Sports Fanatic in the Family? These Sports Gifts Are Sure to Score Major Brownie Points Every Time

best gifts for sports fans
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The world of sports is large, exciting and filled with intense emotions no matter what team, match or play you’re following. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you probably know someone who is, and you know how big of a deal it is when their team does well, does poorly, or does well and still loses. It’s a world of high highs and low lows, but people stick with it nonetheless, and during the holiday season is a great time to celebrate your loved one’s fandom. The best gifts for sports fans commemorate the collective power of sports and show how much you care about your sports fan, even if sports aren’t exactly your thing.

They make great, high-quality gifts related to every sport you could imagine that go from solid and affordable to luxurious and high-ticket. In this piece, we’ve gathered the best of the best for a handful of major sports at a variety of price points. If you’ve got a football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey or soccer fan in your family we’ve got you covered. We’ve also included a few gifts that transcend the barriers of different games that all sports fans will love. Whether they’re a die-hard sports junkie who can’t get enough, or enjoy the sounds of whistles and plays on in the background, these gifts for sports fans are sure to delight this holiday season.


1. Antarctic Star Mini Fridge

If you live with a sports fan, you know the beverage of choice during a game is a crucial component to the watching experience. This mini fridge is perfect for storing extra beers, seltzers and other refreshments. It can hold up to 60 cans and is compact enough to fit in a playroom, den, basement or location in close proximity to the TV. It has an adjustable thermostat and the double glass door seals tight so your drinks stay at an optimal temperature.

antarctic star mini fridge, best gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Amazon


2. YouTube TV Subscription

YouTube TV is one of the best streaming services for watching live sports as it bundles together a few different sports networks including ESPN and the NFL network. It’s available throughout the US and includes 85+ other channels as well filled with entertainment, to enjoy on commercial breaks of course. Which makes it a great gift for sports fans and also can be an awesome gift for your dad.

YouTube TV subscription, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of YouTube TV


3. Hulu Live Sports Subscription

Hulu has live sports — have you heard? This service bundles together live sports across disciplines from basketball to baseball, football and more. There’s no cable required for access and you can cancel at anytime.

hulu live sports, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Hulu


4. 6-Bottle Beer Caddy

Remember what we said about the beverages? This beer caddy is perfect for stashing a few by the couch when it’s game time or taking refreshments on the go to games (whenever we can safely watch games in person again). It has a super cool vintage look to it and includes an adjustable strap for transport. You can remove the inner divider to fit all sorts of cans inside, and it has a bottle opener on a retractable cord so you’re never caught with a cap you can’t clip off.

beer caddy, best gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Amazon


5. Nova Portable Stadium Seat Chair

The real fans know that the bleachers is where the action happens. This stadium seat makes those tough metal benches more comfortable so you can sit and enjoy the game for hours. They’re made with a 600D polyester covering and have six different reclining positions you can sink into.

portable stadium seat chair, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Amazon


6. 2020 World Series Champions Dodgers Hoodie

The Dodgers are finally World Series champions! Commemorate with your favorite Dodgers fan with this hoodie. It’s the first championship they’ve won since 1988, so it’s worth splurging on this super soft hoodie for. It was a wild season and weird year for sports, so this ring is truly unlike any other.

dodgers world series sweatshirt, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Homage


7. Uncommon Goods Home Team Baseball Game

Bring the thrill of the ballpark home with this fun baseball game! You can choose to adorn the beautiful wood board with your loved one’s favorite team’s logo. It’s a simple game that’s sure to draw attention away from smartphones, tablets and computers for a bit over the holidays — and towards America’s favorite past time.

Home team baseball game, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


8. Baseball Park Map Glasses — Set of 2

These glasses are another fun way to commemorate your sports fan’s favorite team — and their home stadium. Each glass set features a map of their stadium as well as the surrounding area in the team’s signature colors. I personally own these glasses and love them — they’re high-quality and the colors on them still shine brightly after years of washing.

baseball park glasses, best gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


9. MLB Ballpark Traveler’s Map

If you’ve got a baseball fan who’s less devoted to one team and only needs a good game and a bag of peanuts — this travelers map is perfect. It’s got every team’s name and location so they can note which stadiums they’ve been to. Whether they reach each park in a summer or a whole lifetime, it’ll be a nice visual display of one of the great loves of their life.

MLB Ballpark Traveler's Map, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


10. Chicago Bulls Six-Time World Champs T-Shirt

Any Last Dance fans? This t-shirt commemorates the Bulls’ run in Chicago that dominated the sports world throughout the 90’s. If you have any Bulls fans or MJ fans in the building — this might be a perfect way to celebrate the GOAT.

homage chicago bulls t-shirt Courtesy of Homage


11. Los Angeles Lakers 17 Time Champs

The Lakers have now won 17 franchise championships! They’re tied with the Celtics for the most wins, which is a momentous occasion if we’ve ever heard one. Gift a piece of memorabilia for one of the greatest teams of all time with this super soft t-shirt available in a variety of sizes.

lakers t-shirt, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Homage


12. Basketball Playful Sports Mug

This mug is adorable, and is made by a kid entrepreneur Max who’s aiming to make mealtimes much more fun. Slam dunk throughout your cup of morning coffee, bowl of cereal or swig of soup. This mug is available in the shape of a basketball, hockey puck, football, soccer ball and baseball glove.

basketball mug, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


13. NFL 100 — A Century of Pro Football

This book chronicles 100 years of football in the US – and celebrates America’s most popular sport. It tells the tale of its beginnings in Canton, Ohio and its rise to mass popularity through the decades. Key athletes, memorable moments and legendary plays are all included in this book that your football fan will love flipping through. Also, this book is one of the top gifts for men among SPY readers in 2020.

NFL 100 sports chronicle, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Amazon


14. NFL Game Used Uniform Wallet

Yup, you read that right — this wallet is made with dividers made from game-used NFL jerseys! Pretty cool, huh? You can pick which team the jersey should come from, and each jersey is guaranteed to include at least two team colors. The exterior is made of vegan, environmentally-friendly leather and stitched durable for daily use.

NFL game used uniform wallet, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


15. FOCO NFL Helmet Construction Toy

This FOCO creation lets younger sports fans build their team’s helmet and proudly display it for game day. The set is recommended for children 12+ years old as it has 1325 blocks. Each helmet includes the team’s logo and essential colors so it’ll be instantly identifiable to true fans.

NFL team helmet, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Amazon


16. NCAA Men’s College Team Logo Slide Slippers

Any college football fans out there? College teams garner a ton of attention as well, for good reason — many of the NFL’s best players come from the NCAA rosters, so make sure to take into account college sports when buying presents. These slippers feature college basketball team logos on each one, and are made with soft sherpa material inside to keep feet warm in the winter.

NCAA college men's football slippers, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Amazon


17. Anatomy of Sports Coasters

Hockey is America’s fourth largest sports fan base, so naturally we couldn’t leave them out of this round-up! These festive coasters break down the mechanics of your favorite game — including hockey. Each puck-shaped protector has a different graphic explaining skates, sticks, the rink and the puck. True fans already know these things, of course, but it’s a fun decoration to spark conversation with fellow fans.

anatomy of sports coasters, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


18. Premium Personalized Hockey Blanket

This hockey blanket comes with the option to personalize with your player’s number and name. It’s perfect for warming up with after a chilly practice, and is made with soft plush polyester material.

premium hockey blanket, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Chalk Talk Sports


19. Penny Soccer Game

This game might be mini, but the competition is real and super fun. You play with a penny, and try to flick it across the field, navigating between plug-shaped “players” until your coin reaches the goal. Bring out this game during friends and family gatherings and give everyone a run for their money as you defend your turf.

penny soccer game, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


20. Watching Football Socks

True soccer fans know that “football” is what it’s called in other countries, and of course will appreciate this convenient gift for kicking up your feet and enjoying a few matches. These socks come in a handful of color choices and size options as well. It’s a simple, thoughtful stocking stuffer for all the soccer fans out there.

soccer socks, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Etsy


21. Custom Soccer Fan Bobblehead

A bobblehead that looks exactly like them? Your soccer fan will love it. You can customize this bobblehead to look exactly like them from a wide variety of outfits, looks, poses, etc. Each one is handmade so make sure to order yours with plenty of time before the holiday, birthday or anniversary in question.

custom bobblehead, gifts for sports fans Courtesy of Etsy