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GlassesUSA Blue Light Glasses Review: The Comfortable, Versatile Frames to Gift This Christmas

Technology has become a dominant influence in most people’s lives — whether it’s the virtual assistant you use to order food, the smartphone you check the weather on or your work laptop that travels with you everywhere, our society runs on machines. These machines usually involve screens, and that means blue light.

Blue light is the characterization for light rays that are blue-violet or violet on the visible light spectrum, have the shortest wavelengths and highest energy output. Blue light is everywhere — it’s a component of sunlight and the light that bulbs produce — but it’s most well-known for its presence on our devices’ screens and the potential negative effects that can come from it. Our eyes, while good at protecting key parts of our eyeballs from UV rays, are not very good at blocking blue light on their own. Too much exposure to blue light can cause digital eye strain, macular degeneration and even vision loss. So what can you do? If you work on a screen most of the time or stare at one for most of the day — rocking some blue light glasses can be super helpful. I’ve been wearing ones from GlassesUSA for a month or so now and love them.

GlassesUSA is an online glasses store where you can try on and order pairs of eyeglasses, sunglasses and even contact lenses. They’ve got all the hottest brands to choose from including Ray-Ban, Michael Kors and Oakley, and their blue light glasses offer an additional layer of protection.

They offer their blue light glasses in both non-prescription and prescription lenses as well as a variety of prescription types from readers to distance lenses, progressives and bifocals as well.

I’m been using their non-prescription Ottoto Piero blue light glasses and I love them. They’re comfortable to wear on my face, easy to clean and came in their own sturdy protective case.

Ottoto Piero

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Courtesy of GlassesUSA

I have the black/clear kind, but this pair comes in a variety of colors including red, brown/tortoise, multicolor/blue and shiny black.

GlassesUSA also offers a “Try Before You Buy” option that gives you the chance to try on your new frames for 14 days before committing. I love my pair and am strongly considering getting my next pair of prescription glasses from this brand.

If you’re looking for a great gift for a tech lover this holiday season, these glasses are high-quality and will keep their eyeballs safe and looking stylish.