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Give The Gift Of Luck For Graduation Season

* A keychain featuring a lucky 2017 penny
* The graduation cap charm is made of zinc alloy
* Attach it to your car or house keys (or new dorm keys for college)

You can’t buy luck — but can you gift it? This adorable keychain plays on the old lucky penny, adding a modern twist by incorporating a grad cap charm and a charm from the year 2017. An ideal gift for graduation season, the ready-to-deliver packaging even includes a card that says “Good luck to the new graduate.” The charm is made of zinc alloy, and the penny is a 2017 edition — perfect for the occasion.

A beautiful handmade piece, this gift can be used to attach to car or house keys, or hang off a bag or key card. Is your new grad moving away from college? Let this keychain hold their new keys, and be a daily reminder not only of how far they’ve come, but how far they will go.

The keychain weighs just about 20 grams, and is no larger than a standard penny, making it an easy little trinket to slip into a card or jewelry box as well.

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