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Jonesing Junkies: The 6 Best Gifts for Jessica Jones Fans

* Top gifts for those jonesing for Jessica Jones
* Just in time for Marvel’s Jessica Season 2’s debut on March 8
* From shirts to vinyl figures, plus a DVD

With Krysten Ritter returning to Netflix as Jessica Jones in Melissa Rosenberg’s acclaimed series in a couple of weeks, Jessica Jones fans have some sweet binge-watching time to look forward to.

Marvel’s favorite neo-noir heroine is gifted with super powers, but haunted by the abuses she’s suffered in her past. Jessica Jones has brought a new depth to comic-inspired TV, dealing with issues ranging from addiction to sexual harassment. With its witty, unflinching writing and stellar supporting cast including David Tennant, Jessica Jones on Netflix is going where no other Marvel show has gone before. Here are the six best Marvel gifts to pick out this week for hardcore Jessica Jones fans.

1. Funko POP Jessica Jones Figures

These cute vinyl figures feature the signature Funko POP! style, and make a great set for bookcase decor in the true Jessica Jones neo-noir style.


2. Cafe Press Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Mug

This Luke Cage and Jessica Jones-themed mug from Cafe Press is just the thing to help you enjoy the coffee you’ll need to stay up and watch the entire season.


3. Jessica Jones T-Shirt

Represent your love for Marvel’s super-powered PI with this t-shirt. If you must wear a comic-themed t-shirt on a date, this is probably one of the better choices.


4. Jessica Jones Complete Season 1

The best way to prepare for Jessica Jones Season 2? Watch, or re-watch Season 1 of course. Get your S/O or friends up to speed in a hurry with the complete Season 1 DVD.


5. Jessica Jones Say It Again T-Shirt

Officially licensed Marvel merch, this beautiful graphic t-shirt has the image of Jessica Jones and bold text carrying on the “Say it Again” theme. It’s available in women’s, men’s and youth sizes.

[caption id="attachment_107278" align="aligncenter" width="514"]jessica jones say it again t-shirt Courtesy Amazon[/caption]


6. Netflix Jessica Jones Statuette

A Diamond Select statuette with the likeness of Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, this vinyl figure is one for the books when it comes to bookends. It includes the character’s trademark scarf and messenger bag along with a sweet NYC-inspired pedestal.

[caption id="attachment_107279" align="aligncenter" width="428"]jessica jones statuette Image Courtesy Amazon[/caption]