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The Best Gifts for New Moms, According To New Moms

Becoming a new mother tops the list of monumental life changes. Most new parents focus on caring for their newborn, which is thrilling, exhausting, and sometimes terrifying, and the mom’s needs often come last. Taking care of mom is just as important as taking care of baby, whether that means helping new moms eat, sleep or enjoy some well-deserved self-care. We promise that she has already been hard at work researching all of the must-have baby products, so when you’re searching for the must-have gifts for new moms, we recommend gifts that let moms get off their feet and relax for a few minutes.

With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve updated our list of the best gifts for new moms to include several products that fit our criteria for the best Christmas gift new mom, which include items that help mom and baby get outdoors during cold weather and will keep mom and baby cozy when home. Don’t wait to spoil a new mom with a Mother’s Day gift when the spoiling can begin now (but don’t forget Mother’s Day either).

Still wondering what is a good gift for a new mom? From the tired mom to the mom with a sweet tooth, we’ve made buying a new mom a gift much easier. It might seem hard to pick out the perfect gift, but it’s not nearly as hard as being a new mom. Which, for the record, is really, really hard.

Becoming a parent requires a lot of stuff (so much stuff), and that’s why we were extra careful with these gift ideas for moms. Not only was this article written by a new mom, but we also gathered recommendations from other new moms we know. In addition, we’ve included some of the best baby gadgets and baby monitors recently tested by the SPY team. Check out our top picks for must-have gifts for new moms below.

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1. ‘WarMMuffs’ Waterproof Handwarmer Stroller Handle Muffs by 7 A.M. Enfant


Gift your new mom a present that will keep her hands toasty while out on long walks. The ‘WarMMuffs’ Waterproof Handwarmer Stroller Handle Muffs by 7 A.M. Enfant attach to any handle or bar, making them a great option for strollers or wagons. The microfleece lining keeps moms hands warm and provides easy access to oversized mitts for when they need to quickly remove their hands from the mitts and grab dropped pacifiers, toys and more.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

2. 7 A.M. Enfant Faux Shearling Trim Car Seat Cocoon


Another cold-weather must-have from 7 A.M. Enfant is their Faux Shearling Trim Car Seat Cocoon. As the name suggests, the cocoon creates a warm hub for infants in car seats without interfering with the safety of their harness. Little ones will stay toasty and safe for car and stroller rides during winter.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

3. Baby and Mom Black Pom Beanie


Newborns can’t regulate their body temperature, which is why it’s so important to dress them appropriately for the weather. Gift your new mom a matching beanie set for her and her mini-me with one of the many cute and cozy knit caps from Love Your Melon.

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Courtesy of Love Your Melon

4. Sleep Ovation Baby Mattress


A baby’s sleep can be a huge source of stress for parents. Are they getting enough? Are they safe while sleeping? A mattress can help answer ‘yes’ to both those questions, which is why we like the Sleep Ovation Baby Mattress, the first mattress designed to help reduce harmful pressure on a baby’s skull that can lead to positional plagiocephaly. Available in mini and standard crib sizes, the mattress has a removable and washable cover and built-in air channels that will help to regulate the baby’s temperature and improve breathability.

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Courtesy of Sleep Ovation

5. Full Connected Suite Bundle from Safety 1st


For moms who want to outfit their nursery in the latest tech that will synch together, Safety 1st is making that easier than ever with their Connected Suite. Each item can be purchased a la carte or customers can choose from the company’s bundles to save money. The Full Connected Suite Bundle comes with every item in the line, including a WiFi Baby Monitor with HD camera, Dual Smart Outlet, Under Crib Smart Light, Smart Humidifier, Smart Soother and Smart Air Purifier, which also works as a nightlight and sound machine. SPY received a sample of the Full Connected Suite and we loved that all the useful products will grow with baby into toddlerhood and can be controlled from the central Safety 1st app.

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Courtesy of Safety 1st

6. Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 TOG by ergoPouch


Keeping a baby warm and comfortable while sleeping during winter can pose a major problem when little ones can’t use blankets. New moms will love the Sleep Suit Bag 3.5 TOG by ergoPouch. It can be worn as a sleep sack or sleep suit with legs, making it great for cold walks in the stroller. Stretchy, comfortable, and made with safety in mind, ergoPouch has several sleep sacks for comfortable zzzz’s year-round.

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Courtesy of Ergopouch

7. Organic Cotton Portable Changing Mat by MakeMake Organics


There are plenty of great changing pads on the market and many can be easily wiped down between uses. The downside is that this material can feel especially cold on tiny bums during winter. Keep babies warm and comfortable during diaper changes in the winter with the Organic Cotton Portable Changing Mat by MakeMake Organics. SPY has received a sample of the MakeMake Organics sleepers and the cotton is so soft and cozy. This changing pad features an organic cotton batting lining that will help keep babies warm during diaper changes.

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Courtesy of MakeMake Organics

8. Women’s Nomad Jogger by IBEX


Sweatpants are the unofficial uniform of new moms, so gift your new mom a pair of pants that will feel and look great, whether at home or running to the grocery store. We at SPY are big fans of IBEX and their ultra-luxe Nomad Joggers, which are made from lightweight and moisture-wicking merino French terry. They also have a drawstring and elastic waistband for added adjustability, making them great post-partum pants.

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Courtesy of Ibex


9. SleepyTie


Help your new mom keep her (hair) blowout going through multiple (poop) blowouts with the SleepyTie. The scrunchie with a twist has gone viral thanks to its satin makeup, which helps keep hair looking great even after you’ve slept on it. SPY received a sample and we love that our hair looks as good in the morning as it did the night before.

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Courtesy of SleepyTie

10. Gravity Fleece Weighted Robe


A new bathrobe is always a useful and comforting gift, especially for a new mom. That’s why we like the Gravity Fleece Weighted Robe, which can be worn as a standard bathrobe or with the weighted 3-pound insert around the neck, which can help moms decompress after a long day. SPY received a sample and we liked how soft and cozy the fleece felt on our skin.

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Courtesy of Gravity

11. Mini Cuddler Bundle From Rockets of Awesome


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Getting to the mall as a new mom can be difficult, whether it’s cold weather keeping mom and baby home or an erratic nap schedule. Gift your new mom a bundle from Rockets of Awesome, an online subscription service that makes it easy for parents to pick out high-quality, super soft, fun clothes for their little ones. SPY has received samples of Rockets of Awesome clothes and we’re blown away by the quality of the products, which include staples and funky pieces for all ages.

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Courtesy of Rockets of Awesome

12. Vertiball Mountable Muscle Massage Ball for Pain Relief


Having a little one is physically grueling whether you’re a new mom who gave birth or adopted. The constant bending, twisting, carrying and rocking can wreak havoc on a new parent’s body and making time to visit the masseuse can feel impossible. SPY received a sample of the Vertiball Mountable Muscle Massage Ball and it has literally saved our backs, helping us work out knots and sore spots. You can even give yourself a mini massage while holding baby!

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Courtesy of Amazon

13. PureRelief™ Cordless Lumbar and Abdominal Heating Wrap


Whether your new mom has just given birth or is sore from lugging around a car seat, they need some hot relief. Not that kind, the other kind. The PureRelief™ Cordless Lumbar and Abdominal Heating Wrap make it easy to target painful areas and features four therapeutic heat settings. Our favorite part? A rechargeable battery means moms can be cordless and on the move while receiving a warm touch. We also like that an optional hot/cold get pack is included.

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Courtesy of PureRelief

14. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set


If Oprah Winfrey names these sheets as the “softest ever,” who are we to disagree? No one needs sleep more than new moms, so gifting them a luxurious set of bamboo sheets from Cozy Earth is a gift she will love. SPY received a sample of the sheets from Cozy Earth and we didn’t think anyone could justify such a high price for a set of sheets. We were wrong. These are beyond comfortable and keep us cool and sweat-free all night.

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Courtesy of Cozy Earth

15. Eli & Elm Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow


Designed specifically for side sleepers, the Eli & Elm Cotton Side Sleeper Pillow will help new moms get some much-needed sleep and wake up pain-free. The U-shape design helps to ensure sleepers have proper neck alignment. SPY received a sample and we like that the pillow has removable latex and polyester filling that helps users easily create their perfect fill level.

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Courtesy of Eli & Elm

16. The Classic Scrumptious Pillow by Honeydew Sleep


Ladies who have spent the past nine months avoiding your back, it’s time to relax. You can finally sleep comfortably and get off your side. We are longtime fans of Honeydew Sleep, who also carry their own side sleeper pillow. We especially like their Classic Scrumptious Pillow, which maintains its shape and provides comfort and support whether you sleep for five minutes or five hours.

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Courtesy of Honeydew Sleep

17. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini


Formula moms have soooo much measuring, pouring, mixing, warming and cleaning to do, so make their job easier with the new Baby Brezza Formula Pro Mini. The compact formula maker expertly mixes and warms formula in seconds, creating perfect, body-temperature bottles that are ready for baby and tired mamas.

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Courtesy of Buy Buy Baby

18. MOON Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light


Gifting someone a teeth whitening gift can be difficult to pull off, but depending on the mom and your relationship with them, it can be a well-received gift. New moms may not feel their best when it’s time for family pictures. Help them smile through the fatigue with the MOON Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light. Treatments are only five minutes and moms don’t have to make an appointment at the dentist to get a whiter smile.

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Courtesy of Amazon

19. Oral-B iO Series 4 Electric Toothbrush


Another gift largely dependent on which new mom is receiving it is the Oral-B iO Series 4 Electric Toothbrush. A toothbrush may not sound like an exciting gift, but pregnancy wreaks havoc on a person’s teeth and gums. The new Oral-B iO Series 4 toothbrush has a sensitive and super sensitive setting that is great for tender teeth and gums while still getting teeth clean. SPY received a sample of the toothbrush and we liked how gentle it was on our teeth while still removing 500% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

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Courtesy of Amazon

20. Liberation Nail Polish


Look, we’re all for new moms getting a break to leave the house and get their nails done, but the realistic side of us knows that isn’t always possible. Gift your new mom a high-end nail polish that is long-wearing, vegan, 21-free (no scary toxins), and is formulated with natural oils that will leave nails looking and feeling nourished. SPY received a sample of Liberation Nail and we can say our nails look great even when the rest of us does not.

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Courtesy of Liberation Nails

21. Personalized Pajama Set from Little Navy


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Do we need to explain why pajamas are a great gift for moms? Probably not. When days and nights are indistinguishable, there’s no need to get out of your jammies. We like this set from Little Navy, which has plenty of cute matching family pajamas and this personalized set. How else is mom going to remember her name?

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Courtesy of Amazon

22. Self-Feeding Set by Grabease

Babies seem to go from bottles to their first finger foods in about five minutes. At least, it can feel that way for new parents. Gift your new mom a first food set from Grabease, which includes a stay-put plate and divided bowl, as well as the award-winning self-feeding spoon and fork set. SPY has received a sample of Grabease’s silicone table set and we confirm that it is great for babies and toddlers and also excellent for holding parent’s snacks after little ones have gone to bed.

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Courtesy of Grabease


23. Envi Luxe Eco Diaper Bag from Skip Hop


For a bag that moms and dads will both want to use, there’s the new eco-friendly design from Skip Hop. The Envi Luxe Eco Diaper Bag is lightweight and the exterior is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. There’s plenty of space to stash everything baby and parents will need, with eight pockets, two insulated bottle pockets and a wipes pocket that provides easy access for diaper changes. SPY received a sample of the new backpack and we love the unisex design, its wipe-clean exterior and its conveniently placed stroller straps.

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Courtesy of Target

24. Cribsheet: A Data-Driven Guide to Better, More Relaxed Parenting


Here’s one of the scary truths about parenting — there’s no right answer. Here’s one of the freeing truths about parenting — there’s no right answer. Parenting books can cause guilt and shame because of their hard stance on everyday topics, but Brown University economics professor Emily Oster has written a book series that helps parents make informed decisions and weigh their options with facts and data. The second book in her series, Cribsheet, deals with the birth to preschool phase, i.e., a time that comes with many questions and judgment. Oster helps parents, including new moms, frame their decisions in the best way for their family, which allows them to find viable solutions to everyday issues, like when and if to nurse, when and how to potty train and more.

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Courtesy of Amazon


25. Apple AirPods Pro


AirPods offer new moms a way to relax, catch up on their favorite show or podcast, take calls and listen to music without disturbing their little ones. No wires can get wrapped around little hands, which means even if mom gets ‘nap trapped’ under a sleeping or eating baby, they can still enjoy some entertainment, which also helps them stay awake.

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Courtesy of Amazon


26. Aura Mason Luxe Frame


Digital frames are one of the best gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…really anyone. Aura has been making it easy to keep memories on display with its collection of digital photo frames, which feature the Aura app that allows users to send pictures from anywhere. Aura recently launched an in-app scanner that allows users to scan items and send them to the frame. All the artwork new moms are about to get? They can now scan it and throw it away guilt-free. Just make sure little ones aren’t watching. And take the garbage out when they’re not looking.

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Courtesy of Aura

27. Pearhead First 5 Years Chevron Baby Memory Book


Moms will want to remember every moment of their baby’s first year, which is why a baby journal is an excellent gift for new mothers. This adorable book is the perfect record for all of the baby’s firsts, from ultrasound photos to pregnancy announcements to monthly anniversaries to all their favorite things. Mom can jot down when baby first starts to crawl, sit up, talk, and so much more. This adorable book will ensure all keepsakes are safeguarded for the future.

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Courtesy of Amazon


28. UrbanStems Subscription


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While moms are waiting for little ones to arrive, the focus is typically on them. Once the baby arrives, moms may get forgotten. Remind the new mom in your life that she’s special with a flower subscription. Urban Stems have a great inventory, and you can choose from seasonal flowers, a Kate Spade collection of vases and even dried flowers.


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Courtesy of UrbanStems

29. Porter 8-Piece Fridge Bundle


Becoming a mom means you are now responsible for having snacks for everyone … forever. New moms need to feed themselves too, so gift them a beautiful Fridge Bundle from W&P. Available in several gorgeous colors, the set includes everything moms will need to sip, snack, eat, meal prep and more, all while boasting sustainability in material that is dishwasher safe. New moms do not have time for hand-wash only. SPY tried the drinkware included in this bundle and we liked that the glass interior kept odors at bay, while the silicone exterior was soft to hold and durable.

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Courtesy of W&P

30. Poke-A-Dot Utility Organizer


All moms have stuff, but new moms are about to get a lot of new stuff. The Poke-A-Dot organizer offers a secure way to keep small items contained and organized. It can be used for crafts, cosmetics, tools, and other household items. SPY received a sample of the organizer and we like it for storing baby items together, including cords and batteries for sound machines and baby monitors, safety items like outlet covers, and extra pieces for furniture, including crib conversion kits.

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Courtesy of Amazon

31. BusyBox Sign


For new moms who like gadgets, check out the BusyBox Sign. The digital Busy Box lets users customize their sign with short messages in several designs and price points. Let guests know when the baby is sleeping, feeding or when it’s okay to make noise by updating the BusyBox.

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Courtesy of BusyBox

32. Lakrids by Bülow Selection Box


Looking for the best gift for new moms with a sweet tooth? We bet they will love the Lakrids by Bülow Selection Box. The chocolate-coated licorice is smooth, and flavorful and includes a variety with a little something for everyone, including salted caramel, coffee, passion fruit and white chocolate raspberry. Just don’t expect mom to share.

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Courtesy of Food52

33. West Bourne Avocado Oil Set


If your new mom likes to cook or is looking for ways to add some healthy fat to her diet, check out this gorgeous gift set from West Bourne. The set includes Extra Virgin Organic Avocado Oil and Refined Avocado Oil, both made from avocados grown and pressed in Mexico and bottled in California. West Bourne’s oils are allergen-free and the carbon-neutral company is just as dedicated to making delicious and smooth avocado oil as they are to eco-friendly practices.

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Courtesy of West Bourne

34. Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner


One thing all new moms spend a ton of time doing? Feeding and nursing their babies. This versatile Boppy nursing pillow helps with everything from feeding newborns to propping up babies three months old and older, assisting with tummy time and even sitting up for the first time. They were created and designed by a mom to give a break to moms’ arms and back and enable a more comfortable and ergonomic position during feeding. It has a removable, washable slipcover, and the Miracle Middle stretch panel is designed to stretch and fit more bodies.

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Courtesy of Amazon


35. Factor Meals


For new moms strapped for time, customized meals that arrive frozen and ready to eat in minutes can feel like dining at a Michelin-star restaurant. Factor has a variety of meals that change each week and include keto, vegan, vegetarian and calorie-smart options to help customers get delicious food that works for their diet. SPY received a sample of Factor meals, and we loved the variety and quality of the ingredients, including breakfast options. Give new moms the gift of eating a hot meal whenever they want.

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Courtesy of Factor

36. Elvie Pump


Traditional breast pumps are great to use at home, but for moms who need to be able to pump on the go, the Elvie is a splurge-worthy invention. The wearable pump is silent and fits discretely into the user’s bra. The pump works via an app for a wire-free, hassle-free pumping experience. The rechargeable pump lasts for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge, and the parts are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. Elvie also makes the Curve, a silicone breast pump that helps catch the letdown for a more affordable option.

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Courtesy of Elvie

37. Mama Box from Agni


All new moms need to stay healthy to have enough energy to take care of their newborns. Agni was created with the help of a medical advisory board to ensure its products get users the nutrition they need to feel their best, including using organic, non-GMO ingredients. The Mama Box includes delicious cookies, seasonings, and tea that together feature 24 ingredients specifically chosen to help support moms in areas like digestion, breast milk production, hormone balance, immune health and restful sleep. Remember sleep?

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Courtesy of Agni

38. Mama Ribbed Pajamas by Mori


Moms who love to match and be comfortable will fall in love with the super-soft pajamas from Mori. The company makes clothes for babies and moms, including ribbed pajamas, which are perfect for lounging and are available in a matching set for little ones. SPY received a sample of the Mori pajamas for babies and the high-quality organic cotton and bamboo fabric is gentle on both baby and mom’s skin and feels cool and comfortable.

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Courtesy of Mori

39. Ecoriginals Diapers and Wipes


Many diapers and wipes advertise themselves as eco-friendly, but most still end up clogging landfills. Anyone who has spent time with a baby knows that one little bum can result in a lot of diaper waste, which is why we were excited when the popular Australian brand Ecoriginals launched in the US in late 2021. Considered the world’s ‘greenest diapers,’ Ecoriginals is a plastic-neutral wipe and diaper company that boasts a 90% plant-based diaper, much higher than competitors (the brand plans on being 100 percent plant-based by 2023). Little ones can be in Ecoriginals throughout their diaper journey with newborn sizes up to junior training pants. SPY tried the diapers and wipes from Ecoriginals, and we loved that none of the products caused skin irritation.

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Courtesy of Amazon

40. Organic Oat Milk Powder and Unsweetened Almond Milk Concentrate Bundle by JOI


For new moms breastfeeding, digestion issues with their little ones can often result in moms going dairy-free. This can feel overwhelming for those new to the dairy-free world. One of the easiest changes to make is incorporating milk alternatives. These alternatives from JOI offer delicious nut and oat milk concentrates. The plant and planet-safe non-dairy options are gentle on the baby’s tummy and tasty for mom.

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Courtesy of Amazon

41. Omnom Chocolate Bar Trio


It doesn’t get much more delicious for moms with a sweet tooth than Omnom chocolates. The Icelandic company is now selling its bars of decadence in North America and offering various flavors that moms will not want to share (coffee and milk, we are looking at you). After giving these a try, we were blown away by the taste and the beautiful packaging, which makes these a great gift option. They’re almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

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Courtesy of Amazon

42. Cookie Cups The Unicorn Kids Baking Set


Second-time moms need all the pampering and TLC as first-time moms, and maybe even a bit more. Not only are they caring for a newborn, but they are also taking care of a toddler or young child. Carving out time for an older child can feel daunting when you’re already exhausted, which is why we like the kits from Cookie Cups. The company makes a variety of food sets geared toward kids, including unicorn cupcakes, pizza making, rainbow ravioli, and more. After trying it at home, we were impressed with the quality of the ingredients and accessories. The sets come with everything little bakers will need and make it easy for moms to spend quality time with their older children with minimal cleanup and a snack at the end. Never underestimate the power of snacks.

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Courtesy of Amazon

43. Mama’s Kit from Curie


Curie has designed a Mama’s Kit just in time for Mother’s Day, which includes one of their gorgeous scented candles and a bottle of moisturizing body oil. We’re big fans of Curie at SPY and know moms will appreciate the clean-burning candle, available in White Tea, Orange Neroli and Grapefruit Cassis, and the matching body oil, which is uber-moisturizing.

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Courtesy of Curie

44. Talli Baby


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New moms will quickly learn that the approximately 1,289 doctor’s appointments their little one has within the first year of their birth will include a complete rundown of their newborn’s pooping, peeing, eating and sleeping cycles. A notepad works for about one day, which is why we love the Talli Baby complete 360 system. SPY tried the ingenious and small unit, which has a clearly labeled button for anything parents need to record, including the length of a feeding time (there’s even voice control for a hands-free option). All data is sent directly to an app, making it easy for partners and caregivers to record necessary info without accessing mom’s phone because mom is sleeping. Let mom sleep.

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Courtesy of Talli Baby


45. Silicone Baby Bib 3-Pack


If your new mom isn’t totally new anymore, and their baby is trying out solid(ish) foods for the first time, a silicone bib is a game-changer. These are easy to wash, comfortable for the baby to wear, and have built-in troughs for catching lost food that you can dump back out on the baby’s high chair for more efficient feeding. They’re 100% waterproof and super adjustable in the back via snaps that are easy to take on and off. The set comes in three colors, all of which fit babies between six and 72 months in age.

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Courtesy of Amazon


46. Sassy Store Stacks of Circles STEM Learning Toy


This baby toy is designed for sensory play with various colors, textures, and sounds. It’s got a straight post with different ring sizes for strengthening baby’s hand-eye coordination. The chunky rings are easy to grasp, and each ring has a different texture and weight, making them great for mouthing. The nine-piece set is perfect for babies six months in age and older and is a super affordable gift for moms as well.

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Courtesy of Amazon


47. Ayla & Co. Ayla Mini Diaper Bag


For a diaper bag that doesn’t scream “diaper bag,” we like the chic and modern designs from Ayla & Co. The brand makes a full-sized bag, the mini shown here and a fanny pack diaper bag, all made from beautiful vegan leather and will serve moms long after diaper days are done. The full-sized and mini bags have a removable, washable liner, straps that convert from a backpack to a shoulder bag, insulated bottle pockets, credit card holders and more intelligent features that make diaper changes, dare we say, stylish? SPY received a sample of the Ayla Mini Bag, and the compliments haven’t stopped.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Ayla & Co.

48. Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor


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Help moms keep an eye on their little ones with the top-rated Nanit Pro Smart Baby Monitor that comes with a secure WiFi camera, sleep and breathing motion tracker, two-way audio and more (the Nanit is our pick for the best baby monitor). This is the ultimate gadget for keeping tabs on babies when they’re not in the room with you, and it’s an excellent way for moms to stay connected to their children via crystal clear audio and real-time motion notifications sent right to their phone if the baby is stirring. The Nanit provides the baby’s sleep stats and personalized sleep guidance from pediatric sleep experts, and it’s easy to set up.

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Courtesy of Amazon


49. Munchkin Bluetooth Enabled Lightweight Baby Swing


New moms often have this weird habit of wanting to shower every few days and eat food with both hands. We know, we know, so selfish. This is one of the best gifts for new moms as it gives moms a break with a safe place to put baby. Weighing less than 10 pounds and featuring a space-saving foldable design, the swing is easy to move from room to room and provides a safe and comfortable space for babies weighing between five and 20 pounds to relax.

SPY received a sample of the chair and we loved the easy assembly, the remote control for moving through the five swing speeds, the touch display and the Bluetooth-enabled capabilities for streaming music. Did we mention that the removable seat pad and headrest are machine washable? Game changer.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon


50. Lansinoh SignaturePro Double Electric Breast Pump


Many insurance companies offer breast pumps for free, but not all, which is why new moms may need to invest in a quality pump. Give the mom in your life a pump from Lansinoh, a leader in breastfeeding products. We like that the pump has an AC adapter, can be used with batteries, or powered by a car adapter (sold separately). The brand’s SignaturePro pump has hospital strength suction, eight suction levels, an easy-to-read LCD screen, and can be used with flanges of different sizes. This last part is especially important. If you know, you know.

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Courtesy of Amazon


51. Crane & Canopy Pajama Sleep Set


Here’s another fun fact new moms often aren’t warned about — night sweats. They’re real, and they can come on with a vengeance. Crane & Canopy’s Layla Short and Pajama Sleep set are the ultimate in comfort and will help mom feel cool all night (and all day, let’s be honest). This set looks especially chic, thanks to the contrast piping. SPY received a sample and loved the soft fabric and stretchy waistband, which is especially important for moms recovering from C-sections.

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Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Crane & Canopy


52. Venture Pal Motivational Fitness Water Bottle with Time Marker


New moms need to drink. Interpret that how you will, but from sleep deprivation to body trauma to high-stress levels and everything else she gets thrown at here on any given day, keeping mom hydrated is the key to keeping mom moving. Proper hydration is essential for breastfeeding moms, and no one is thirstier than a new mom who has just sat down and finally achieved a solid latch. This bottle keeps any mom, new or not, on track to get the daily recommended dose of 64 ounces and features a removable straw and strap, helping to up the convenience factor.

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Courtesy of Amazon


53. Hello Bello Break in Case of Baby Gift Set


A standard gift for new moms is bath and lotion sets for the baby. So yeah, we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but this type of gift set like the one from Hello Bello is great because moms will actually use all the products and won’t have to run to the drug store at 3 a.m. for diaper cream. SPY has tested Hello Bello’s bath products, and like that the plant-based lotions are gentle on a baby’s skin … and on mom’s skin. Moms get dry, too!

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Courtesy of Walmart


54. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine


When the baby gets a good night’s rest, so does mom. That’s what makes the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine an excellent gift for new mothers. The multitasker works as a sound machine, night light, and alarm clock, with a soft light that mimics the sunrise as it brightens. The sound machine can be controlled via smartphone to make life easier for parents, allowing them to control the color, brightness, sound, and volume. Mom can also program it based on the baby’s sleep schedule.

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Courtesy of Amazon



55. Frida Mom Hospital Packing Kit for Labor and Delivery + Postpartum


For those whose journey to motherhood included a hospital stay, their body has been through a trauma. Yep, we said it. Frida has a vast lineup of helpful products for babies and moms, including their Hospital Packing Kit for labor, delivery and postpartum. The kit includes several items that moms will receive during their hospital stay but are difficult to find once home. Instead of a new mom scouring the internet for perineal foam while she should be resting, gift your mama with a kit that includes essentials to take care of her essentials.

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56. Force of Nature Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Keeping moms and newborns healthy is imperative, and that means keeping your home free from germs while also using a cleaner that is not toxic to little ones. SPY used the Force of Nature Multi-Purpose Cleaner, and we were impressed with the system’s compact design. The innovative unit uses electricity to convert tap water and a small cleaner tube into a multi-purpose, multi-room cleaner that is an EPA registered disinfectant and sanitizer. The non-toxic cleaner, which is similar in power to bleach but doesn’t contain any added fragrances, dyes, or irritants, can be used in just about any room, including the kitchen and bathrooms, and is even safe on baby items.

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57. Ray Bar Necklace from Made By Mary


Gift a new mom with a necklace that keeps the name they’ve spent weeks, months, or even years picking out close to their heart. The Ray Bar Necklace from Made By Mary can be customized in rose gold, gold-filled or sterling silver and include a name or date. This beautiful keepsake can be worn on a night out or on day three of wearing the same sweatpants. #Momlife

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58. A Week of Women-Owned Wine From Maker Wine


New moms who are wine drinkers will love the Week of Women-Owned Wine from Maker Wine. The six cans of red, white and rosé are all beautifully packaged in cans that double as display pieces. Each wine is made by a female winemaker or comes from a female-owned winery in California with informational cards about the wines and winery included. SPY tried the wines included in the set and we officially have six new favorite wines. Each wine is dry, has 0g of sugar and is vegan-friendly. Yeah, it’s a lot to love, we know!

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59. Under Eye Collagen Eye Mask Patches


It’s a well-known fact that new moms are not getting a lot of sleep — and she might have the tired, puffy eyes to prove it. That’s where these firming, soothing eye gel masks come in. These under-eye patches use snail slime, 24 karat gold, and peptides to hydrate skin and reduce dark circles underneath the eyes. In just 15 minutes a day, they’re formulated to help revive tired eyes and deliver long-lasting moisture.

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60. Motherhood Maternity Women’s Wrap Front Nursing Sleep Bra


When she has to wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby, the last thing she needs to deal with is fumbling with her bra. Comfy and convenient, this bra is designed for overnight wear. The pull-on style is soft and wireless, ideal for sleeping yet giving just enough support. The wrap front allows for easy nursing access, and the layered design helps protect sheets from leakage.

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61. Day 2 Night Crossbody by Jujube


Whether mom is heading out for her first date night or needs a diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag, it doesn’t get much more stylish or functional than the Day 2 Night Crossbody by Jujube. Known for their durable, functional, and fashionable baby and kid-friendly bags, Jujube’s new Day 2 Night Crossbody has all the style and substance new moms need in a bag. SPY received a sample and we loved that the bag came with a changing pad, plenty of pockets with room for diapers, wipes, a onesie and mom’s personal items. We were even able to fit a small bottle in the middle section of the bag, which can also be worn as a clutch. Available in several colors, moms will be able to use the Day 2 Night as an everyday purse even when their little ones don’t require a diaper bag anymore.

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62. Magic Bag


Being a new mom is a physical role. Carrying a baby all day, lifting car seats and laundry baskets, bending over bathtubs and crawling undetected out of a dark bedroom after your little one has fallen asleep (moms are ninjas) can take a toll on any mom. That’s why we like the hot and cold compress from Magic Bag. Store it in the freezer or microwave the Magic Bag to instantly relieve sore muscles. SPY received a sample of the Magic Bag, and yup, it’s magic.

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63. Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover


There are many great nursing covers available, but one of the best is the Bebe au Lait Premium Cotton Nursing Cover. We like that it has a rigid neckline that holds the away from the body, which means the fabric won’t ‘stick’ to the baby and gives moms an easy sightline of their little one while still keeping themselves completely covered. It’s also lightweight, which helps keep both baby and mom comfortable.

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