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Hanukkah Gift: A Pen to Inspire Some Creativity

* A beautiful, premium office accessory
* Hand-cast from solid brass
* Presented in handsome walnut case for gifting

Get creative this Hanukkah with the Ystudio “Weight Of Words” Brass Ballpoint Pen. This elegant pen looks like a statuesque candle that might top a magnificently large menorah. It makes a great gift for anyone who is classy and sophisticated, yet looking for a little creative inspiration.

Ystudio is a Taiwan-based stationary company that produces premium and distinctive office necessities. Their design practices trace back to ancient Taiwanese culture of simplicity while incorporating modern and practical elements.

This pen is crafted in a smooth, faceted shape that sits comfortably in the hand. We love the golden coils that curve their way around the top. Use the pen over time and allow the authentic, solid brass to oxidize. It will develop a rich time-worn patina the more you use it.

The pen is presented in a chic walnut presentation box designed like an antique book cover. It’s gift-giving ready for your special occasions, whether for the aspiring writer in the family, the business man or the creative artist. Even better: buy it for yourself and start writing that masterpiece you’ve always dreamed about. This isn’t a pen for the common man.

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