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These 23 Hilarious Stocking Stuffers Will Catch Them Off Guard Christmas Morning

While some people appreciate genuinely thoughtful gifts (and you can still buy this in addition), others only want one thing: side-splitting laughter. Whether you like to mess with your loved ones or are looking for the ultimate funny stocking stuffers for the prankster in your life, we’ve got your back with the best picks online from Amazon and Etsy.

These stocking stuffers are affordable, sometimes practical, and a great lighthearted alternative to fancier gifts. Whether searching for the right present for a romantic partner, a parent or a best friend, these oddball gifts might just become an annual tradition for you and your fam.

No matter their interests or passions, there’s sure to be a gift out there they’ll love. From shirts to tech to must-have kitchen supplies, keep scrolling to see some of our faves for this year’s upcoming holidays.

Here are the best funny gag gift stocking stuffers on your radar for this holiday season.

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Oh, toilet humor. Somehow, it never gets old. These Christmas poop mints will bless your gift recipient with the festive spirit of Christmas in the form of reindeer poop, snowman poop and Santa poop. Although they’re sugar-free mints that come in chocolate, cinnamon and peppermint flavors, they’re sure to induce a chuckle or two. Wholesome enough to give to kids of all ages, but equally funny to gift an adult.

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These animal paw socks are the perfect funny stocking stuffer. Choose from over a dozen options, including two-for-one deals. As funny as they are practical, these cozy socks hit mid-shin and have realistic printing. They have options beyond your average dog and cat offerings, like tiger or donkey. If you know their favorite animal, great! If not, choosing a random animal without context is just as hilarious.

Embarrass your favorite person with this amusing stocking stuffer, sure to elicit laughs. The poop emoji pen makes seven hilarious farting sounds, and even your prim and proper friends will have trouble holding in their smiles once someone brings out this farting poop emoji pen which is the modern-day version of a Whoopie Cushion. Be careful – whoever you gift it to will have the power to wreak hysterical havoc in public.

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Although it’s not appropriate for younger kids, this game gives the hot potato a whole new meaning. This shocking potato, aka the “Shocktato,” is a party game for two people or more. Choose between three game modes and hit start. Then, toss this potato around and see who has the funniest reaction to the small electric jolt that it emits. Prank your gift recipient by turning it on extreme mode and hitting start before your unsuspecting target knows what’s happening.

Sometimes, nothing’s better than a chuckle-worthy meme in the form of a Jesus magnet. One of the best funny stocking stuffers that your gift recipient can place on their fridge, this wholesome accessory is a great add-on to other gifts, and is the only choice for your friend who always acts up at holiday parties. 

Why gift a classy air freshener when you could gift them the gift of a squirrel standing in his tighty whities? This air freshener will earn plenty of double-takes in traffic and is aptly titled “Squirrel in Underpants”, giving off a forest-fresh scent. Even when the scent wears off, this little guy makes for some fantastic car decor. An unexpected present to put a smile on someone’s face.

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If you live with the person you gift this to, be prepared to get annoyed very frequently by little foam balls being shot at you all the time. A prankster favorite that can replace the elf on a shelf, this Elf foam popper toy can be squeezed to pop a foam ball out of its mouth for fun indoor or outdoor play. The harder you squeeze, the faster the foam ball comes out, reaching a maximum of 20 feet. 

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This hilarious pack of family-friendly novelty notes is a must-have for pranksters that drive. It comes with 50 cards with snarky retorts that you can place under a windshield wiper. The clever quips and fact that the gift recipient gets 50 opportunities to mess with people makes this one of the best funny stocking stuffers we could find. Great for that person who always gets aggravated in parking lots. 

If you’re shopping for someone that still uses pens and pencils regularly, there’s nothing that’ll elicit a bigger giggle than these nose pencil sharpeners. While it makes a fantastic buy for students, even those who don’t take notes on a daily basis will appreciate this functional but funny sharpener that also doubles as an amusing desk accessory.

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Holidays are a chance to spend some quality time with family, but they’re also some times when you want to call them out for saying some controversial statement. Rather than speaking up for yourself, just press this “that’s Bullshit” button which is the most low-effort way to call out your loved ones. A hilarious (and direct) gag gift that also makes one of the sought-after funny stocking stuffers of 2022. 

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Looking for a gift with absolutely no context that will have everyone laughing non-stop? This battery-powered yodeling pickle is described as a musical toy. By pressing a button, this tiny plastic pickle will deliver plenty of yodels. Loud enough to be slightly annoying but always great for lightening the mood. One customer describes it as “surprisingly loud for its size.” it can also be used as a tree ornament.

This may be slightly awkard to gift at a family affair, but once they realize that it’s not actually a form of contraception but a way to keep their wine as fresh as possible, the awkward silence will dissipate and laughs will follow. With an air-tight grip, these miniature rubber latex “wine condoms” act as a bottle stopper, preventing spills and prolonging that freshly corked taste.


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The shower beer has been a coveted thing for a while now. I mean, what’s better than an ice-cold, refreshing drink in a steamy shower? Designed by a company called Sips n’ Suds, it sticks to any glossy surface and is a definite upgrade from wedged cans in a bath caddy or placing your can on the side of the tub which inevitably causes some gross splashback. There’s no better way to pregame. 

These are one of the least practical funny stocking stuffers and that’s why we’re obsessed with it. Get weird with these mullet rockabilly socks for men, which are business in the front and party in the back. Customers describe the hair as creepily realistic, which just makes us want it more. A suitable white elephant gift as well, and also a verifiable reason to throw an ugly sock contest this holiday season.

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Why wait to develop a dad bod when you can have it gifted to you in the form of a beer belly fanny pack? Whether it’s being given to a man or a woman, this adjustable gag gift is hilarious as well as useful, well a smaller inner pocket for keys, cards and more.  Featuring a belly button and a tummy full of hair, the wearer will be irresistible once they’re rocking this spacious waist bag.

The perfect gift for that clean freak in your life, this Public Toilet Survival Kit can help make that gross gas station bathroom a little more tolerable. It includes a toiler seat cover, antiseptic wipes, and a pair of latex-free disposable gloves all wrapped up in a metal tin, because no one wants to touch that icky flusher. As much as your giftee will use this in less-than-desirable emergencies, it’s worth it just to embarrass them publicly in front of your loved ones.


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This hot dog soap looks so real, it belongs on “Is It Cake?” Made with moisturizing ingredients, this frankfurter is startlingly realistic. It even comes in a retro hot dog bag. Who doesn’t want the artful addition of a meaty soap bar in their bathroom? A favorite of diabolical pranksters all over, this is a great gift to reveal to the carnivore in your life. Just don’t take it too far and let them end up with a mouthful of soap.

You probably know at least one person who deeply loves dad jokes. Luckily, someone made this book of the most cringe-worthy dad jokes. With 200 side-splitting, groan-worthy jokes, this best-selling gift will be a hit with friends, family, and co-workers. One reviewer writes, “My Dad, the King of Dad Jokes, loves this book. Most of our conversations now include him reading from it to me and chuckling madly.”

Leave your maturity at the doorstep. We already blessed you with urinal shot glasses, so it’s only fitting that you should include this set of Porta Potty shot glasses. Shaped like outdoor toilets, this gift is sure to get a laugh out of anyone with an appreciation for fart jokes or bathroom humor – or anyone who shudders at the thought of a Porta Potty if you’re looking to poke a little fun at them.

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A twisted form of family humor that anyone with siblings will get. The ultimate funny stocking stuffers for parents this year, this vanilla-coconut scented gift will finally help solve the age-old question of whom your parents love the most. The candle is scented and made from natural soy wax, which provides a slower burn. It comes complete with a wooden lid. Plus, the ceramic vessel is reusable and can live on as a mug after the candle has burned.

A side-splitting and utterly unexpected gift, these customizable novelty socks let you personalize a pair with your chosen picture. You can print your gift recipient making a funny face or troll them with a pair of socks with your own face. Available in many colors, customers were surprised by how clean and undistorted the image came out on the fabric of the final product.

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An essential part of any emergency kit – always remember to hydrate your H2O before using! But seriously, this dehydrated water can will put a smile on your face, and after everyone’s laughed, it can be used as a steel storage solution with its spacious 16-ounce capacity. It’s worth noting that it contains mild profanity, so it is probably better for adults only.

Although this book is from 2009, it never gets old if you’re a potty mouth. What else could help you come up with a gem like “fart fondler”? This R-rated book generates hilarious curse words that are way more interesting than your standard expletive. The next time you get mad at your roommate or significant other, unleash one of these ridiculous, socially unacceptable phrases and try not to giggle.

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