23 Gifts for Dog Lovers That Guarantee a Tail Wag This Holiday Season

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Taking care of an animal is a year-round commitment. Puppies, kitties, cats and dogs are adorable — but they do require work. Whether it’s potty training, getting enough exercise or finding the right food for a pet, there’s a lot of time, effort and money that goes into being a dog owner. We all have that one friend (or multiple) who are obsessed with their dog and fully identify with the title “dog mom” or “dog dad.” You know as well as I do that any gift you wish to give their pet, you’re also giving them as the proud owner to that animal, so you’re really feeding two birds with one seed, so to speak. If you’ve got a beloved pup parent in your life whose animal you love without any of the actual commitment, treat them to something special this holiday season with a gift for dog lovers that’s tailored to them and their one-of-a-kind four-legged best friend.

There are many different routes you can go with the gift for dog lovers route — there are special leashes, gift boxes, collars, toys, high-tech cameras, comfy beds and more. Some gifts are suited for smaller dogs while others are built for large dogs who would rather chew up and demolish a toy than just about anything else. To help you celebrate the beauty that is pet ownership this holiday season, we’ve gathered the 22 best gifts for dog lovers below which are sure to impress the pooch and attached human alike.

1. BarkBox

BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs, so it’s really a gift that keeps on giving. Each month your dog lover and their dog will receive a customized box with two toys, two all-natural bags of treats and a chew that all follow a monthly theme. Some examples of themes include “Lick or Treat” for Halloween, “Fairground Hounds,” and “Frenchies in Paris,” just to name a few. Each month your dog lover will receive their box and think of you, and you can rest assured knowing your favorite pooch is chewing to their heart’s desire thanks to you.

bark box, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Bark Box


2. Pooch Selfie Tennis Ball Stick

One thing’s for certain, the dog lover in your life probably loves a good selfie with their pooch. This ingenious phone attachment uses a tennis ball to lure your dog’s face towards the camera so you can get the perfect shot. The plastic attachment has a universal fit that fits almost all phones and tablets, and is very easy to set up and remove.

pooch selfie camera, gifts for dog lovers, best gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


3. Furbo Dog Camera

The hardest part about being a dog owner can sometimes be long days spent away from your best friend. The Furbo Dog Camera aims to make these days easier by enabling owners to monitor their pets on an HD livestream feed they can view on their phone, tablet or computer. The camera includes 2-way audio, a barking alert that sends you a notification when it detects barking and a treat tossing feature.

furbo dog camera, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


4. Crown & Paw

Your dog lover’s four-legged friend is already a masterpiece, but this company can make them into a painting fit for a king, general or president. Place their head on the body of a prestigious figure in history and make your dog lover friend crack up with laughter. The images can be printed on canvases, phone cases, blankets and more — and you can also include up to four pets in the same painting.

crown & paw, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Crown & Paw


5. Whistle GO Health + Location Tracker for Pets

This smart pet device sits on their collar and tracks your dog’s location and health — with accurate locating through Google maps that can pinpoint your pet’s location whether they’re right down the street or 3,000 miles away. The tracker also monitors your pet’s health and sends weekly reports of behaviors like scratching, licking and sleeping. With the purchase your dog lover will also get access to a tele-vet system through the Whistle subscription so they can get questions answered in the comfort of their home.

whistle go & go explore pet tracker, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


6. RYPET Santa Claus Dog Collar

This Santa Claus dog collar is adorable and useful for your dog lover friend, and will help their pet get into the holiday spirit this Christmas. The collar is made of high-density nylon for softness and durability, with the buckles made of eco-friendly plastic. The nickel-free D-ring also has a Santa charm on it for an added spirited touch.

santa claus dog collar, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


7. Holiday Toys, Treats & Apparel Goody Box

Who doesn’t love a good gift box? This holiday-themed gift box is perfect for small, medium and large dogs and includes top-rated dog products hand-picked by pet parents. The box includes a cozy blanket, a holiday-themed bandana, a furry toy and two full-sized treats as well.  The box also includes a list of fun holiday-themed traditions you can embark on with your pet and enjoy each season for years to come.

holiday dog goody box, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Chewy


8. Deluxe Dog Gift Basket

This gift box is designed for large dogs, and includes a plethora of treats, toys and goodies any dog will enjoy. You can customize a gift message for free with your purchase and the box will arrive in a sturdy gift box tied with a paw print ribbon.

deluxe dog gift basket, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


9. Holiday Dog Collar and Leash Set

This classic red plaid look is a great holiday look and the matching leash and collar pulls it all together well. The collars are soft and comfortable, made with high-quality ribbon sewn onto strong nylon with eco-friendly plastic buckles and a chrome-coated D-ring that’s ultra-durable. This holiday look is also a pattern that symbolizes health and vitality, so you’ll be celebrating your dog’s long life as well as the holiday season.

plaid dog collar and leash, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


10. Puppy Toys and Treats Goody Box

This gift box is specifically designed for puppies, so if your friend just got a puppy or is perhaps going to get one for Christmas (your secret’s safe with us) this is a great gift for a dog lover. The box combines fun and functionality with a leash, a poop bag dispenser (the most necessary tool), shampoo, toys and a bag of treats for those long training sessions they’ve got ahead of them. This puppy starter kit is a great gift all year round and is hand-picked by puppy parents so your friend’s pooch is only getting the good stuff.

puppy gift box, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Chewy


11. Puppia Blitzen Harness

If the dog is a dasher, try getting them this Blitzen harness instead to see if the situation improves. See what we did there? This adorable holiday-themed harness is quilted and decked out with cute holiday fur and a reindeer emblem to signify the season. It also has an adjustable chest belt and is available in dog sizes ranging from small to extra large.

blitzen dog harness, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


12. The Farmer’s Dog Pet Food

One of the many things dogs and humans have in common is that many tend to be food motivated. Healthy, nutritious and delicious food is something your dog can also appreciate which is why The Farmer’s Dog makes for such a great gift for a dog lover. This service delivers healthy, real food for dogs made from human-grade meats and vegetables in vet-approved recipes. All your friend will need to do is open and pour out a pouch for their pooch making it as easy as other dog food to serve and prepare with way more nutritional benefit. There are customizable plans and gifting options on their site for you to choose from.

the farmer's dog dog food, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of The Farmer's Dog


13. Bolbove Festive Christmas Collar

This dog holiday collar is decked out with gingerbread men, candy canes and festive colors so your dog can get into the holiday spirit. It also has a festive bell and a strong D-hook for leash attachment and the buckle is easy to put on and take off. It’s the perfect collar to throw on at Christmas time and keep until New Year’s so the dog lover in your life will definitely get plenty of use out of it.

festive Christmas dog collar, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


14. Milk-Bone Halloween Face Mask and Dog Bandana Set

Coordinating outfits with your dog is always fun, so you might as well make wearing a face mask more fun for your dog lover friend. There are multiple pattern options available but we like this mouse and cheese set that’s designed for “Howloween” but can be worn all year round when you’re in the mood. Send this to a dog lover friend trying to keep themselves and others safe this holiday season.

face mask and dog bandana, dog halloween costumes, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


15. RYPET Dapper Dog Harness

This is another great gift for a dog lover that isn’t necessary holiday-themed, so they can use it all year round if they wish. The cute plaid design is accented by a bowtie that’ll make any pup look dapper for parties, dinners and other festive occasions. It’s made of breathable material so they won’t get too hot, and there’s a bell attached so you’ll be able to track them down wherever they are. The harness is very easy to adjust with a simple metal clip, and it comes in a range of sizes so you’ll be able to find a great fit.

dapper dog harness, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


16. Friends Forever Donut Dog Bed

This bed just looks luxurious, and is perfect for a dog who loves to slumber and perhaps needs a bit of extra help getting to sleep. The raised rim with the “donut” shape helps provide a sense of security and calms anxiety, and it’s warm and cozy so they stay comfy all night. It’s made of a high-quality synthetic fur with super supportive filling on the inside that cradles the head and neck. It’s made of non-toxic materials and is safe to wash in the washing machine so it’s a low-maintenance as well as a thoughtful gift.

donut dog bed, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


17. The Dapper Dog Box

Speaking of dapper, here’s a subscription box aimed at making every dog feel dapper each and every month. This box focuses on treats, toys and style with a bandana inside every box. Every month your dog lover and dog will receive two full-size toys, two bags of treats and one limited-edition bandana around a monthly theme that’s a surprise each time. This way, your dog lover can easily switch out the old bandana before it gets too gross and replace it with a fresh new one in a timely manner. You can gift their subscription or choose from a variety of their gift box options available on their website.

the dapper dog subscription box, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of The Dapper Dog


18. Enchanted Home Pet Dreamcatcher Dog Sofa

This adorable mini dog sofa is another great dog bed option for gifting this holiday season. It has 2″ legs that lift the sofa off the floor so your dog stays draft free, and there are storage pockets for keeping toys organized. The cushion cover can be removed and easily washed, and it can fit pets up to 30 pounds in size, making this a great gift for your dog lover with a small-small/medium dog.

enchanted home sofa dog bed, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


19. Mobile Dog Week Away Tote

This is a great gift for dog lovers who frequently hit the road and love to be prepared. This week away tote comes with all sorts of supplies for taking pups on the road and keeping them comfortable. It comes with things like collapsible bowls for food and water, zippered pockets for toys and supplies and is sized to meet airline carry-on requirements. It comes sized for medium and large travel companions so your dog lover will be set to go no matter how large their pooch is.

week away pet tote, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Chewy


20. Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Living Room Sofa

This sofa bed is built with dogs in mind with three bolsters for comfort and support as well as nestling nooks for burrowers. The sleep area is lined with comfortable plush fur and the bolsters with durable textile for protection. The bed is made with orthopedic egg crate foam that helps cushion joints, distribute body weight evenly and provide support for the neck, hips, back and joints. If you’ve got a dog lover with a more senior dog, this bed is a great gift idea to help them sleep and stay comfortable.

furhaven dog bed, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Amazon


21. Bark Potty

These are the latest in pee pad technology and boy is it impressive. Bark Potty pads mimic the experience of being outside for your dog with the feeling of real bark, grass and familiar smells that urge them to “go.” They’re perfect for your dog lover friends who live in super cold environments or who have struggled teaching their dog where to go. Each tray is lined to prevent leaks and the bark neutralizes odors naturally so their house won’t stink. One Bark Potty pad is the equivalent of 60 pee pads so really you’re helping them train their dog, save money and be more environmentally-friendly. A triple threat gift!

Bark Potty pad, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of @frankiethedoood on @barkpotty


22. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Dog DNA Test

If your dog lover hasn’t already gotten the full rundown on what their dog is and regaled you with the details, then this is a great gift. All it takes is a quick swab of the dog’s cheek to discover their full genetic background in 2-3 weeks. You can trace their lineage back to a great-grandparent level with over 250 breeds in their database. The results will also give you an adult weight prediction so you can make long-term nutritional choices for them.

wisdom panel 3.0 dog DNA kit, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Chewy


23. Fluff Trough Food Bowl Set

If you have a friend with a squish-face dog like a bull dog or pug — they might need this bowl. It’s specifically designed to make it easier for dogs with squat faces to eat and not a make a mess, so the owner and dog wins. The design will look great in their kitchen and the silicone insert makes it easy to clean up after the dog is finished. The silicone bowl comes in four different colors so you can choose which one fits their dog’s personality best.

fluff trough food bowl set, gifts for dog lovers Courtesy of Fluff Trough