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Hello Kitty: 10 Sanrio Products You Can Enjoy as a Grown Up

* A selection of the top Hello Kitty items suited to adults
* Includes knives, sewing machines, spice grinders and water dispensers
* Great as gifts for friends who can’t get enough of the Sanrio cat

As Hello Kitty says, “You can never have too many friends.” Perhaps in this case, that means you can’t have too many Hello Kitty adorned items around your house. You’d be hard pressed to find a corner of the globe that this famous feline and her friends haven’t conquered with their iconic look and range of cute novelty products. Whether it’s the Hello Kitty airplane or even the Hello Kitty hot air balloon, Hello Kitty is on a quest to take over the world.

While the majority of products from Sanrio have a cute and colorful appeal that is great for both adults and children alike, Hello Kitty’s wide product range has now grown so much that there are a number of items and appliances that are not suitable to the younger fans. Below are some of the best adult-oriented options, including an in-house water dispenser, knives and even a coffee maker.

1. Cool-Cane Cookware Hello Kitty Fruit Parer

Precisely cut and peel your fruit with this stainless steel paring knife and peeler set. The high-quality plastic body and sharp blade provide an easy way to cut through through tough skins, while the Hello Kitty-adorned peeler is ideal for getting your apples, carrots and potatoes free of skin. 

[caption id="attachment_106488" align="aligncenter" width="500"]hello kitty for adults 10 best sanrio products paring knife peeler Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


2. Eternal Shades Hello Kitty Herb Spice Grinder

You’ll never have to buy pre-ground herbs and spices again when you have this handy Hello Kitty Grinder. The 4-piece, chrome finished grinding device allows you to break down whole spices and herbs into powders using the razor-sharp cutting teeth. The tool can effortlessly separate unwanted shells and skins. The grinder is ideal for creating cooking-ready powders from coriander seeds and black pepper. The set also comes with a scraper to make cleaning the grinder easier.

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[caption id="attachment_106492" align="aligncenter" width="426"]hello kitty herb grinder Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. UDTEE Hello Kitty 7 Makeup Brushes Set

This Hello Kitty brush set includes a range of 7 brushes to help with all of your makeup application needs. The set is housed in a Hello Kitty-adorned metallic case and includes brushes for powder, foundation, eyeshadow and lip products. Plus, it’s ideal for storing inside makeup kits or purses when you’re on the go.

[caption id="attachment_106486" align="aligncenter" width="775"]hello kitty makeup brush set Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. Vandor Hello Kitty Mug

With Hello Kitty’s face on the front and an allover pink color, this Vandor mug would make a great gift for any Hello Kitty lover. The mug is also slightly larger than your average mug, and is completely microwaveable and dishwasher safe. The design also features a mix of painted bugs inside to complete the cute design.


5. Hello Kitty Face Towel

Enjoy at-home spa days with this quirky face towel. Not only can you enjoy your choice of treatments, you’ll also become the famous feline yourself, as the soft cotton towel features embroidered details and cutouts over the eyes and mouth to complete your look. For a pore-opening heat treatment, simply warm the towel up with some water or for a refresh, try adding a dose of cold water.

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6. Hello Kitty Water Dispenser

Boasting an eight glass capacity, this conveniently sized water dispenser is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s ideal for use at home or in the office. Furthermore, the striking water tower is great for kids and adults alike and features the unmistakable face and arms of Hello Kitty.


7. Hello Kitty Bus Ladies’ Wallet

Even Hello Kitty has to ride the bus from time to time, and on this wallet she ‘s doing so with a number of her Sanrio cartoon friends. This fun, character-filled wallet is great for fans of the entire franchise. It is constructed from vegan leather and features a 3-sided zipper, which allows the wallet to open up far enough for easier access to your money and cards.

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8. Hello Kitty Coffee Maker

Instead of waking up with a cup of coffee from an average, boring coffee maker, why not try a bright pink model adorned with the image of your favorite cartoon cat? It’s capable of reaching brewing temperatures in a matter of minutes, leading to delicious drip-brewed coffee. In addition, the

features a removable filter for easy cleaning along with clearly marked water tanks for simple use.


9. Hello Kitty by Spectra 2-Slice Toaster

Complete your kitty-adorned breakfast ensemble with this 2-slice toaster. The versatile device can perform a range of toasting functions, including defrosting, re-heating and bagel cooking in the extra-wide slots. In addition, the toaster features the choice of a toasting intensity between 1 and 7. It also boasts a removable crumb tray for easy cleaning and a safety-friendly cool touch exterior.


10. Janome Hello Kitty Compact Sewing Machine

If you love the idea of making your very own Hello Kitty pillows, curtains and clothing, buy this sewing machine to do it with your very own mascot. The fully functioning device comes with needles and bobbins as well as a foot switch to keep you in control at all times. Furthermore, the all-white, plastic machine is covered in cute hearts and bow ties to complete the fun look.