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10 Gifts That Gen Z Will Actually Want to Receive in 2022

Ah, Gen Z. The most digitally influenced generation to exist thus far. The future of humanity. And, of course, the most difficult people on this planet to shop for.

If you’ve ever purchased a gift for a zoomer, you’ve probably overthought it to the max. Do you get them an Amazon gift card? No, they hate Jeff Bezos, even if they still shop on Amazon. Do you purchase them a stuffed animal? No, they’re too old for that now. Billie Eilish apparel? It’s a hit or miss, but unless you know they’re a massive fan, might as well sit that one out. If sweat’s ever beaded on your forehead prior to your go-to zoomer’s birthday, then we have a solution for you the next time around. We created the ultimate Gen Z gift guide to help you shop smarter from here on out.

But how the hell do we know what we’re talking about? Good question. Hi, my name is Tyler and I’m sort of a Gen Zer. I’m also sort of a millennial, but we don’t talk about that. I was born on the cusp in 1996, so I fall in a weird grey area between the two generations — the answer as to who I am changes almost daily with a Google search. Though, I do feel more in sync with Gen Z. Mainly because I don’t want to be bullied by them. Anyways, hi again, I’m the one writing this article to help you out. I’d say I have a pretty stellar gauge on what’s cool these days, from popular fashion to must-have tech to accessories any zoomer would want. That said, I’ll be your guide through this tough process. You’re welcome.

We know that not every Gen Zer is the same. While some might love environmental policies and have a knack for keeping plants alive, others might indulge in a video game and is in desperate need of a new gaming controller. All in all, this Gen Z gift guide will vary completely. The best gift for one Gen Zer in your life might be the worst gift for another. Keep their individual personalities in mind and take note of their interests and one of these gifts below will be a surefire hit.

With that all said, check the best Gen Z gift guide you never knew you needed below.

1. World Incense Store Beginners Crystal Kit

If there’s one thing we know about Gen Z, it’s that they’re borderline obsessed with crystals. We have a theory for this: as religion trickles down into unpopularity, Gen Z is looking for a higher power they can rely on that they don’t have to call a higher power. Crystals hit the nail on the head because it’s often said they have spiritual, healing properties folks are drawn to. That said, this beginners kit is a great way to get somebody you love into crystals. There are twenty different crystals in total that your giftee will receive with some left natural and others tumbled. It’s great for starters because this will allow your giftee to pick and choose which rocks they feel naturally drawn to, helping them discover which they want to add to their soon-to-be growing collection in the future.

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Courtesy of Etsy


2. Crosley Voyager Bluetooth Record Player

You know what they said, “what goes around, comes around.” Although a record player might seem like a gift to give your aging father so that he can dust off the records in his garage for another spin, records are more popular than ever right now. And, yes, they’re pressing some of your giftee’s favorites. If your zoomer is a music junkie but doesn’t have a record player, this is a great gift that’ll keep on giving. This model from Crosley is a great starter record player for teens due to its vibrant color choices, Bluetooth capabilities and inexpensive price. That said, if they no longer use it in a year, you won’t feel as bad given how little you spent.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


3. Hinoki Fantôme Boy Smells Candle

Boy Smells creates some of the best-smelling candles you’ll ever lay your nose on, full send. This queer-made brand prioritizes gender-neutral scents by blending masculine and feminine scents together. All of their scents will absolutely send your nose on a journey that it won’t ever want to leave. It’s essentially the candle brand made for our gender binary-breaking zoomers and one surely everyone will want to get a whiff of. Plus, it burns for 50 whole hours and uses clean ingredients.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Chamberlain Coffee Matcha Lemonade

Emma Chamberlain is, like, the ultimate zoomer — so we’re 100% positive your giftee is going to know who she is. And, whether they love or hate her, we have to admit something. Her coffee slaps. Yeah, that’s right, YouTuber and internet personality has become an entrepreneur in the world of coffee. One of our favorite options? Her matcha lemonade. It has the right amount of sweetness that doesn’t feel too sweet yet too unsweet. Essentially, it’s the Goldilocks of lemonades. Here’s a little tip, too: for those zoomers you’re gifting above the age of 21, maybe sneak in a little vodka with the gift. This stuff makes a killer cocktail.

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Courtesy of Chamberlain Coffee


5. Bentgo MicroSteel Heat & Eat Container

This one’s going to blow your mind. With Bentgo, you can actually microwave steel. Yes, you read that right. The accident you’ve been fearing about making for years and years is safe to do, but only with Bentgo’s MicroSteel Heat & Eat Containers. These sustainable food storage boxes uses Bentgo’s patent-pending MicroSteel technology, which is allowed to be thrown in the microwave for up to 10 minutes total. There’s zero plastic used whatsoever, including in the silicone lid. Ultimately, this is for the eco-conscious Gen Zer who can’t get enough of their leftovers. We’ll have seconds, too, please.

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Courtesy of Bentgo


6. Ruggable Monica Ahanonu Carrot Sunrise Rug

If you haven’t heard, the carpet game has changed dramatically in the past couple of years due to one brand and one brand only: Ruggable. For those of you unfamiliar, Ruggable is a carpet brand that fits directly into the washing machine if it gets dirty. Meaning, yeah, these puppies are meant to last years and years. Ruggable recently announced a collaboration with Black freelance illustrator Monica Ahanonu that we’re positive every Gen Zer will love for the array of funky colors and patterns depicted. This will be the rug they’ll bring from their childhood bedroom to their college dorm to their first apartment. Essentially, it’s a gift that will last a lifetime.

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Courtesy of Ruggable


7. RiotPWR Mobile Controller for iOS

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the gamers. Want to learn something you might not have known? Mobile gaming is bigger than it has ever been, and while iOS users have had the experience to own a mobile controller through Xbox Cloud Gaming, they haven’t necessarily had something fully dedicated to mobile gaming. That is, until now. The RiotPWR Mobile Controller is an option in collaboration with Designed for Xbox that has created a controller fully made for mobile gaming. The best part? It’s built without needing batteries or Bluetooth and plugs right into the phone’s lightning port. That means no lagging, folks. While this controller isn’t available until August 1, you can preorder it below.

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Courtesy of RiotPWR


8. Our Place Ovenware Set

Know a Gen Zer that just moved into their very first apartment or college dorm? Then do we have the gift for them. The all-new Our Place Ovenware Set is the eccentric, modular four-piece set that will fully diminish the need for your giftee to own a slew of different kitchen necessities. This set acts as a sheet pan, cookie sheet, griddle, roasting pan, loaf pan, lasagna pan, baking dish, casserole dish, single-use parchment paper and more — all while stacking up into one another for easy storage. Easy, long-lasting and visually gorgeous in five different colors.

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Courtesy of Our Place


9. Frasier Sterling Funfetti Necklace

Don’t act so surprised when we say that for the most part, zoomers are 100% breaking gender stereotypes. And it’s absolutely iconic. Ten years ago, a guy wouldn’t be caught dead in the necklace below. Now? This is a multi-gender necklace just about anyone can throw on. Frasier Sterling is a brand that makes funky jewelry for fashion-forward folks. Their necklaces have been seen draping the necks of some pretty big names, too, such as both Justin and Hailey Bieber. There are a ton of options to consider and all are pretty affordable, too. There are even some personalized options to pick from if that’s your giftee’s taste.

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Courtesy of Frasier Sterling


10. Thuma “The Bed” Frame

Alright, we get it. This is definitely a pricy one. But, hear us out. Thuma’s “The Bed” is a frame unlike any other we’ve seen. This frame comes without needing any nails, screws, bolts or anything. It’s simply put together by layering each piece of wood into the provided notches to keep them in place. It’s so easy that your Gen Zer could probably do it by themselves. This is a bed frame that will quite literally last a lifetime, but this gift is way too expensive for anyone other than a parental figure to gift, so ditch out if you aren’t one.

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Courtesy of Thuma