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Flash Sale: Save $5 on Hedbanz, the Most Family-Friendly Game That Can Also Be a Drinking Game

In case you’ve been living under a rock, today is Cyber Monday: the very best day for online savings in the entire year. We’ve been finding the best Cyber Monday deals everywhere. From the best Cyber Monday deals at Amazon to the best Cyber Monday deals at Nordstrom and everywhere in between, we’ve got this holiday covered.

We’ve spent most of Black Friday-Cyber Monday covering big-ticket items such as OLED TVs and laptops, but shopping events like this can also be a great chance to save on random, everyday items.

So if you’ve got some room left in your holiday shopping budget, why not save $5 on the world’s most glorious game? We’re talking about Hedbanz, the family-friendly party game that’s also super easy to turn into a drinking game — if one were so inclined.

Courtesy of Amazon

We know what you’re thinking… just $5? Yeah, but $5 is still five extra dollars in your pocket.

For anyone that’s never played, Hedbanz is a post-family-dinner essential that will have the whole crew in giggles no matter the moment.

Here’s how it works:

Each kit comes with numerous headbands players and cards will place on their heads. Each player will have different cards wearers are unable to see, but of course, all other players are able to see. Players have to ask questions in order to figure out what word they’re wearing. Maybe you’re a giraffe, maybe you’re a trash can, maybe you’re a hot air balloon. The whole point is to guess your own card correctly.

Right now, Hedbanz is currently available at 31% off on Amazon, making it one of the best Cyber Monday deals on Amazon. Pick it up for yourself below and pick up one of the best gifts for the holiday season.

Courtesy of Amazon