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Hot Valentine’s Day Gifts That She’ll Actually Want This Year

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with gifting a vibrator for Valentine’s Day, sometimes it can be a little on the nose. If you’re on the lookout for classy, sexy gifts that’ll put a smile on her face, take a look at our carefully curated selection of the hottest Valentine’s Day gifts ever. From G to PG-13, we’ve compiled sumptuous items that will spice things up, help her relax and make sure she knows you appreciate her for the queen she is.

Take things beyond the average box of Valentine’s chocolates, red roses or other floral bouquets for something a little more thoughtful. Even though roses and candy are great, you can save them as Valentine’s Day gifts for new relationships. Opting for something unique will make for a more memorable holiday for both of you. It’ll also help remind your partner that you put the time and care into coming up with a creative gift that helps her connect to her primal side.

Showcase your love and gratitude this year with these hot Valentine’s Day gifts for her that are anything but boring.

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Is there anything more romantic than drawing bae a hot and steamy bath? Whether your partner is bathing alone or with you, they’ll automatically melt all that tension away with these Intimacy CBD Bath Salts infused with cacao. A base of Himalayan and Epsom salts blend with naturally arousing botanicals to get you in the mood. The topical CBD can increase blood flow, helping those muscles (and fantasies) loosen up a little.

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What’s better than gifting your significant other with a decadent massage? This massage candle from intimate luxury brand Lelo is available in three sumptuous (but not overwhelming) scents: Vanilla & Crème De Cacao, Snow Pear & Cedarwood, and Black Pepper & Pomegranate. Light the candle to create ambiance and warm the melted oil (a non-greasy combination of apricot kernel oil and shea butter) that safely absorbs into the skin to nourish it. Burn time is 36 hours.

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If buying lingerie seems a little forward or just not in your wheelhouse, consider this sexy black silk robe secured by a sash. She can wear it out as a jacket, kimono, or this Valentine’s Day, hopefully, worn with little to nothing underneath it. Ideal if you’re not sure of your partner’s size or if they don’t feel confident wearing more revealing silhouettes. The print options are creative and distinct, letting you make a perfect choice for her specific sense of style. After all, is there anything more sensual and luxurious than silk?



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If you are comfortable grabbing lingerie, however, you can get both of your hearts fluttering with this heart-filled, lacy teddy from Lovers Store. There are tons of pretty details for her to swoon over while leaving just enough up to the imagination. The piece comes in four sizes, and you can pair it with heels or a robe for extra dress-up fun, but let’s be real: it’s not like she’ll be wearing it for long anyway.


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If you’re the less is more kind of person and prefer your lingerie will less muss and fuss, this v-day themed set from Rihanna’s fashion label is a fan favorite. The soft, ribbed fabric is designed to be comfortable but sexy, with cute boy shorts and a tank that easily goes from foreplay to snuggles.



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Why go out for a romantic Valentine’s Day when you can get a curated collection of aphrodisiac snacks from one of the world’s most famous chefs delivered right to your door? This incredible box comes with white sturgeon caviar and blinis, house-made brioche, a foie gras terrine, and other goodies you can hand-feed each other while getting your romance on. Pair it with a bottle of bubbly for the ultimate luxe night in.

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When was the last time you and your lover played a sex game? If the answer is never, you need to spice up date night with this kinky twist on the classic game of truth or dare. In the grown-up version, you get to follow up to 100 racy prompts on double-sided sticks. Truths might lead to questions on your ultimate role-play scenario, while dares could include watching an X-rated movie together.

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If you and your partner like to get a little freaky on the lingerie side of things, opt for these super glamorous (and scandalous) crotchless floral lace panties in black or white, with a string of faux pearls at the crotch opening. According to reviewers, the pearls sit just in the right place. Pearl necklaces and jewelry are overrated — there are plenty of unseen places to bedazzle for a significantly more exciting result. Consider purchasing a size up if you’re unsure of size or your partner is curvier.



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It’s not an obvious vibrator, but this little gadget gives you much more control in between the sheets. It is an extension of your finger so you can hit all the right spots when you’re together, or she can use it solo or during virtual, long-distance sessions, too. It’s rechargeable, comes with a two-year warranty, and it’s made with body-safe silicon, which makes it efficient and long-lasting.

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This conversation-starting game, touted as being three games in one, features a talk, flirt, and dare category. It’ll help refuel the connection between partners and go from basic innuendo to more of a “pick your poison” vibe that isn’t directly kinky but offers some sexy build-up tension. If you and your partner are too vanilla for a straight-up sex game but want to explore getting to know each other more intimately, both emotionally and physically, take a chance on ARTAGIA’s “Talk, Flirt, Dare.”

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If you and your partner love to cook together in the kitchen, consider a cookbook that focuses on ingredients that’ll turn you on and get you hot for a bit of dessert after you cook dinner. After all, cooking is a sensual art you do with your hands — it can act as foreplay if you choose the right ingredients to do the trick for both men and women. Who knew that intimacy could be plated?

Hot Valentine's Day Gifts That She'll Actually Want

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