Exclusive: “How To Drink Like a Writer” Has the Favorite Drink Recipes of All the Literary Greats

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If you’ve ever answered the “If I could have dinner with any famous person, living or dead…” question with a famous author, we’ve got a new book for you to check out. If you’ve ever wanted to pick the brain of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Langston Hughes or Ernest Hemingway over a stiff cocktail, now’s your chance with How to Drink Like a Writer.

Get ready to break out your finest whiskey, scotch and tequila. How to Drink Like a Writer is a collection of the favorite drink recipes that inspired 100 literary greats including all of the ones mentioned above and more. You can sip on a Gin Rickey with F. Scott Fitzgerald, enjoy Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton’s vodka martini and mix up a batch of Langston Hughes’s and Gwendolyn B. Bennett’s Harlem Cocktail all with this one handy cocktail recipe book.

The book spans from Shakespeare’s era all the way to the present day and highlights the tastes and voices of some of the most influential and beautiful writers of all time. Sipping on these concoctions will give you a new perspective on what exactly kept their creative juices flowing.

Sometimes to push through writer’s block or get over those feelings of self-doubt everyone encounters, you need to transport yourself to a different time. What better way to do that then through the tastes, smells and inebriation that isn’t just fun to explore — it’s downright historic.

The drinks in How to Drink Like a Writer range from strong and straight up to hangover cures tried and tested by the writers themselves. Some include food pairings, some will be a great spin on something you’ve had before and many will hopefully inspire you to get some writing done. The book highlights recipes held dear by the greats, but also the vices these literary heroes used to unwind and organize their thoughts into the works that eventually became the books we’ve all studied and been irrevocably shaped by.

“Sure, becoming a famous author takes dedication, innate talent, and sometimes nepotism. But it also takes vodka, gin, tequila, and whiskey.” – How to Drink Like a Writer

Each author’s recipe section includes the recipe itself as well as hand-drawn ingredients or food and a short description of the cocktail and the accompanying author.

We’ve included a sample passage for you below, to get a sense of the book and the delicious cocktails inside.

how to drink like a writer book Excerpt from "How To Drink Like a Writer"
how to drink like a writer book recipe Excerpt from "How To Drink Like a Writer"

If you’re ready to break new ground with some of the greatest of all time, and enjoy some delicious cocktails in the process, it’s time to crack open this recipe book and start mixing up the secret ingredient to your next masterpiece.