We Bet Your Friends Will LOL At These Gag Gifts For April Fools Day and All Year Long

gag gifts for men
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* These unique gifts will have you looking anything but the fool this April 1st
* Send these items to your friends for a laugh
* Products include a Thor hammer mailbox, Banksy toaster and bean bag onesie

The first of April may be upon us. For many people that means a time of humorous deception, but we’ve decided we’re above that and instead feel it’s a great time to display some of our favorite geek-inspired items. Not only are they ideal as gifts for yourself, they are great gag gifts for friends and family, too. Don’t believe us? Just check out some of these unique products that will have you looking anything but a fool this year.

1. Captain Marvel Universal Pager

Thanks to the additional end scenes from Avengers: Infinity War, pagers are seemingly going to play an important role in saving the Marvel Universe. So, they’re back in style, along with everything from the 90s. With this Captain Marvel Universal Pager, you too can possess a replica pager of the very model seen in the Avengers movie. And while it may not function intergalactically, it will connect to your phone via Bluetooth and display up to 4 lines of text with 80 characters per line. It sports a handy clip to allow you to wear it on any pocket, belt or pair of pants with ease and pride.

gag gifts for men captain marvel pager Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


2. Motion-Controlled Mimic Package

Few things are worse than a neighbour who can’t keep his or her hands off other people’s packages. How do you go about preventing it? What if your nosey neighbor were to discover a package with razor-sharp teeth and tongue? This creepy looking package is actually a motion-controlled mimic package, which is ideal for setting as a trap for any anyone who might want to steal your Amazon delivery. The clever device will remain still and closed up until an unsuspecting victim comes too close and the box bursts open revealing the tongue and teeth to deliver the fright of their life.

gag gifts for men package alarm Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


3. Flame Jam Hoop

Hearing that clean “swish” sound when you score a basket delivers a pretty unbeatable feeling. That is unless you have the Flame Jam Hoop, which doesn’t just cheer your success or give you a pat on the back, it provides an all out flame display to celebrate your accomplishment. Obviously the kit includes a “fireproof” ball, net and the lighter fluid to prep for the big show, which ignites after 3 baskets have been scored to let your opponent know what’s happened. This hoop is ideal for mounting on walls or the back of your office door for some intense competition.

gag gifts for men flaming hoop Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


4. Bean Bag Onesie

Do you ever have the problem of never being able to find a seat when you need one? Well, we have some good news. With the Bean Bag Onesie, it’ll be impossible to not find a chair as the comfy one-piece has a full-size bean bag attached to the rear. And while walking around with a rather large seat on your butt may be a bit harder than average, at least you know you’ll always have a seat to sit down on to rest.

gag gifts for men bean bag onesie Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


5. Thor Mighty Mjolnir Mailbox

It turns out that when Thor’s mighty hammer, Mjolnir, is not helping him save the universe, it’s available for use as a handy mailbox. However, while it looks great and provides plenty of protection for your home, some problems may occur when your local postman tries to put anything the hammer deems unworthy inside. Another benefit to this unmovable mailbox is that no matter how hard it’s hit or how much someone wants to move it, there’s only one man in the Universe who can. The mailbox is constructed from tough and durable metal to be nearly indestructible.

gag gifts for men thor mailbox Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


6. ROOMBY: Kirby Robot Vacuum

The vacuum technology specialists from MIT thought it was time to give the Roomba an upgrade. The all new Roomby takes the shape of everyone’s favorite pink guy, Kirby. Of course, Kirby has consumed just about everything from enemies to friends to bricks and food. But he isn’t satisfied yet. He wants to clean your house, too. This vacuum uses smart mapping technology to remember your floor plan and can respond to a variety of voice commands. In addition, it’s compatible with most smart home accessories.

gag gifts for men kirby vacuum Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


7. Burned Bread by Banksy Toaster

We’ve found Banksy. He’s been collaborating with ThinkGeek to create this innovative toaster. The Banksy Toaster puts a piece of artwork on each bit of bread you toast. The only problem is that you won’t know which bit of artwork is inside your toaster until it arrives and you use it. You might get Balloon Girl or you might get a few criss-crossed lines. We just hope it doesn’t shred every piece.

gag gifts for men banksy toaster Image courtesy of ThinkGeek


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