The Cutest Gifts for Twins of All Ages

best gifts for twins

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Two is better than one when it comes to most things — french fries, shoes and even humans. Twins are a blessing, but when it comes to gifting occasions, it can be difficult to figure out what to get them. Don’t worry, we went on a hunt for some of the best gifts for twins.

Whether you know a family that just welcomed a fresh set of twin babies or have friends who happened to share a womb once upon a time, there’s something you can get them that they’ll both love. They won’t have to compare who got the better present for Christmas or their birthday. From things that match, make life easier for their parents or help keep them connected wherever they are, there are tons of great gifts for twins that they’ll truly appreciate.

Double the trouble, double the fun, double the gifts. Identical, fraternal, babies or teens, these are some top-notch gifts to get the twins in your life.


1. Twins Necklace Set


These affordable matching necklaces make a great gift for twins of all ages. You can customize them with each of their initials so that they have a little bit of themselves and a little bit of each other hanging near their hearts. Whether the twins you have in mind share a bedroom or live on opposite sides of the country, these necklaces are a beautiful way to keep them connected.

necklaces for twins, best gifts for twins Courtesy of Etsy

2. Take Two!: A Celebration of Twins


For little twins just learning to read, help them celebrate their twinhood with this children’s book. It’s full of poems and mini facts with whimsical illustrations for your favorite twins between the ages of four and eight to enjoy.

take two twins book Courtesy of Amazon

3. Long Distance Friendship Lamp


If you know a set of twins who are struggling to live far apart, these friendship lamps make a lovely and thoughtful gift. They each get a lamp, and when one touches theirs, the other lights up. It’s a way for them to reach out when they miss each other and feel like the other is a little closer than they actually are.

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long distance frienship lamps Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

4. Twin Gift Set


Another great option for youngsters, this gift set will give baby and toddler twins a whole bundle of joy. It includes two plush elephant rattles and a fully illustrated rhyming storybook about how special it is to be a twin. It’s also gender-neutral, so it works for any set of twins you need to get a present for.

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twin gift set Courtesy of Amazon

5. Drinking Buddies Twins Baby Bibs


This is a funny and practical gift for a family that has just welcomed twins. All babies need bibs, and these make the chaos of mealtime a bit more entertaining. Help the twin babies you’re shopping for keep their little onesies clean and give their parents a laugh at the same time.

drinking buddies twin bibs Courtesy of Amazon

6. Best Twin Ever Mug


Sometimes you’re closer to one twin, or just want to instigate a little healthy competition between siblings. Get this “Best Twin Ever” mug for one twin to make a statement, or for both to keep them guessing which one is really your favorite. Plus, everyone could use another good mug.

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best twin ever mug Courtesy of Amazon

7. Name In Hearts Print


Most twins share a bedroom, so it’s always nice to get them a little something they can keep for all of their years under the same roof. This lovely print has two hearts, each with the name of one twin written inside. You can choose from a variety of colors to best suit the room or the personality of the new twins that have come into your life.

twin hearts print Courtesy of Etsy

8. Zodiac Star Sign Socks


Even if the twins you know aren’t super into astrology, everyone can use a nice pair of socks, right? These Zodiac Star Sign Socks make a great birthday gift for twins, who obviously share the same astrological sign. They’re cozy, cute, and affordable, so you can grab a pair for each twin to make sure nobody feels left out.

star sign socks, best gifts for twins Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

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