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5 Gifts For People Who Can’t Get Enough of La Croix

* Gifts for flavored sparking water fans
* Effervescent, ironic and pastel accented
* Bring the fizz home or wear it when you go out

La Croix: more than a flavored sparkling water, this now cult-favorite beverage beloved by millennials, has somewhat ironically become a meme and, yes, a legend. When it comes to celebrating the sense of occasion inherent in partaking of a La Croix, not just any accessories will do. No, for when you arrive with a 32-pack of La Croix and get ready to have… a frigid one with the fellows… that is what the youth say isn’t it? Here are five vessels, accessories and more that go just right with that signature mix of effervescence and irony.

1. La Croix 4 Life Mug

This is the coffee mug that lets everybody know you’d rather be drinking La Croix. Or just skip the wishful thinking and fill it with the good stuff.

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Image courtesy Society6


2. La Seltzer iPhone Case

An effervescent pastel iPhone case that proclaims “no artificial sweeteners,” this is an almost essential gift for the La Croix-obsessed.

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Image courtesy Urban Outfitters


3. La Croix Boix t-Shirt

This unisex t-shirt is a pastel statement piece for the La Croix demi mondain and the flavored water fashion avant gardniks out there. Wear it to the club and let everyone know what you are, or what you’re into, or both.

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Image courtesy Redbubble


4. I’m a La Crox Boix T-Shirt

The La Croix Boix are back in town. This one comes in a signature late ‘80s pastel teal.

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Courtesy Redbubble


5. La Croix Throw Pillow

Give your sofa some modern flavor with this La Croix throw pillow. It makes for just the right ambiance for a La Croix themed brunch or pre-party.

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Image Courtesy Redbubble