The Top 35 Gifts for Dudes Who Seem to Have Just About Everything

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Some guys can be impossible to shop for. We all know the type of guy that replies “I already have everything I need,” when you ask what gifts for men he wants. It’s like, we don’t care, dude, that’s not the point. You still deserve a gift! Therefore, it’s not unusual for us to say that shopping for gifts for the impossible man is, well, impossible.

When searching the web for gifts for the impossible man, creativity is key. There are many “don’t” categories that include everything a regular person would love to have. Thinking about grabbing him a couple of new comfy men’s t-shirts? Don’t. He’ll say “I already have three good ones, you didn’t need to waste the money.” Maybe you want to replace his favorite pair of sneakers, in which he’ll say “but these ones I have now are just fine.” Considering upgrading his almost useless iPhone 3? Don’t even get him started. He’s not going to take it.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered together the 30+ best gifts for the impossible man that he will actually appreciate. Whether you’re hunting for the best Valentine’s Day gifts, birthday presents or “just because” gift ideas, we’ve got plenty of unique options for you. From Mancrates to Masterclasses, these are some pretty unusual picks, but hey, they aren’t something he’s already got, which is a plus. Read on and discover the best gifts for the impossible man in your life.


1. Mancrates


There’s no guy on this earth that won’t love a personalized Mancrate, believe that. What is a Mancrate, you ask? It’s a box filled with a number of goodies based on the interests of your giftee. No matter what he’s into, Mancrates has a crate for it. Whiskey? There’s a crate for that. Beer? One for that, too. Lure making? Surprisingly, yes. Anything that tough-to-gift guy loves, Mancrates surely has a crate for it. Even if he’s already got what comes jampacked inside, you’ll get an A+ for sheer creativity, and that’s a fact. When it comes to gifts for the impossible man, you can’t go wrong with Mancrates.

Mancrates Personalized Barware Crate, best gifts for the Impossible man Courtesy of Mancrates


2. Seattle Chocolate Take Me Anywhere Heart Box


Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand. This year, ditch the CVS-bought heart-shaped chocolate box for something more special with the Seattle Chocolate Take Me Anywhere box. This chocolate is absolutely insane and will surpass the taste of any other sweet treat he’s had in the past. Each box comes with a few flavors such as pink bubbly, milk chocolate, hazelnut butter, salted almond, Mexican hot chocolate and dark chocolate. What are you waiting for? Make your mouth stop watering and order yours now.

Seattle Chocolate Take Me Anywhere Heart Box, gifts for the impossible man Courtesy of Seattle Chocolate


3. Hunt A Killer Subscription Box


If he’s obsessed with true-crime podcasts and documentaries, or if he loves board games, then there’s a solid chance he’s already heard of Hunt A Killer but never pulled the trigger to purchase it himself. Maybe that’s because he’s too afraid of getting caught red-handed — and no one likes a guilty suspect.

This wildly exciting subscription box is just what your man needs this V-Day to fulfill his true-crime fantasies by solving a case. Month by month, he’ll receive a number of clues that will get him closer and closer to solving a mystery that will blow his mind. Play it together on your next date night or have him play solo. Trust us, he will be addicted. Best of all, SPY readers can use the code DATENIGHT to receive 25% off the first box.

hunt a killer box, gifts for the impossible man Courtesy of Hunt a Killer

4. Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set


Are you gifting a dude that can never spend too much time in the garden? If so, these hilarious velociraptor garden sculptures are the perfect present for him. Although velociraptors were known for being swift little thieves, these bad boys are here to protect all of his beloved fruits and veggies he works so tirelessly on and will absolutely bring a smile to his face. They’re perfect for all dinosaur lovers that want to add a little pizzazz to their home’s exterior.

Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


5. Position of the Day Playbook By


It’s a special day, so you know what that means — it’s time for some special play. This Valentine’s Day, give him a little help with this Position of the Day Playbook by Choose whichever they suggest you two do for V-Day, or spice it up and pick a position on a random day. The choice is up to both of you.

Position of the Day Playbook By Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


6. Ring Doorbell


Everybody wants to keep their house safe, there’s no denying that. Whether your giftee lives in a small apartment or a grand manor, his valuables are still his valuables and the safety of his family is important. Amazon’s Ring Doorbell is an excellent gift for, well, literally anyone that wants to keep their space safe. The device lets you see, hear and speak to any guests out front whether wanted or unwanted without even opening the door and will notify your smartphone when motion is detected. Even if he thinks he’ll never need it, he’ll probably need it, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ring Doorbell Courtesy of Amazon


7. Homesick Candles


There’s always a sort of stigma over whether or not women should gift men candles. But, like, it’s a candle. It shouldn’t be deemed a feminine or masculine gift to give or receive. Therefore, gift him a candle this year, because you know he loves them. Homesick candles are perfect for V-Day because they’re super specific — gift him the scent of his home state or a memorable trip you took together.

Homesick Candles Ski Trip Candle Courtesy of Homesick Candles


8. Dog Blueprints


You know what they say, a dog is a man’s best friend. It’s a saying as old as time and holds true to this day. If you know a guy who can’t live without his favorite furry friend, this framed dog blueprint is an uncommon yet cool thing for him to throw up on any bare wall in his home. The depiction is cool yet comedic in a way, considering, well, dogs aren’t blueprinted in a way machines are, but we can pretend. From golden retrievers to Pugs to Mastiffs to the might Maltese, there’s surely a blueprint for whatever breed your Valentine can’t go without.

Dog Blueprints Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


9. Casetify Phone Case


He might have it all, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t constantly breaking everything. If he’s on his fourth iPhone so far this year, please, and we mean PLEASE, get him a phone case from Casetify. Casetify, unlike most extremely durable phone case alternatives, actually makes numerous cases that are both semi-indestructible and cool. There are so many options you can cover your phone in, from flowers to Coca-Cola themed cases to pets to Stranger Things to even some customizable options. The opportunities are endless. If he’s Poke-obsessed, we absolutely recommend you check out Casetify’s Pokemon collection. Most options are currently on the waitlist, but they’re worth waiting for. Like, come on, just look at this tie-dye Snorlax case. You can even snag yourself some new options for his iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini and all other new smartphones

Tie Dye Snorlax Casetify Case Courtesy of Casetify


10. Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset


If your hard-to-shop-for-man is missing out on concerts, vacations and weekend parties as much as we are, then he’ll have to wait a little longer for life to go back to normal. In the meantime, give him the gift of escape by treating him to one of the Top Tech Gifts of 2020, the Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset. Oculus, a Facebook company, has created the ultimate VR Headset for gamers. The Oculus Quest 2 provides stellar image quality, immersive audio and visuals, a host of exciting games and tons of free apps. Standout games include Half Life: ALYX, but there are also non-gaming forms of entertainment like VR Chat and the free YouTube app. Virtual reality technology has never been more affordable, so surprise your impossible man (aka, your Valentine) with a gift that will blow his mind in the best possible way.

oculus quest 2 vr headset, best christmas gifts Courtesy of Oculus

11. Latex-Free Heavy-Duty Scrubbing Gloves


Although gifts and cleaning products don’t really sound like they should go hand-in-hand, this is the first time they should. Make your giftee’s life a bit easier with these heavy-duty scrubbing gloves that bring the fun back into washing dishes and rid the need to ever use a sponge again. Waterproof liner molds to any hand shape with ease, making for a comfortable, non-slippery clean every time. They’re also made to use again and again, unlike any ratty sponge alternative. Simply ring them out and hang dry or give them an extra clean by throwing them in the dishwasher. Though he may think they’re a waste of money toward the beginning, he’ll completely change his mind after just one use.

Latex-Free Heavy-Duty Scrubbing Gloves Courtesy of The Grommet


12. Dessert & Dinner Edible Spoon Sets


Does he ever get so hungry that he can eat something inedible? Well, now he can. This spoon set is a 100% edible utensil option he will totally swoon over. How, you might ask? Well, these “disposable” spoons are made from sweet and savory ingredients that work perfect for drizzling chocolate syrup on top of ice cream sundaes or balsamic over a salad. You can get these in a 20-pack of chocolate and vanilla or in a 20-pack of oregano and black pepper, making this a sweet (or savory) treat your Valentine will love. Bon appétit!

Dessert & Dinner Edible Spoon Sets Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


13. Scentbird


While loads of guys already have their own unique scent they’re having trouble switching up, Scentbird is a solid way to spice up a guy’s cologne choices for special occasions. It works as a monthly subscription service that gives men (or women, even) the choice to test out new colognes for an affordable price and in a smaller bottle. With that being said, there’s barely any wasting involved if he hates the smell. There’s no way the dude you’re gifting doesn’t already have a couple of colognes, but why not add a few more to the collection? Maybe he’ll even find his new go-to. And you know what they say — scent is an aphrodisiac, which is enough said for your Valentine’s Day plans.

Scentbird Courtesy of Scentbird


14. Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine


The Bartesian is an at-home cocktail maker that will fully change the way you’re giftee is serving and sipping drinks at home. Forget the need to measure or pour, all you need to do is make sure you have your favorite four liquors on hand at all times to refill the four attached upside-down bottles and this machine will make you the tastiest, best-poured drink you’ve ever tasted. Insert a cocktail capsule into the top of the mixer, select your preferred strength, press “mix” and watch this thing create mixologist-approved drinks right in front of you. It’s a great Valentine’s Day gift for men you really can’t pass up on.

Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine Courtesy of Amazon


15. VNYL


For guys with a growing vinyl collection, potentially the coolest surprise of them all to gift will be a box from VNYL. What is VNYL, you ask? Well, it’s a subscription vinyl record service (that does have one-time options, don’t worry) that ships three random records to your home based on your music taste. Connect his Spotify so the VNYL team can understand what he’s into and his Discogs so they know what he already has and surprise him with three records that he’ll totally love. Our e-commerce editor tried out the VNYL subscription service himself, so if you’re weighing on whether or not to buy it, check out his full review here.

VNYL Courtesy of VNYL


16. Himalayan Salt Massage Ball


Spice up his V-Day massage with a Himalayan salt massage ball that will bring more than just a relaxing, muscle-loosening back rub. Heat it up in the microwave for a warming feeling he will want more and more of or throw it in the freezer for a little and let him experience the exact opposite. Top it off with some essential oils and you’ll have yourself a superb Valentine’s Day evening.

Himalayan Salt Massage Ball Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


17. Custom Map Serving Tray


Is your man from Japan but now living on the Frisco Bay? Or maybe he’s from the Jersey Shore but made the move to coastal Spain. Whatever the case may be, if your impossible man is ever reminiscent of his hometown, splurge on a customizable map serving tray to bring him a little bit closer to home. No matter which place stays near and dear to his heart while living miles away from it, this serving tray will honor it in his new home. Use it as a constant table centerpiece to hold candles and other items, a serving tray for cheese and crackers when you have guests or a decorative wall piece to show off to guests.

Custom Map Serving Tray Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


18. 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service


If your go-to guy isn’t a conspiracy theorist who believes ancestry kits are designed to steal our DNA for cloning, gift your most curious fella the 23andMe Ancestry kit and finally prove to him and his family that he actually isn’t 100% Italian like he’s been telling you. You know how it works, have him spit into the provided tube and ship it off to the testing facility, where results will be gathered and given a few weeks later. This thing will have him clarify his identity and help him discover much more about himself than he thought he already knew.

23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service Courtesy of Amazon


19. Saucemoto Dip Clip


Know a guy who’s constantly eating on the road? This is the perfect gift he didn’t know he needed. The Saucemoto dip clip is a gamechanger for all on-the-go eaters. Its sole focus? To hold your sauces for you so you can safely drive your car. The pack comes with two clips (for two different sauces, duh) that snag themselves right onto your car’s air conditioning vent for safe, unmessy dippage. He’s going to thank you for this one, we’re sure of it.

Saucemoto Dip Clip Courtesy of Amazon


20. Bearaby Cotton Napper


Has he delved into the world of weighted blankets just yet? No? Boy, is he in for a treat. This weighted blanket from Bearaby is the coziest on the market. The blanket itself is made from a breathable, heavy-as-hell knitted organic cotton to ensure you don’t feel overheated and too claustrophobic when using. The Cotton Napper also comes in a ton of different cool colors as well as three different weight sizes, being 15, 20 and 25 lbs. Bearaby suggests when choosing your weight, pick the option closest to 10% of your body weight to be most comfortable. This is a surefire gift for him this Valentine’s Day.

Bearaby Cotton Napper Courtesy of Bearaby


21. Personalized Cutting Board


Commemorate your happy relationship with a cutting board he’ll cherish for years upon years. Whether he’s serving appetizers or chopping up fresh veggies, he can always be reminded of his other half with this tasteful gift. It will be totally unexpected and we promise you’ll bring a smile to his face this Valentine’s Day.

Personalized Cutting Board Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


22. Otto – Ostrich Portrait


Real art lovers will know a masterpiece when they see one. Low and behold: Otto the Ostrich. This brilliant piece of exquisite artwork depicts Otto himself serving us nothing but smiles. He truly has a knack for modeling and it’s safe to say we will be seeing him decked in looks from Marc Jacobs on the runway at Paris Fashion Week. Snag this icon for your favorite art lover’s home and watch Otto’s infectious smile work its magic.

Otto - Ostrich Portrait Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


23. MerryNine 6″ Optical Glass Triangular Prism


Yeah, it’s primarily supposed to be used to teach physics, but it doesn’t have to be used for teaching physics. For any dude who likes to distract himself while working from home, snag him this optical glass triangular prism that he can keep on his desk and make rainbows on his walls all day long. We’re sure he will get all that imported work finished when he’s done.

MerryNine 6" Optical Glass Triangular Prism Courtesy of Amazon


24. Two-Tone Dye Retro Varsity Crew Sock


Socks are a classic, but there’s no need to make them bland. Check out these tie-dye socks from Urban Outfitters and add a little bit of eclectic color to his daily wardrobe. Whether he’s headed on a run, hanging with friends or going to work, he can wear these socks with complete confidence.

Two-Tone Dye Retro Varsity Crew Sock Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


25. Fanatek Camera Lens Coffee Mug


While this is a great gift for photographers, it’s also an excellent gift for coffee lovers. Which, if you know just about any photographer, you’ll realize the two practically go hand-in-hand. Long days on set? Coffee. Long nights editing? Coffee. Living? Breathing? Coffee. And, coffee. This lens-like mug is perfect for the photo lover in your life.

Fanatek Camera Lens Coffee Mug Courtesy of Amazon


26. Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post


Maybe the impossible man you’re buying for this year is your tabby cat Oswald. Or, maybe it’s Oswald’s dad. Who knows. Whether you’re gifting a cat or a cat lover, this cactus cat scratching post is an adorable and somehow aesthetically pleasing post to have in the house. Because it’s shaped like a cactus, it doesn’t look like your typical, otherwise ugly cat scratching post. This will certainly be a gift for two.

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post Courtesy of Chewy


27. BUG-A-SALT 2.0 from Skell


Looking to fight nasty, unwanted bugs and have some fun while doing it? The BUG-A-SALT is the way to go. Grab ordinary table salt you use in the kitchen, fill this baby up, aim and shoot. It kills ants, flies and other small bugs from as far as three feet away. Your man’s never killed bugs like this before, making this one of most fun Valentine’s Day gifts for men this year — hands down.

BUG-A-SALT 2.0 from Skell Courtesy of Amazon


28. Fellow Carter Everywhere Travel Mug


Let’s get real for a second: we already know that he’s got, like, 50 mugs around the house. Some for at-home sipping purposes, some for bringing hot beverages on the road and some that have been collecting dust since 2006. It’s inevitable. That being said, buy him another one. Why not? As he heads back into the office after working from home for multiple months at a time, surprise him with this sleek mug from Fellow that will get him excited to get back on that once dreaded commute. The mug itself is very modern-looking and is built to make your beverage the most ideal temp you could hope for. Beverages stay hot for 12 hours and cold for an entire day, which is totally useful for long, hard workdays.

Fellow Carter Everywhere Travel Mug Courtesy of Nordstrom


29. Black Lives Matter Hat


Reclaim the red hat trend with this Black Lives Matter cap, which will make passersby do a doubletake. This is a funny yet in-your-face way to support an incredible movement.

Black Lives Matter Hat Courtesy of Etsy


30. Turtleneck Dickies


Add a little flair to his regular day-to-day fits with a classic turtleneck dickey. Oh, what is a turtleneck dickey? Well, it’s essentially a turtleneck necklace that appears like an actual turtleneck when placed underneath a sweater or sweatshirt. It’s a great way to add a simple yet extra bit of pizazz to his everyday look without having him overheat. If your impossible to shop for man is obsessed with doing it for the ‘gram or going viral on Tik-Tok, then this is a funny gift idea he’s sure to love.

Turtleneck Dickies Courtesy of Amazon


31. Pistachio Pedestal


Let’s get nutty. Well, tree nutty. For any and all pistachio-loving dudes out there, gift this pedestal bowl so he can get cracking. Simply place a slew of pistachios in the upper bowl and leave the shells at the bottom trough. It’s a totally unique gift that will need a bit of explaining upon opening.

Pistachio Pedestal Courtesy of Uncommon Goods


32. Masterclass Subscription


Know a design buff? Or maybe a culinary specialist? Or a potentially a science nerd? No matter his interests or talents, gift your impossible guy a Masterclass class or subscription taught by incredibly renowned professionals in their chosen field such as Gordon Ramsay, Dr. Jane Goodall, R.L. Stine, deadmau5 and many more. Learning from the best of the best like this will feel like the chance of a lifetime for him. Best part about it? An annual fee is only $180 altogether, making Masterclass a pretty reasonably priced Valentine’s Day gift for men given what it is.

Gordon Ramsay on Masterclass, best gifts for the Impossible man Courtesy of Masterclass


33. Black Majestix Juggling Sticks


This Valentine’s Day, gift your man something he will absolutely never expect with a gift he’s going to have to ask a few questions about upon unwrapping. These “devil sticks” are an exciting new hobby he can cling to for the rest of quarantine. Simply hit them back and forth to begin, then upgrade to spins, flips and tricks of all sorts. A guide comes along to help him through the first couple of tries, but we suggest he watches a few YouTube videos to help get him started.

Black Majestix Juggling Sticks Courtesy of Amazon


34. Jot Coffee


We know, trying a new cup of joe that isn’t your day-to-day go-to from Dunkin’ can sound pretty scary, but in this case, it’s completely worth it. If your impossible man is a coffee lover, then get him to try out Jot Coffee — the purest, most concentrated coffee on the planet. Because it’s 20 times more caffeinated than any coffee alternative, you only need one tablespoon to transform a simple glass of iced water into the smoothest, tastiest coffee on the planet. When you’re on the hunt for gift ideas for the impossible man, you want to find something he hasn’t heard of before, and this concentrate is the coffee world’s best-kept secret right now.

Jot Coffee, best gifts for the Impossible man Courtesy of Jot


35. PaintYourLife Custom Portrait

SPY e-commerce editor Taylor Galla recently tested the PaintYourLife service, and she was deeply impressed. PaintYourLife takes meaningful photographs and transforms them into works of art you can hang on your wall. The company’s team of professional artists will make a painting that’s completely unique to you. Customers can create a portrait of a beloved pet or celebrate a special moment in their relationship. PaintYourLife also makes compilation paintings, in which a loved one who has passed away is painted into a family portrait. Many guys are hard to shop for because they only appreciate truly meaningful gifts, and this is one of the most thoughtful and unique gift ideas we’ve found yet.

paint your life Courtesy of PaintYourLife

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