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The Best Gifts the Yogi in Your Life Will Actually Appreciate (and Use)

One of the great things about yoga is that you don’t need much to get started. All you really need is a mat, comfortable clothing and your favorite online class. The low barrier of entry is great for anyone trying out yoga for the first time, but it can be a challenge for anyone looking to buy a gift for the budding yogi in their life.

There are many yoga-themed gifts that focus on meditation or spiritual elements like chakras. But you don’t have to be invested in the spiritual components of yoga to want to improve your strength, balance and flexibility. On the other end of the gift spectrum are the punny T-shirts and wine glasses, but that’s not everyone’s aesthetic either. That’s why we’ve rounded up some practical and tasteful gifts for yogis that can be useful either during sessions or between them.

These gifts for yogis range in price, although most of them are under $100, and there are several great options under $25. Since newbies and seasoned yogis alike are likely to already have a reliable yoga mat and comfortable clothes, we’ve decided to focus on other gifts that are yoga-adjacent but that they might not already have.

Maybe the yogi in your life needs a way to enjoy a post-workout smoothie. A high-quality blender might be what they need. Or perhaps they’re an early bird looking to get in a morning session. In that case, wireless sport earbuds will let them listen to their favorite calming music or follow along with a video class without waking anyone. We’ve also included yoga-specific gifts that can help them hone their form, such as yoga blocks. And if they’re trying out hot yoga for the first time and are realizing their usual gear isn’t cutting it, we have some gifts for them, too. These are the best unique and practical gifts for yogis to buy online right now.

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1. Manduka Cork Yoga Block


A yoga block is a great gift for beginners and advanced yogis alike because it can be used in a wide variety of ways that both ease and deepen poses. For beginners, it can help make certain poses easier by acting as a way to bring the ground closer to you if you’re still working on your flexibility. For more advanced yogis, a yoga block can be used for the opposite purpose, as a way to deepen the pose and add an extra level of difficulty. A yoga block can also provide extra support to your back, hips or neck. This block from Manduka is made from cork, a sustainable and durable material that’s easy to grip and absorbent enough to put your weight on. It’s the kind of thing the yogi in your life might not have yet but will likely appreciate.

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2. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender


This blender from Ninja comes with a large 72-ounce pitcher, or you can swap out the pitcher for the smaller 16-ounce cups that allow you to blend right into a travel cup. It’s a great option for any yoga enthusiast who wants a quick and easy way to make a post-yoga smoothie, whether that’s at home or for their commute. Of course, it works just as well for frozen margaritas on the weekend.

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3. Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag Studio to Street


Yogis on the go will appreciate this mat bag, which combines the convenience of mat straps with the storage of a gym duffel. The straps can be pulled out to accommodate a rolled-up mat on the outside of the bag, and the inside of the bag has several components for organizing essentials and storing a change of clothes. It comes in black, making it a great unisex option, and the nylon construction makes it lightweight, sturdy and water-resistant.

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Sony WF-SP800N Sports Headphones


These earbuds from Sony are one of our favorites right now. They’re great true wireless options for any workout, including yoga, where a tangle of wires would only get in the way. The IP55-rating makes them sweat and splash resistant, so they’ll be able to keep up with any hot yoga session. They also have noise-canceling so the yoga-lover in your life can focus, and the sport earbuds come in blue, black or orange.

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5. Manduka grp lite hot yoga mat


The yoga enthusiast in your life almost certainly already has a mat that they like, but if they’re just getting into hot yoga, they might want a mat that’s specifically designed for that purpose. This mat from Manduka is made with hot yoga in mind, and it has an extra grippy surface so you can keep your balance no matter how sweaty you are, and the open-air channels and charcoal-infused core keep it from getting (too) gross. The mat is 4mm thick and is available in midnight blue or purple.

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Courtesy of Manduka

6. Uniqlo DRY-EX Crew Neck T-Shirt


You don’t necessarily have to look to yoga brands to find great yoga gear. This T-shirt from Uniqlo is made from the brand’s DRY-EX fabric, which is a moisture-wicking and quick-drying polyester material, making it great for sweaty sessions. The color-blocked design also makes this shirt a little more interesting and sporty than a standard black or white tee, and it’s currently on sale for $10. It can be hard to find yoga gear for guys, which is why this T-shirt is a great option. It’s also stylish enough to wear for post-yoga drinks.

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Courtesy of Uniqlo

7. Pro-Tec Athletics Resistance Bands


Yoga is all about improving flexibility, mobility and strength. Resistance bands also target those three areas, which is why they can be a great companion to yoga. Resistance bands can be a way to make certain poses more challenging on the mat, but they can also be used on their own or during other workouts. These resistance bands from Pro-Tec are color-coded and offer light, medium and heavy resistance.

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Courtesy of REI

8. Bodum Assam Tea Press


Tea, like yoga, is relaxing and offers a variety of health benefits, which helps to explain the strong connection between yoga and tea culture. There’s even a popular tea brand named Yogi. Give the yoga enthusiast in your life a delicious box of loose-leaf herbal tea along with this tea press from Bodum. It’s a stylish glass kettle with an infuser in the middle, and it has a unique press feature that’s similar to a French press. Pressing the plunger keeps the tea from steeping any further, keeping your tea at the desired strength. The glass is sturdy borosilicate, the infuser is stainless steel and the handle and lid are plastic, which stay cool regardless of the temp of your tea.

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Courtesy of Bodum

9. Trigger Point Performance GRID Foam Roller


This foam roller a great way for the yogi in your life to work out any tense muscles. The cylindrical shape allows this roller to cover more area than lacrosse-ball style rollers, but the hollow design makes it easy to pack on the go. They could roll a towel inside the roller, for example, and throw it in their gym bag (such as the Gaiam option above, perhaps?).

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