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Ask Your Buddies to Stand by Your Side With a Groomsman Proposal Card

The latest trend in weddings isn’t about making the day more special for the couple saying ‘I do.’ They already get to be in every picture and go home with a box full of checks and a new slow cooker. Instead, brides and grooms are adding a second proposal to their wedding. They’ve already said ‘yes’ to each other and now it’s time to get down on one knee for their groomsman. Or better yet, send a card.

Groomsman proposals are an excellent way for grooms to give their friends and family members an early ‘thank you’ for helping to make their special day so, well, special. It’s an honor to be asked to be a groomsman, but it can also mean a lot of work. Helping to pick out tuxes, plan the engagement and bachelor parties, decorate reception halls and make sure the groom’s great Aunt Gladys doesn’t sit near her ex-husband and his new wife can be a considerable time and money expense. Show your groomsman that you appreciate everything they’re doing to help with your wedding by asking them to be in your bridal party with a groomsman proposal card.

Funny, thoughtful, and with options for an extended personal note or none at all (gotta save the good stuff for the speeches), these groomsman cards will make any guy feel like the bride, but without having to get up at 5 a.m. for hair and makeup.

1. PaperGala Groomsmen Mustache You a Question Proposal Cards

The PaperGala Groomsmen Mustache You a Question Proposal Cards are a fun and modern take on the groomsman proposal card. Members of your groomsman party will definitely want to display the attractive and high-quality card, which features an elegant gold foil that is set off against a rich navy background. Made in the US, the 4 by 5.25-inch cards each come with an individual white envelope. PaperGala also offer customization options for their cards.

Pros: The PaperGala cards are available in packs of four, eight and 12 and each set includes one Best Man card.

Cons: A card for ring bearers is not included in any size set.

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2. Vanfeis Stainless Steel Funny Junior Groomsmen Proposal Gifts Cards

Want to give your groomsman a proposal card that will last through sickness and in health? Try the Vanfeis Stainless Steel Funny Junior Groomsmen Proposal Gifts Cards. The 3.35 by 2.13 by 0.02-inch card is the thickness and size of a credit card and can be kept in a wallet or displayed as a keepsake. The card comes with an envelope and is the perfect size for including a gift card as an added thank you for being part of your big day.

Pros: The Vanfeis is a great option for those who want to use a groomsman proposal card but don’t want to try to fill a blank space with a personal message.

Cons: The Vanfeis cards can easily be scratched and the grammar on the card is slightly confusing. The card is sold individually.

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3. Quality Vibe Groomsmen Proposal Cards

For a set that includes a card for everyone in your wedding party, try the Quality Vibe Groomsmen Proposal Cards. The pack comes with 14 cards made with 16 pt cardstock and include two cards for Best Man and Ring Bearer. Each 6.25 by 4-inch card has an individual white envelope and the design matches a black-tie wedding. The back of the non-folding cards are blank, leaving grooms with enough space for a short message. The cards are printed in the US using high quality, non-toxic materials and are packaged in an attractive kraft box that also makes this set a great gift to give to a new groom.

Pros: The Quality Vibe is the only set on our list that includes a card for ring bearers.

Cons: Quality Vibe doesn’t offer the set in smaller or larger quantities.

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4. Invitation House Bow Tie Groomsman Proposal Cards

For a funny and formally designed groomsman proposal card, try the Invitation House Bow Tie Groomsman Proposal Cards. The black and white cards are sold in a pack 10 and include eight groomsman cards and two Best Man cards. The cards are printed on 110-pound cardstock for a heavy and impressive feel. When folded, the cards measure 4.25 by 5.5-inches and each card comes with a white envelope.

Pros: The inside of the card is blank, leaving grooms with lots of room for personal anecdotes and pertinent information, like reminders about tux fittings.

Cons: The set doesn’t include a card for ring bearers.

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