by Ross’ cheerful narration) with a mug that changes color when hot water is added.

Bob Ross Heat Changing Funny Mug Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Dunder Mifflin Mug


Fans of The Office will love this official-looking Dundler Mifflin mug, which will give them the professional-looking drinkware they need if they ever want to be promoted to assistant (to the) regional manager. And if you spend enough time hanging around the company coffee pot, you may even get the receptionist to fall in love with you. Or, you could just appoint yourself the ‘World’s Best Boss.’

Dunder Mifflin The Office - Funny coffee mug Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Aviento Grammar Mug


Teachers deserve all the chocolates, balloons, awards, accolades and raises in the world. They care for your children, teach them about all the math and science terms parents forget as soon as they graduated and explain unexplainable grammar lessons. For teachers and grammar experts, this mug sums up the utter lunacy of the English language.

I Before E Weird Grammar Teacher Funny Coffee Mug Image courtesy of Amazon

4. FUBARBAR Creative Building 12oz Coffee Cup


Fidgety drinkers, we have your mug! For those who like to keep their fingers moving while drinking, typing, writing, working or doing just about anything, there’s the FUBARBAR Creative Building 12oz Coffee Cup. Customers can choose from six brightly colored mugs, which all come with building blocks to help pass the time. When you’re done designing a new battleship, you can actually drink out of the BPA-free mug.

FUBARBAR Creative Building 12oz Coffee Cup Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Bernie Mood Mug


Not since Kim Kardashian magically balanced a champagne glass on her butt has an image broken the Internet quite like the picture of Bernie Sanders at the Biden/Harris inauguration. Instantly becoming the meme that keeps on giving, the Vermont Senator’s attempts to keep warm on a frigid January day created an image that continues to show that Sanders is just like one of us — he is also hating this year. Sanders is selling the meme in t-shirt and sweater form on his site and donating the funds to Meals On Wheels, but is currently out of stock. Until then, there is Breaking T, which is also donating part of the proceeds from sales of their mugs to Sanders’ chosen charity.

Bernie Mood Funny Mug Image courtesy of Breaking T

6. Work From Home Commuter Mug


For many people, commuting took on a whole new meaning in 2020, which has carried over into 2021. Rushing to the subway or fighting through traffic has been replaced by a leisurely stroll from the bedroom to the living room. For those who suddenly find their commute shorted from 20 miles to 20 feet, there’s the Work From Home mug to help reminisce about the days of sneakers with pantsuits.

Work From Home Commuter Funny Mug Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

7. Personalized Hobby Mugs


For a mug that will never end up in the donation bin, we like the personalized drinkware from Uncommon Goods. Gift receivers will love seeing themselves in an illustrated form on the ceramic mug, complete with their name and a drawing that highlights one of their passions. Customers can easily customize the image to match the gift receiver to create a one of a kind personalized gift that is made in the US.

Personalized Funny Hobby Mugs Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

8. My Horoscope Mug


Devout hororscope followers will appreciate the accuracy of this tongue-in-cheek mug, while those who refuse to rely on their birthdate and astrological sign to predict their future will appreciate the irony of the cup. Either way, this 15-ounce ceramic mug is a perfect companion for sipping coffee or tea while reading your ‘scope or skipping straight to the sports section.

My Horoscope Funny Mug Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

9. Yoda Best Mug


Who’s the best dad? Yoda best dad. Show your dad that he is the greatest in the galaxy and not someone you would ever fight to the death with a lightsaber by gifting him this fun and funny baby Yoda mug. You will quickly become the favorite ‘child.’

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Yoda Best Dad Mug, funny Baby Yoda mug Image courtesy of Etsy

10. Alcohol Mugs


For mugs that are perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, or wine, or beer, or whiskey, or really anything that is wet, we like these camping style mugs from Odysea. The black and white enamel mugs have a rustic finish and are tough enough to be used outdoors while still boasting a high-end finish that makes them a great indoor everyday mug as well. The cast iron mugs, which feature a stainless steel rim, are perfect for cold beverages.

Funny Alcohol Mugs (probably wine and probably whiskey engraved funny mugs) Image courtesy of Etsy

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