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More Money, No Problems: 10 High-Ticket Gifts to Dream About This Christmas

The holiday season is quickly approaching, so there’s no reason you should be scrambling last minute this year when searching for the best Christmas gifts this season. Here at SPY, we’ve been collecting gift ideas like it’s our job. Well, maybe that’s because it is our job. So far, we’ve created a number of different gift guides to help our readers discover the greatest gifts of the holiday season in 2022. Here are some of our favorites:

Although we’ve created more gift guides than we can count, we’ve come to realize that we have never created a high-ticket Christmas gift guide filled with nothing but luxury gifts. Typically, we like to create gift guides specifically made for those looking to pick up a good deal. While some high-ticket gifts might actually be considered a good deal, that’s not the case for the majority of them. That doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be gifted if you have the means to do so, though.

If you’re looking to go above and beyond this year for Christmas gifting, look no further. Check out all of the best luxury gifts you can purchase below for a very special someone.

1. Polaris Adventures

Polaris Adventures is making outdoor experiences more accessible to folks that might otherwise not have storage or the money for a full-throttle Polaris vehicle. This is a rental subscription that allows folks to ride anything from ATVs to snowmobiles to motorcycles to watercrafts in a multitude of different payment plans depending on the rider’s preferences. Various payment options are credit-based, meaning you will have a select number of credits per month depending on how your payment. Options start at just $149 per month for those that aren’t looking to splurge and go as high as $9,588 annually for those looking to get the most out of Polaris Adventures and all of the rides they have to offer. It’s finally time to get on the trail whenever, wherever.

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Courtesy of Polaris Adventures


2. Gucci x Oura Ring

We’re currently in the process of testing Oura’s line of wellness smart rings which monitor your quality of sleep, activity levels, heart rate and more. Gucci’s collaboration with the brand includes a classic Gucci Interlocking G coated in 18-karat gold to make the ring instantly recognizable. Each ring uses Oura’s latest Gen 3 technology which includes research-grade sensors that track key body signals to help discover what’s going on in your body. In addition, it tracks body temperature which is great for keeping up with overall wellness but specifically important to help women detect when they might be ovulating. This ring goes for a whopping $950, but it might just be the best $950 you’ve ever spent.

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Courtesy of Gucci x Oura Ring


3. Lettuce Grow

The Lettuce Grow at its highest price point is $1,249. But, for those that eat lettuce and other leafy greens on the daily, that’s just pocket change. We’ve tested the Lettuce Grow ourselves and were very impressed about everything it has to show for itself. The Lettuce Grow offers a towering structure with multiple light sources to easily grow lettuce and other veggies within the comfort of your own home no matter the size of your space or the climate you live in. Users can grow six plants per individual pod and there is an app for your phone that will track your harvests for effortlessly growing capabilities. It does need a little bit of effort to get growing correctly, but it’s gardening. What else did you expect?

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Courtesy of Lettuce Grow


4. Samsung The Wall

As the highest-ticket item we’ve ever mentioned here at SPY, Samsung’s The Wall is here to absolutely blow your mind. This massive TV sits at 146-inch TV in a number of different panels that can play different shows if you choose. Or, you can just watch whatever you want in the largest way possible. How much does it cost, though? Well, just $572,217. Yes, that’s over $500K. Talk about a pricy gift.

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Courtesy of B & H


5. Engwe EP-2 Pro Folding Mountain E-Bike

The most trending of trending Christmas gifts in 2022 are all electronic options of any non-electronic method of transportation you can think of. E-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, you name it. This folding e-bike from Engwe is a powerful mountain bike with a 7-speed system and LCD display to keep you crawling up any hill with ease. It uses a 750W brushless gear motor with a lithium battery to get you going with 28MPH speed and the ability to go up to 50+ miles per charge. Time to get in on the action.

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Courtesy of Engwe


6. Lovesac Sactional

Create the sectional of your dreams with Lovesac. Starting at $2,785 and heading on upwards of $7,000, buyers can create their own sectional sofa head to toe from the looks of desired armrests, sections, washable cover colors and more. Shipping is fast and fully DIY constructible, making for a fun night putting together with the whole family. And, because it’s a DIY project, you can switch up the format of how your couch sits whenever you’d like for the ultimate seating arrangement. There is a 60-day warranty to ensure you love it or your money back. In addition, the Sactional is built to last you a lifetime, so consider this the last couch you’ll ever have to buy.

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Courtesy of Lovesac


7. Peloton Row

Ah, the Peloton. The high-ticket gift of all high-ticket gifts. Everyone who owns a Peloton can agree: the Peloton is the best at-home piece of fitness equipment the world has to offer. For those that aren’t too into biking, the Peloton Row is here just in time for the holiday season. This beauty offers classes from expert instructors the same way Peloton’s bike does, detailing real-time read-outs of stroke rate, pace, output and distance. Because nobody wants a massive rowing machine taking up the majority of their home, the Peloton Row also stores up against a wall for easy storage.

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Courtesy of Peloton


8. Leica M6

Leica recently rereleased the Leica M6 analog camera, the brand’s first film camera release in over 20 years. It should come as no surprise that film has found a new life in the world of photography within the past couple of years and this launch only proves film is here to stay. For both new and old film lovers, snag the iconic M6 for $5,295 today.

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Courtesy of Leica


9. Maxxus Lifesauna Aspen

A home sauna? Say less. This sauna from Maxxus is a top-rated option sold at The Home Depot that’s large enough for two people to sizzle inside. It uses six infrared heaters and chromotherapy which help the skin, blood circulation and has the capability of removing cellulite. Each sauna is built with solid Canadian hardwood and a vent for proper air circulation. To top it all off, the Maxxus Lifesauna Aspen has speakers so you can listen to music as you sweat yourself out.

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Courtesy of The Home Depot


10. TurboAnt X7 Max Folding Electric Scooter

While it’s certainly not the most expensive item on this list, this high-ticket electric scooter is an easy pick-up for anyone that has a need for speed. For anyone looking to save money on their daily commute or trip to the grocery store, the TurboAnt X7 is a fun, easy option to take on the road. With a maximum range of 32 miles and a distance of 20MPH in total, head wherever you need to with this zero-gas scooter. Don’t have a place to store it? Think again, this electric scooter also folds to make your life easier.

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Courtesy of TurboAnt