Don’t Forget About the Boomers! We’ve Gathered the Best Gifts for Grandparents in 2020

best gifts for grandparents
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Gifting season is upon us! Whether it’s for your mom, dad, brother-in-law, girlfriend or little sister’s boyfriend (awkward) it’s time to grab a gift for everyone in the family and show each and every person how much you care this holiday season. While this year’s celebrations may look different, the ability to send and receive gifts is still very much in play and we want to help you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. We’ve got guides for everyone in the family, here’s a sampling of our coverage thus far:

Another group we want to make sure is included? Grandparents. Grandparents are the best — they’re some of the most inspirational and impactful familial relationships some people have. They’ve got great stories, can offer invaluable beads of wisdom based on life experience and deserve a kind gesture this holiday season from their loving family members. They can also be tricky to buy for — I mean, what do they really need? We’ve gathered gifts for all different types of boomers from the food-lovers to the avid readers and the new grandparents who only want pictures of babies. The truth is — unlike other people on your list, no matter what you get for them they’re going to love it, so don’t stress too much. Here are the best gifts for grandparents for the 2020 holiday season.

1. Skylight Digital Picture Frame


One thing that most grandparents have in common? They love photos. This digital picture frame makes sending photos to your grandparents through email instantly easy and requires only 60 seconds to set up. All you need is a plug and a WiFi connection in your grandparents’ home to bring this frame to life with pictures of their families and grand-babies. It has a 10-inch touchscreen display and a 1280×800 resolution so the pictures will come through clearly and beautifully each time.

skylight digital picture frame, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


2.  U.S. Mini Constitution


Grandparents also tend to love talking politics. Even if you don’t always agree with what they have to say — we can all agree on the Constitution (hopefully). This mini constitution is perfect for throwing in a purse, briefcase or the center console of your car and referencing when need be. It’s made with genuine calfskin leather and contains 192 gilt-edged pages inside. It’s sewn for longevity and durability, so it’ll last them a while.

US mini constitution, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


3. Framebridge Photos


Grandparents love nothing more than new framed photos? Framebridge is a great, affordable and easy-to-use resource for getting pictures framed and shipped to anyone. You can upload things digitally or get art prints, memorabilia and even objects framed from home and send them along all through the service. Their pricing starts at $39 and you get to pick everything from the size to the color and look of the frame. If your grandparents have been quarantined all of COVID and could use a dose of family — this might be just the ticket.

framebridge, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Framebridge


4. Tile Pro


Help your grandparents never lose their keys, phone, wallet or other important items with Tile. These tiny trackers can attach to basically anything and can be traced by up to 400ft away and through GPS tracking on an app on their phone. If their memory is spottier than it once was or they’re a bit more forgetful than usual, this device can save them hours of agony from searching and locate something within seconds. Just make sure you help them set it up!

tile pro GPS tracker, best gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


5. My Life Story – So Far Journal


Are your grandparents always sharing long, drawn-out life stories with you? We get it, sometimes these can get a little boring but the truth is their life experience is pretty incredible advice if you really listen, and it’s probably super important to them that the details of their life are remembered. This journal can help them do just that — it’s got prompts for recording life’s most precious experiences as well as relationships, wisdom and other nuggets of gold we’re sure they’re dying to share.

my life story so far journal, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


6. Urban Stems Flower Delivery


If you want to go with a simple gesture flowers is always a great option. Urban Stems has everything from flower bunches to wreaths and beautiful home decor that can all be delivered nationwide. Choose your arrangement and when you’d like it sent and you’re good to go. They also deliver house plants if your grandma or grandpa is a bit of a green thumb.

urban stems flower delivery, gifts for grandparents 2020 Courtesy of Urban Stems


7. Amazon Echo Show 8


The worst part of this year? You might not be able to actually be with your grandparents on Christmas due to the health crisis. If you can’t physically be there, you might as well virtually be there with the Echo Show 8 — Amazon’s smart display that has video calling via Alexa that makes it super easy to video chat with anyone, anywhere. Your grandparents will be able to see and hear you easily on the 8″ HD screen and, even though they may not use it, it comes with a bunch of other functionality as well including Ring syncing, Hulu streaming, Ask Alexa and more.

Amazon alexa echo, best gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


8. Goldbelly Food Delivery


If your grandparents are foodies and frequently discuss the top-notch Chinese food they love in New York or the pizza from Chicago — now you can send them their favorites from afar. Goldbelly ships food from small businesses and restaurants nationwide anywhere, bringing deliciousness closer to everyone. They’ll love savoring their favorites over the holiday season and will continue to wonder how the food traveled all the way to them from various destinations across the US.

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Goldbelly food delivery, gifts for grandparents in 2020 Courtesy of Goldbelly


9. How to Babysit a Grandma and Grandpa Boxed Set


If your grandparents are new grandparents, a.k.a they’ve got babies and little kids around, these adorable children’s books are perfect for reading to their grandchildren before bed or during playtime. Each one details a fun day with grandma or grandpa and is sure to become a favorite of theirs and the child whenever they visit. This box set includes a hardcover book for each of them to enjoy.

how to babysit a grandma and grandpa boxed set, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


10. Grandma’s Kitchen Candle


Candles are a classic safe gift for a reason — people appreciate them! Especially when they celebrate a universally-loved scent, like grandma’s kitchen. This candle from homesick has notes of apple pie, ice cream, snickerdoodles, spice, sugar and everything delicious you love about grandma’s house. Gift this to your actual grandma to enjoy, whether these are scents you associate with her or not. She’ll love the thoughtfulness and you can grab one too to burn at your house to remind you of her.

Grandma's Kitchen Candle, best gifts for grandparents Courtesy of homesick


11. 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service


Trace the lineage of your entire family for your grandparents this holiday season with a 23andMe kit. This top-rated ancestry service breaks down the traits and ancestral makeup of your family from across 2,000+ regions and breaks down where your DNA is from in detail. It’s an at-home test your grandparents can easily complete that will tell them where they’re from, key elements of their health, their predisposition for certain conditions and where they’re from. Better yet, get a few for the family as well to widen the scope of data even further.

23andMe DNA test, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


12. Knock Knock What I Love About Grandma


It might sound a bit cheesy, but this book all about grandma is sure to bring a smile to her face no matter what the occasion is. Complete each line about why your grandma is the greatest and you’ll have a gift she’ll treasure for a while. There are 112 pages inside so there’s plenty of room for showing your love, and with just a $10 price tag it’s a very affordable gift.

what I love about grandma book, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


13. GOOVI Robot Vacuum


If your grandparents are still lugging around a clunky, loud, dust-filled vacuum cleaner it’s time for an upgrade. Sure, a robot vacuum might seem a little weird to them at first but they’ll appreciate the convenience once it’s a full routine. This robot vacuum from GOOVI has 1600Pa of suction for picking up crumbs, dirt and other grime. It’s only 2.38 tall so it can fit underneath most furniture and it automatically charges on the base so the battery shouldn’t die mid-job.

Goovi robot vacuum, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


14. Face Mask Chain


Grandparents hate wearing masks? Yeah, we all kind of do — but they’re necessary for keeping themselves and everyone else healthy. Make wearing one more fun and exciting with the addition of a face mask chain. They clip onto the ends of the mask and keep it attached even after it’s slipped off, similar to what croakies do for glasses. They’re available in a wide variety of types — from lanyards to beaded chains like this one from Etsy. Hopefully now they’ll keep the mask up over their nose as well.

face mask chain, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Etsy


15. Piecework Rise & Shine Puzzle


Completing a puzzle is quite the grandparent-friendly activity, and this brand makes some of the most beautiful puzzles out there. The vibrant, colorful photographs are made on high-quality art stock paper that’s made of 100% recycled materials. This one, Rise & Shine, is one of my favorites — decked out with bedazzled strawberries, bagels, lox, oranges and more.

piecework puzzles, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Piecework Puzzles


16. Instant Pot Duo Electric Pressure Cooker


You know it, you love it, now it’s time to introduce your grandparents to the magic of the pressure cooker. It cooks fast, saves time, and can produce delicious results without them needing to slow cook for hours, baste, or worry about overcooking. This one comes with nine different functions and 10 different safety features built in. This 6-quart size is perfect for couples or smaller households, but there are bigger varieties available as well.

instant pot pressure duo, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


17. Kindle Paperwhite


If your grandpa is always telling you about his latest historical biography or your grandma can’t stop talking about the mystery binge she’s on  — it’s time for a Kindle. Amazon’s infamous e-reader is thin, lightweight, portable and now has 2x the storage and a glare-free display that’ll amaze them. Once they realize how many books they can carry with them to the community pool, they’ll never go back to paper. Plus, these babies now have Audible on them so your grandparents can plug in a pair of headphones and listen to their favorite literature anywhere.

Kindle paperwhite, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


18. JUDY Mover Max Emergency Kit


Whether your grandparents believe some questionable conspiracies or you’re concerned about their ability to respond to an emergency, this JUDY kit is a good move. It has plenty of life-saving supplies inside a waterproof go-bag they can easily grab on their way out the door or store in the car just in case. It can support a family of four for up to 72 hours, so it’ll keep the two of them going for a while with food, water, first aid supplies and more.

JUDY emergency kit, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of JUDY


19. Instant Accu Slim Sous Vide


Sous vide immersion circulators are known for their ability to perfectly cook meat and create gourmet meals at home. This one has an easy-to-read display for older eyes and touchscreen digital controls that make setting the temperature easy. It’s made of lightweight stainless steel and has a rubber coating on the handle that’s easy to grip, and the active pump system keeps the temperature consistent with minimal need to intervene. Give your grandparents the gift of perfectly cooked steaks right at home with this handy tool they’re about to become obsessed with.

instant Accu Sous vide, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Amazon


20. Bottomless Coffee Scale


This coffee scale automatically orders more coffee each time it senses a low weight in the bag, so your grandparents never have to worry about running out and having to go without caffeine. They can pick their desired coffee variety from 300+ different choices and the Bottomless scale will make sure they’re always stocked. No matter how they like to enjoy their morning beverage — through drip, french press, or other brewing methods — this service is all about convenience, so even if they forget they’ll always have backup supplies.

bottomless coffee scale, gifts for grandparents Courtesy of Bottomless