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Can’t Say “I Love You?” Let These Products Help You Utter Those Three Little Words Instead

* Say “I Love You” without uttering a word
* Choose from thoughtful notes to adorable throw pillows as meaningful presents
* Great gift ideas now, as Christmas is just around the corner

There have been songs, sonnets, books, cartoons and Post-It notes all written about love. However, even though those three little words seem so easy to everyone else, they’re sometimes the hardest to say aloud.  Interestingly enough, research shows that men take an average of 88 days to tell a partner they love them, while women average 134.

If verbal affirmations of your feelings aren’t really your style, these eight products can help you show your feelings through a simple gift or gesture. Whether you hang meaningful prints in your apartment while your partner’s gone or fill in a note card with a thoughtful note, you can find a way to say I love you, without letting your tongue get in the way.

1. PTM Images, I Belong With You

These framed pieces come ready to hang, with no assembly required, which means they’re easy to set up while your loved one is out, so they can come home to a great surprise.

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Image Courtesy of PTM Images


2. I Love You Box Sign

This cute sign functions as a sweet reminder every time your loved one looks at it on their office desk or by their bedside table. Made with fine wood and distressed paint, it’s simple yet effective.

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Image Courtesy of Primitives by Kathy


3. Knock Knock What I Love About You Today Pad

Everyone loves receiving handwritten notes, but life sometimes gets in the way. This handy pad makes your life easier with boxes you can tick and spaces you can fill in, making it easy to customize.

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Image Courtesy of Knock Knock


4. I Love You: A Pop-Up Book

This book features seven different spreads, and each is a mesh of both geometric shapes and patterns and a verse. Hearts are sprinkled throughout, in different sizes, colors and positions. A sweet, entertaining read.

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Image Courtesy of Walmart


5. Never Forget I Love You Elephant Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case

If you can’t be there for your loved ones in person, leave behind a memento they can cuddle up to. This linen pillow case fits any 18X18″ pillow and features an adorable elephant.

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Image Courtesy of Qinu Keonu


6. Hallmark Studio Ink Birthday Greeting Card (I Love You A Crap Ton)

If your loved one has a sense of humor, this card’s the one for you. No long, flowery paragraphs here — a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Image Courtesy of Hallmark


7. Awkwardstyles Matching Couple Shirts I Love You & I Know

Star Wars fans will love this one, as it’s a tongue-in-cheek play on couple’s shirts. The girl’s shirt comes in a flattering v-neck, while the male shirt comes in a round-neck cut. You can also customize both to the size that best fits you.

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Image Courtesy of Awkward Styles


7. Love Necklace Inscribed with I Love You in 120 Languages

Three simple words, so many ways to say them. Delicately, intricately inscribed with “I Love You” in 120 languages, it’s also decorated with a 24 karat gold heart in the center, set on a deep oval of black onyx. Each purchase also includes a magnifying glass for easier reading.

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Image Courtesy of Nano Jewelry


8. Matching Heart Shape Lock&Key Love Necklace

Taking the words “open your heart” quite literally, this necklace is designed to be worn by two people in love, representing how they both need each other. One chain is 20″, the other is 18″, and you can choose between three different pendant colors.

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Image Courtesy of Fate Love


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