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Sweet and Sentimental Going Away Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

Plenty of people come into our lives, and plenty of people leave them. Saying goodbye to a good friend, a family member or someone who has made an impact in your small corner of the world is no easy feat. Yet people move on, find new jobs or start exciting journeys every day. The only thing you can do about it is to show that person how much you’ll miss them.

Aside from a few tears, a heartfelt letter or a sturdy handshake, a going away gift is probably the best way to show you care. Whether a small trinket or a personalized gift, giving someone something to remember you by can help both of you say goodbye. Short on ideas? We’re here to help. We’ve thought up plenty of going-away scenarios and created a gift idea for each. Departing co-worker? Check. Kid heading off to college? Check. A moving neighbor? Check, check and check. Read on for going away gift ideas for all of the above and more.


1. Personal Leather Journal Notebooks


Everyone needs notebooks, especially when starting a new job. After all, you want to make notes or jot down bursts of inspiration or creativity. Enter these personalized notebooks that don’t break the bank but show that you care. There are 12 designs to choose from and a variety of colors, so you can be sure to grab one that perfectly suits your co-worker’s tastes.

Going away gift ideas - personalized notebook


2. Alexander Del Rossa Men’s Full-Length Hooded Fleece Bathrobe


When you’re retired, you no longer need to commit to pants. Drive that message home with a plush and comfy robe meant for lounging but still stylish enough to answer the door. (If your co-worker feels inclined to get up, that is.)

Going away gift ideas - plush robe


3. Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set


A super comfy set of sheets can work wonders if you’ve been counting down the days until your (not so young) child finally leaves home. Brooklinen sheets are a SPY favorite thanks to the buttery soft cotton and cooling properties, and we bet someone leaving home for the first time will also appreciate that touch of luxury.

Going away gift ideas - fancy sheets


4. Homesick Candle


On the flip side, if you have a kid leaving the nest too soon, you’ll probably want to encourage them to come home ASAP. Enter the Homesick candle. There’s one for every state to remind your child of home each time they light it. And, considering how closely scientists believe scent and memory to be, it could be the ticket to getting your kid to plan an impromptu visit soon.

Going away gift ideas - homesick candle


5. Our Adventure Fund Box


If your person is moving away, the best way for both of you to console yourselves is by plotting out your next great adventure together. This fund box is a great way to get motivated, particularly if you invest in two: one for them and one for yourself.

Going away gift ideas - travel fund


6. Keepsake Maps Long Distance Brothers Sisters US Map


It can be hard when a sibling moves away, especially since you probably used to fight over the bathroom daily. But, as families everywhere have proved, distance doesn’t mean your bond won’t always be there. Consider commemorating that sweet idea with a customized sibling poster or framed photo. It will help you both to remember that ongoing bond during the tough times.

Going away gift ideas - sibling map


7. Letters to Open When…


The relationship is excellent, but now you’ll have some miles between you. Whether you’ve decided to do the long-distance thing or not, handwritten letters designed for specific situations will go a long way in expressing your feelings. Grab this starter pack for inspiration, then give the gift of words from the heart.

Going away gift ideas - letters to a loved one


8. Stainless Steel Round Compass Pendant


Is someone you know going away for an extended period? Perhaps they’re taking a sabbatical, an extended vacation or even teaching in another country for a year (or more!). In that case, show them just how much of a guiding force they are in your life with a compass pendant. They can wear it close to their heart and think of you while on the road.

Going away gift ideas - compass pendant


9. Plantable Wish Cards


Chances are you and your neighbor had some good chats while watering the grass or yanking weeds out of the dirt. If they’re moving and you’re going to miss that bonding time, send them off in style — with a gift that plants a seedling of your memory in their hearts. We’re talking about these wish cards, which send well-wishes and give the gift of sweet flowers. Simply write down your wish or saying and then gift it to your departing neighbor to plant at their new pad.

Going away gift ideas - wish cards


10. ModPaws Custom Pet Pillow


Okay, so this isn’t your traditional going away gift, but someone has gone away when a friend or family member loses a part of their fur family. In that case, you may want to be the thoughtful friend you are and help to console your loved one with a customized pet pillow. Your friend or family member can hug it whenever they feel sad, but also be reminded of all the good times they had with their “furever” friend.

Going away gift ideas - pet pillow


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